Say a Prayer for the Dead

Carson City… I really like this town. If I had to live in a place that gets cold this would be the place. Just outside of Reno and a small town.

We made it here in a couple of days and everything went well. I do feel bad. I can’t help myself and I hope I get over this. I’m a killer. Here’s the list:

10’s of Thousands of Bugs
Thousands of Mormon Crickets
2 birds
1 snake
… and a mouse.

We did get a little rock that hit our windshield and it proceeded to run a crack about a foot long. We get a new windshield put in next Tuesday.

We did see some views that were spectacular. When we crossed the Rockies it was a beautiful ride. Utah had rock formations that I couldn’t belive. We plopped our butts down in Ely, NV for the night and found a.. Well a… In any case it was clean… well sort of… Well no looking back. We slept and hit the road.

Driving across Hwy 50 is a real treat. Just nothing. Wide open spaces and pass after pass. It was great. I rode this Hwy a couple of years on my 95 Harley. It was a great ride then and a wonderful ride this week. In a Van with Pat and the dog. We talked and saved the world several times.

When we got to Carson City we had the pleasure of going to a nice place and Brother Dan was playing so we got front row seats and enjoyed the show. Just before the show, Pat loaded up a nickle slot machine and hit a Royal Flush for $800.00. Trip paid for.

Today we caught up on business and are pulling it together for the Sparks Farmers Market on Thursday of this week. All the licenses are bought and we’ve greased all the palms so all should go well.

We will then be off to the Fair Oaks Tudor fair to do some magic and sell some garlic. Nadine and the family will be spending the weekend with us. It will be great to see the grandkids. I’ll get some new photos and post them up here somewhere.

Remember that I’m trying to figure out this blog thing and posting photo’s. You can click on the small ones here and they should enlarge for you in a separate window. I’m still experimenting on the size.

On the Road Again Do, Do, Do, Do Do

Well last week was great. Just took it easy and did a lot of work on Pat’s Cookbook Garlicous Dishes. We had it out a few years ago in hard copy and sold a thousand. Now we are converting it into an eBook that can be distributed through the Internet. That will make it easy for the customers and plus we can include video, audio and photos this time. Technology… What a gas A cookbook with all that and I can sell it for $5.00 bucks delivered. What a country.

This weekend was hot in Colorado. I mean low 90’s is quite a heat spell for being at 7200 feet. The fair was good, but people around here kind of melt when it gets this warm. The garlic booth went well, and magic was a ball. Hearts were light and hats were heavy and everyone had a good time.

It’s kind of weird, we’re feeling a little land locked. We could use a good sail right about now. I know it’s hot in Florida, but we still miss the water. Ray and Cynde dropped us a line and said they went out and stayed in Pelican Bay. Cynde said it was hot sleeping. I can imagine, but at least they were out there and it sounded good. They are keeping an eye on My Sin and making sure she’s still floating. Great people they are.

Well we are heading out in an hour or so to go to Reno for a Farmers Market on the way to Sacramento, CA for the Fair Oaks Tudor Faire. I perform for them each year and they pay me well and treat me like family, so I have to go back. Pat’s putting in a booth this year and she should do well because they are pretty garlic hungry at this point.

We’ll be spending a couple of days with Nadine, Steve and the grandkids at the same time. That will be nice to spend some quality time with them. It’s been a while. Kayla’s 13 and Angle is ten. Little Steve is 3. Boy are they growing fast.

Then back to Reno for another Farmers Market. Then off to Desert Hot Springs, CA to see Pop for a couple of days. From there to Phoenix, AZ to do some work in the storage shed and see some friends. As we head back to Colorado, we are taking a little detour through Monument Valley to see the majestic rock formations.

It will be a nice 2 week ride. Kind of like a working vacation. Here’s a shot of looking outside from the door of our trailer. We are on a small mountain lake. It’s been empty for 3 years, but this year it is full and stocked with trout. So we do have a little water to look at.Trailierdoorshot

It’s Showtime!

It’s Friday. The booth is set. The garlic is in. Benjamin is here. The renaissance clothes are laid out. As for BP… The stage is set. The sound check is done. Pat made some lunch for us for Saturday. (You just don’t want to rely on festival food.) So not much to do besides go to work in the morning.

I had plans this week to make a new table top. At this festival I’m doing a lot of street work. Only one stage show at 3pm. Then the rest of the time working the streets. it will be fun. The first day or two, I’ll find the sweet spots and times and then just pop shows left and right. Gots to make the money to buy the dog food…

The weather is kind of blustery. The expect high 60’s to low 70’s for the weekend and the usual Colorado thunder showers in the afternoon. I’m also watching the weather in Punta Gorda as Arlene passes heading North in the Gulf, East of Florida. I’ve attached a photo of this tropical storm. I just hope she peters out before land fall. One down…

So I have to go find my cups and balls and chop up some rope. Can’t wait to work out a bit…Arlene

A Busy Weekend!

Ahhh… What a weekend! I love Peoples Fair. It is a fast paced place and tons of people, at least when it’s not raining. And RAIN it did. When we went to pick up the product on Friday night we ended up in a parking lot, really it was I-25 Northbound, while Denver had one of the biggest storms they have had for a while. Torrential rain, thunder, lightning, hail, and tornados all at the same time.

We picked up the product at Saia and they let us back the van up the ramp into the building to load up. He wasn’t sure that he could come down the ramp in the weather anyway. We left the terminal and the weather broke. It stopped raining and we set up and headed home.

Saturday morning we woke up, headed North and ran into the rain and it rained till about 2pm with the temperature sitting around 56 at the best. We froze. We were going to give it another half hour and call it a day. We were supposed to be open until 8pm. Well the rain stopped. It cleared. People came out of the woodwork and we did just fine for the rest of the day.

Sunday was beautiful and busy. It was like working Tucson with only 2 people. All in all the weekend was great. But this morning a felt like a truck had hit me. Took a nap or two today and went out for dinner. That was about it.

This week is set up week for the Colorado Renaissance Festival. We’ll be getting that started next Saturday. It will be good to be doing some magic again. One stage show at 3pm and the rest of the time busking the streets. It will be a good gig.

In any case we will work slow this week and get everything done in it’s own time. I’d like to go sailing tomorrow, but maybe next month…

Moving Day…

Well today we move from Colorado Springs to Monument. We were going to Denver to get an RV park for the weekend to do the People’s Fair, but we decided to just move into Monument. This is the RV park we will be at until the end of July when we move to Minneapolis.

Yesterday was a great day off. We went up to Cripple Creek with the Coyote Kids and did some gambling. Pat broke even and I lost a couple of bucks in a wonderful poker game. Did some Mexican food and came home and settled in for the night.

Punta Gorda is being pounded with wind and rain at the moment. I’m glad boats were made to be wet. I’m sure My Sin is doing just great. We have some great friends that are watching over her as we speak. Looking forward to going down in July to say hi.

Well off and running…