3rd Day to FL from MN… Another Day Zero

Well we ended up somewhere in North Carolina today. It was a good trip and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. The Smokie Mountains and the Blue Ridge are wonderful. I kept hearing banjo music from the movie Deliverance, but all is well.

Nice rivers, lakes and streams. Lots of green and blue sky. The roads were good and traffic was easy.

We had a cupboard open up while we were driving so when I came into the trailer I was met by broken glass and stuff all over the place. I cleaned it up and found a solution for the problem. I knew that 48 inch Abitibi ruler would come in handy some day.

In any case we won’t have to worry about that again.

Off to Mertyl Beach in the morning. We have about 280 miles left, so a nice easy drive and we will be backed up to the Atlantic Ocean. It is bike week there now, so we should see some nice rides. We have seen a bunch heading south today.

Well off to bed. I got to get some sleep.

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2nd Day on the Trip from MN to FL

It was a perfect day. Woke up with friends. Shared a meal. Went to Trader Joes. Drove in good weather. It started out a little windy, but in the afternoon it settled down and went to nothing. The sky was clear except for a few of those Winne the Poo clouds. A good day to drive.

We ended up in Frankfort, KY. At night it looks nice. Pat told me it was the capital of Kentucky. It is. She said, “Don’t you remember your states and capitals?” For God’s sake Pat, remember the source.

So we hooked up the TV and found Survivor and made a salad. Watched TV and then Pat hit the sack. A nice end to a good day.

We are about 550 miles from Mertyl Beach, SC. We are planing a short shot tomorrow and then finish the trip on Saturday morning. We want to make sure that Stacie is home for the first tour of the house. That’s a good idea. This is a very special house for them. We are excited to see their place.

We are going to spend a week there, and visit the kids and grand kids, and then head down to Fort Myers and get settled for the winter. That was a weird statement… I feal like an old retired Jewish guy… Kewl.

Magic Wind is doing well and it is going to be good to hoist her sails and put some water under her keel. I called Bro. Dan and he is still looking forward to coming down for a sail in October. Gene U. in November. He just let me know that he was coming down.

Gary and Willie in January as well as Joe and Anita and Pete and Iva and Pat and Katie. Sounds like a good month. What the hell are we going to do. Maybe bring them all in the same week. This happened before. What am I thinking… What ever it is, I like it. A winter group… We can play games.

Well going to bed. A couple of Margarita’s later… Good night.

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1st Stop on the Trip from MN to FL

Ahhh… What a day. Rain, wind and cold for 400 miles. We were on a broad reach most of the way, with a slow shift to port about half… Sorry. Thinking about sailing again. It was cold and wet and windy, but we made it.

I am in a forest in Sherwood… I mean a side street in Streamwood, IL just a few miles from Chicago. (I guess I’ve been doing too much renaissance lately…) We caught up with some ol’ friends, Pete and Iva. It was good to see them and laugh a lot over a coldie and dinner. We saved the world a couple of times and now it’s time for bed.

Pat found out that there is a Trader Joe’s a few miles from here, so we are off on the trek in the morning to forage for food and goodies to take to FL with us. I’m sure we will be making a call to Stacie and have to tell her what we are seeing as we walk down the isles. It is an adventure.

Pat Johnson moved his Mom into an assisted living apartment today. She is plugging along, but needs the extra care that is important as she continues her journey with cancer. Our prayers and thoughts are with the Johnson’s and all of their family as the do what they have to do and go through what they have to go through. She’s a tough ol’ gal though and with love, prayers will power, I think she can live with cancer instead of die from it. It’s such a personal illness…

Well off tomorrow to points south and east. We will be pointing the bow toward the sunrise and hoist the main and jib and batten down the hatches and drop our britches… Or something like that.


Gettin’ Ready to Move On

Boy Oh Boy… Thought it would be best if I updated you guys about where we are and what we are doing. Time is going fast here in MN as it always does. Seems like we have a lot to do and not enough time to do it and still get the things done that we are supposed to do, if you know what I mean.

We have had a great time spending time with our friends Pat and Katie. We’ve dined and drank and traveled and played. It has been good for us all. We took our trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior and planted ourselves in our usual cabin #4. What a place. Check out the photo. We ate good food and more pie than I eat in a year. Those guys at the Pie Place can cook. We were joined with Debbie (Pat’s sister) and her husband Dave. We enjoyed everyone’s company and even got in a game of “Train” while we were there. There is nothing like the sunrise over the lake. Absolutely breath taking.

The festival is over now and we are getting ready to pull out of here on the 28th. Wednesday. We should be in South Carolina on Friday or Saturday. We’ll spend some time with Brad, Stacie, Riana and Mallory and then head on down to Florida and get settled in our new home in Fort Myers Beach. It is a nice RV park right on the water.

We are always ready to head south this time of year and the water and sailing is calling my name. Magic Wind has been spared the brunt of the storms this year and now she needs some tender loving care and a good hard sail to get her smiling again. Bro. Dan is heading down on October 20th and we will be heading south on Magic Wind for a 24 hour passage to Key West or Vaca Key for a week or so.

