Well it’s Tuesday after a three day weekend. Whew. Saturday was great and then a front rolled in on Sunday and the weather changed. By Monday it was cold and rainy. I guess we’re not in Florida anymore.

In any case the show was good, almost sold out and that’s about as good as you can expect to do. Jim and Dan had a great show in Bishop and Benjamin finished up the Scarborough Ren Fest just fine. We’ll catch up with him next week here in Colorado.

A pretty brain dead day. Made the bank deposits and then went and saw Star Wars. Wow, a very good movie. It put it all together and it was better then the last two that we saw.

Having the trailer washed and waxed today. Found a guy in the park that does it for a good price so he is busy at work while Pat sleeps in her chair and I continue to write my next lecture notes. Always something going on.

All in all, a good day after a good weekend. We are in Denver next week at the People’s Fair. A two day show. It was good last year… We’ll see…

I’ll try to get some more photo’s up here in the albums area.

The Summer Tour

Well we are now in Colorado Springs, CO. It’s cold. After being in Florida for the last several months, the dry Colorado air is nice, but the temperature is chilly. At least for us.

It’s show time this weekend. Territorial Days over Memorial Day weekend will be a gas. We have a good booth space and the foot traffic should be nice. We have plenty of bread and we are going to feed the masses and get them all garliced up.

Next week we have a couple of days off and then move up to Denver for Peoples Fair. Another good crafts fair for us. Then off to Monument to move if for the next couple of months. A nice little town with a great Mexican restaurant. Lots to keep us busy.

Well we set up in the morning, so I’d better walk Sadie and get some shut eye…Dsc00616