Time to Catch Up…

It was a busy week last week getting ready to do the, “It’s All About the Garlic Show” at the renaissance festival. I got the show planned in between the times that I was trying to get Pat’s “Garlicious Dishes” cookbook up and running as an eBook. But I got it done. I was pushed by the TV segment I had to do on Channel 9 in Denver, the Colorado & Company Show. One of those morning shows. They gave me 6 minutes to talk about the festival and to do a garlic dish for the hosts. It went well. There’s a photo at the end of this post.

Speaking of Pat’s eBook Garlicious Dishious II it is now available for $5.97 at http://www.patthegarliclady.com. I think you all should get at least one copy. Over 40 recipes that use the Garlic Festival Products. You’ll love it and we need the money to cover the costs of the book.

The weekend was busy. The booth did good and magic was wonderful. I really enjoyed my shows this weekend. The people were great and loaded the hat.

The garlic show went well and it is always good to get that weekend out of the way.

This week is a good week. We are going to catch a couple of movies and start the preparation to get ourselves back to Minnesota for the festival there. we leave two weeks from today.

Our kids in Florida, Brad & Stacie with the grandkids have sold their house and bought a new one in South Carolina. I put a photo down at the bottom. It’s about 2500 feet and has four bedrooms and 3 baths. It’s in a golf community so they’ll have to dust off their clubs and get busy putting their game together. We always wish them the best. They’ll be missed in Florida. Their closings happen towards the end of August. Always a good time to move.

We moved to Florida to be closer to them, but once again they escaped. We are on plan A and going to move into the Fort Myers Beach area this year, (in October), just 3/4 mile from the beach. I am trying to get a permit to do street work there this winter. It should be a good pitch. As for Magic Wind, the boat, she is going to change her berth to Fort Myers as well.

We will be heading down there the first week of August to see the kids and check on Magic Wind. I have great caretakers and a good man to clean my bottom so all should be doing well.

The weather broke today and we are in the low 80’s today. Very nice. It will be going back up, but we are enjoying it as long as it lasts.

That’s about it for now. So stay in touch, we’ll do the same.Bptvcolo

Nice to be Back in Colorado

It’s good to be back here in our little trailer. The total miles on this little 2 week jaunt was 3,629. A nice drive. We enjoyed it all. Saw family, friends and new places.

We were thankful to Jim & Rita for letting us use their house for a couple of days while we were in Scottsdale. The pool was great because the days were 112 – 114. A quick reminder why we don’t spend the summer in Arizona anymore.

Spent a little time with Shawn and Monte. He’s a special friend and took care of my books in a way that I couldn’t have done it. Thanks Shawn.

We did have a chance to see Judy while we were there. Her and her four cats. There everywhere. We had a toast to good friends and a great dinner of “Beer Butt” Chicken. One with dark meat one with light. (Photo’s below.) Judy is a kick and we are looking forward to doing some Hawaii time with her and all our friends in 2007.

As posted, we are happy to be back at Lake of the Rockies. The lake is nice the weather is good and I can’t breathe, but it will get better. 7200 feet is up here in the hills. We work this weekend and then we have next week to start to pull it together to head to Minnesota in three weeks.

I’m building a new table top next week and as it evolves over the years, it is going to get simpler. I just don’t need all that wood trim to carry around anymore. I only use it for the cups and rice bowls anyway. Oops, almost forgot Deans box too.

Hurricane Dennis is coming close. We are watching it on the computer and we don’t wish it on anyone, but just not us. My drothers would be to see it just sit and spin out, but it looks like someone in the panhandle of Florida is going to get smacked… Again with a strong category 4. Keep them in your prayers.

Remember you can click on these photo’s to enlarge them.Denniscuba70805

A Good Time at Pop’s House

This trip to Pop’s was a very nice visit. We pulled in on Friday night and had a couple of cocktails and just relaxed. Saturday kicked in and we spent a good couple of hours up at the pools enjoying the hot mineral water and soothing away our road and work aches.

Dad and I talked and saved the world several times. Now that we have it all figured out I wonder who will ask us to take over the world to make it a better place.

Then back to the house to fix some lunch. We will have none of that. Off to the casino for a buffet. We met Sherrie and Sherry there and had a good lunch. When we couldn’t take it anymore, we headed back to the house to play some poker. Donna picked up a poker table for her dinning room and has wanted to play poker with all the park guests. Well because of lack of interest, we decided to do a tournament and take their money. Fat chance. I’d much rather be lucky then skillful. Pop played every hand and in the long run took the money. That’s good since he staked everyone at the table except two. So he got his money back plus $10.00 for his efforts. Pat and I’s $10 bucks.

I had the chance to show them Dean’s Box and I think it had a devastating effect on them. It’s a great trick and I’m glad to have it in the act again.

On Sunday we were off to spend a couple of days at Rita & Jim’s house. Their in Thailand and were gracious to put us up while they are gone. We are trying not to trash the place and keep the parties down to a minimum.

We’ll be here for a couple of days and visit Gene, Shawn and Judy and then on the road again to Colorado to finish the ren fair up there.

It will be good to be in one place for 3 weeks…Familyshot7305

OK… We’re Out-a-Here!

First of all I have to tell you that last weekend we were in Fair Oaks for the Renaissance Festival. It was a good festival. Saw lots of friends and made new ones. The Garlic booth did great and my shows were a lot of fun. Hearts were light and hats were heavy. It was a good time for all.

We brought down the Burgards. That’s my daughter Nadine and the family. It was truly good to see her and the grand kids are growing like weeds. We got them a room at the hotel and looked forward to a wonderful weekend visit. Things went well, but Steve became his usual "cordial" self and things got kind of rough. It’s always a surprise, but it’s always expected.

I did get a photo of Kayla and Angel… It’s at the end of the post. Those girls are wonderful and lil’ Steve is a corker. All in all it was good to see them again and we wish them the best.

We also found out that my other daughter Stacie and family are getting ready to move to South Carolina. It was an interesting weekend. We love our families, and are feeling a new hole in our lives. Don’t worry we’ll fill it.

After the Faire, we headed over the hill to Reno to spend a couple of days with Brother Dan and Michelle. Their hospitality was as great as always. Dan and I had some late nights but things just happen and we had a ball. We talked, laughed and planned for a sailing trip in October to Key West and points South. It will be fun.

We did the farmers market in Sparks tonight. I had a chance to busk the the event and brought home some dough. Always nice to work and play with the general public. The Garlic booth did well as usual. We are blessed and thankful.

Tomorrow we head out of here to head South to visit my Dad and his wife Donna. We are going to spend a couple of days there and then head over to Phoenix to work in the storage shed and visit friends. We will be down there until next Wednesday and the head back to Colorado to finish up the Colorado Renaissance Festival. After that we head to Minnesota for two months.

There are some great people in this world and I’m lucky to know a few of them. You can click on these photo’s to make them bigger in a new window.Dsc02461