Sadie is doing great. She likes to be in one place. Sorry Sadie, we’re leaving again.

I’ve posted a photo of a couple of friends here. Jim and Lazslo from the Feast of Fantasy and Pat and I with Terry Foy and Gary Parker. Good friends are always enjoyed everywhere we go. They are all very special.

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Three More Weekends in MN

Things are starting to move fast here in MN as they always do toward the end of the run. We just had a 3 day weekend over Labor Day and now are getting ready for Italian Carnival weekend where I do a garlic cooking demo so it makes for a couple of hard days with the magic shows and all. Good days though but we’ll be busy.

Next week Pat and I go to Grand Maris on the north shore of Lake Superior. It is our annual pilgrimage to relax and eat pie at the Pie Place. Great people to visit and places to hike. It will be nice. Pat and Katie and Pat’s sister Debbie and her husband Dave are joining us.

Still putting in some energy for the Katrina victims. I just got a note from a street magician looking for a new pitch since he has been working New Orleans for years. It’s going to take years to put this one back together.

The “experts” are saying 6 more storms and 3 more hurricanes for the rest of the season. I just hope they get them out of the way in the next month before we head south. We are going to head to South Carolina to see Brad & Stacie and the grand kids for a couple of days before we head to our new RV park in Fort Myers. We are looking forward to getting there.

Reports from Magic Wind are that she is doing well and missing us, so it’s time to get back there and clean off the summer mold and put her back in operation. Things get kind of gooey when they just sit in the summer.

In the photo’s below, you will see a shot of the Lolly Pop Kids from the Wizard of Oz. It was a treat to meet them. They had a table at the MN State Fair with all the photos and stuff from the movie. Great to meet them.

There are also photos of Jeff Cayhill a guitar playing buddy of mine that visited and put a dent in my rum rations one night last week. It was a good night. Also a photo of Willy and Jason’s “Photo Opportunity” at the Ren Fest. The girl with me is someone I picked up on the street. the shot of our trailer is here in MN. It’s been a good place to park. The little girl is a stranger that was loaded with butterflies at the MN State fair. Jim Cunningham’s promo sign at the radio booth and just a shot of one of my “takes” for the day. Life is good.

Well I’ll stay in touch, you guys do the same. Also watch the “Photo Album” area on the right of the page. I will be putting up an album of the Burgard Family. That’s my daughter in Oak Run, CA. I’ve dug around and found a folder of photos she has sent me.

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The Weather Is STILL Wonderful…

I was waiting for the big change in temperatures to happen here in Minnesota from beautiful to the regular hot and muggy situation… Nope not yet. We are being blessed with some of the best weather we have seen here in 16 years. Knock on wood… We feel that Minnesota will have to pay for these days and we hope we are out-a-hear before it happens.

We did go to the state fair this week and watched and supported Nathalie Johnson from the Signature Cafe do her cooking demo for PBS. What a lady. The passion she has for organic and whole foods. She is an inspiration to me. Makes me want to revamp Pat’s web site and push harder to get people to understand the importance of using seasonal food in its whole form to protect their health and the health of the planet. If you haven’t been to the Signature Cafe in South Minneapolis… GO!

Needless to say the Garlic is doing very well this year at the Renaissance Festival. Magic is up and everyone is in good health and spirits.

To the best of my knowledge, at this point, Pop and Donna are still buzzing around the country and should be home in a week or so. He doesn’t check in much. I guess he’s just having too much fun if that concept is at all conceivable.

Brad and Stacie are settling down in South Carolina. I haven’t heard much from them either, but from what I hear through the grapevine they are painting and cleaning and getting used to being in the deep south. Sounds like it’s a great place. So if anyone needs a flop house when you are cruising thorough S.C. give them a call.

Katrina… What a bitch she was. Not for us, but for everyone else. As you can see in the photo below that Miami got smacked with a category 1 and she headed SSW and went to the south of us. From the reports that I received from Cynde and Ray in Punta Gorda that they got wind, rain, a small surge and all went well.

As you can see in the next photo, the North Gulf Coast was in for a beating. God Bless all the people there. They don’t even know what really hit them yet. Their lives have been changed forever and at this point all they can do is gather like a tribe and boil water, catch food and keep the living alive and burry the dead. I don’t know what else to do except send money at this point.

Do what you can and contact the Red Cross. We all have to pitch in for this one.

We are going into Labor Day Weekend this week at the festival. Three days. Whew! Now that’s a work week. Buca’s next Wednesday, (the annual entertainers party where Pat and I gather the best the festival has to offer and eat, drink and make Mary. Then the following weekend is “Italian Carnival” weekend. I do the garlic cooking demo, “It’s All About the Garlic!” and then just a couple of weekends left.

Looking forward to getting back to Florida. Who’d a thunk I’d ever say that.

I’ll catch you up soon.

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