I Recieved an Email From Nadine!

Well as most of you know, I have another wonderful daughter living in Northern California. She is married and has blessed us with 3 grand kids. Kayla is 13 now. Angel is 10 and Steve is 3. I miss them a lot and wish we could see them more often. Pat and I are going to try to get them to come down to Florida this year and do a little sailing.

Nadine’s email was short and too the point, but she did include some recent photos of the kids. I happily post them here. All of us on the West side of the family love and cherish these great kids.

I’ll catch you up as I know more…

I just talked with Nadine a couple of minutes ago and the kids are doing fine. There back in school and doing great. Little Steve is good and Nadine sounded well. They have had some very hot weather up there and broke a lot of records last month. All I can say is winter’s coming. They’ll be OK.

So here’s the latest Grand Kid shots… More on the way if Nadine can figure out how to get the photos out of her camera and over to me.

Remember you can click on the photo to enlarge them…

Minnesota Update

Well now… It’s been a while since the last post and I thought I’d better catch you up.

The information from Pop is sketchy at times. The last I heard from him he was in Kansas and ready to hit the road to San Antonio to visit Steve and Barb. I’m sure he is there today, and I’ll be giving him a call.

It’s good to see at age 83 he is out and driving around the country. It is something that he always loved to do and I’m glad that he is continuing to follow his dreams. I want to grow up to be just like him.

We are getting ready to do our 3rd weekend here in Minnesota. The renaissance festival is doing great this year. The weather Gods have smiled down upon us and we are experienceing tempratures of the mid 70’s for highs and mid to low 50’s for the lows. That is going to change to the mid 80’s this weekend, but we have experienced mid 90’s with humidity in the past, so we are being pretty thankful at the moment.

Pat Johnson’s mom has come down with lung cancer. That’s bad news. Mary Alma is a great lady and I know that she will do what she has to do with this disease. My concern is with Pat and Katie. We have to shoot some prayers out to the entire family and give them the support that they need during this time of transition. God bless you guys…

On a lighter note, I visited the magic shops here in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Everyone seems to be doing well. Eagle Magic went and moved this year to the Grain Building on 3rd and 4th in downtown Minneapolis. He is as wonderful as always. Boy has he got some stories. He is also up to the tech age now and has a web site where he is also blogging some of his stories and thoughts. You can visit him at: http://www.EagleMagicStore.com.

Twin City Magic in Saint Paul is doing great also. The have all their Holloween stock and lots of cool toys to play with. I picked up a couple of rubber pencils and a Hot Rod… What was I thinking…

The photos at the bottom of this entry are Riana and Mallory in a planter, The Rush family, Paul and Larry Kaylo of Eagle Magic (Man his a big guy) and a shot of my air conditioner strainer I pulled from the boat (Wow was it full).

Remember, you can click on the photo’s to enlarge them in a seprate window.


To Much to Say, So I Will Catch You Up

Man… It’s been a long time since I typed into this blog. I’ll do what I can to catch you up and then I’ll move on from there.

1. The last weekend of the Colorado Renaissance Festival was great. We had a ball and everything came off without a hitch.

2. We hit the road bright and early Monday morning and headed for Kansas City, MO to visit with Pat’s brothers, Dennis and Mike. We had a nice family dinner and headed out on Wednesday morning to Savage, MN.

3. We set up camp and Pat & Katie came over for dinner on Wednesday night. They also came over Thursday morning at 6:00 a.m. to take us to the airport. We owe them big time.

4. On Thursday we flew to West Palm Beach to visit Brad & Stacie and the grand kids. We were 2.5 hours late and they lost 2 out 3 of our bags. But during the next day and a half they came in… One at a time. All is well and we actually spent a couple of days in the same spot. That was nice.

5. On Sunday morning I took a Harley ride over to Punta Gorda to work on the boat and give her her final name change. My Sin III is now Magic Wind.

Tomorrow Pat and Riana are coming to pick me up. I’m leaving my bike at Ron’s house, (a good friend down here with a garage.) We’ll do a little swimming and hit the road back to West Palm Beach for the night and leave on Wednesday to fly back to MN to get that festival up and running.

We are doing well. The summer is hot as you all know and we are moving fast, but as Pat says, “You’ve got to make hay while the sun shines.” I am looking forward to getting this next weekend out of the way and being able to take a couple of days to relax. But on the other hand, I’m really looking forward to popping some shows at the fair grounds. Three stage shows a day and as much street shows as I can chew. It will be a good weekend.

I picked up a Air-X wind generator for Magic Wind. We will be able to generate our own power this season with the power of the wind. That’s exciting, because we like to anchor where we can and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature on the coast.

Brother Dan is coming down in October and we are going to spend eight days sailing the Florida Keys. Just snorkeling, reading, sunning and boat keeping. It should be a ball. The charts are out and we are looking forward to our first long passage. It takes about 18 hours to get to Marathon Key from Fort Myers, so we’ll sail all night and get there at a reasonable hour to see the destination before the glare hits the water.

I’m putting up some shots of the kids, the girls, the boat, and of course a good sunset. It’s good to look out and see that in your front yard. There’s also a plate I found on the wall of a little restaurant that I had breakfast in Clewston, FL.

So I will keep you posted as to our adventures and I’ll make sure I at least jump up every couple of days and post…