Log Udate… Well Over Due.

It has been brought to my attention that I don’t update this log as often as I should. I guess that’s right. I’m working on the boat. I’m taking people out and I just haven’t gotten up here to log it. So I will catch you up on what’s going on and then do the best I can to jump up here and do what I am making a commitment to do, and that is log out sailing adventures and keep you updated on our wonderful boat Magic Wind.

After we moved the boat to Fort Myers, we have had a visitor with us from Arizona. Dan Reid is Jim Reid’s brother and is here helping us do some shows in the month of November here in Florida.

November 7, 2005

Well we jumped up in the morning and headed to the marina. It was a nice bright day and the winds were about 10 to 15 from the east. A good day for a sail. We headed out of Matanzas Pass and headed south down the coast about 5 miles off Fort Myers Beach.

As the day progressed, Dan took the helm and did a fine job of keeping a course. Since my auto pilot is on the blink, it was a nice way for me to just sit and relax for a while. I actually had lunch all at the same time. That was a treat.

We headed back in just before sunset and put her away. A quick rinse and we were off.

Now the sailing bug has bit Dan and he is looking for a boat. Funny how that happens. Good luck Dan.

November 16 – 17, 2005

Here I go again… I just love to get up early and go sailing. There’s nothing like feeling that cool air first thing in the morning with the damp decks under your feet. We spent the night on Magic Wind and then up early on the 16th and headed out about 0500 hours.

As we hit San Carlos Bay, we set sail and cut the engine. An hour later the sun was rising over Fort Myers Beach and we were heading west to head up the outside of the barrier islands to Caya Costa and Pelican Bay.

It was an interesting trip. Pat was in AZ for a show and I told her not to worry, I’d provision the boat and all would be well. I bought rum, chips, a plantain and some beans. Seemed like that should work for a couple of days. I was wrong. Pat was pissed. As an after thought, I don’t blame her. I had lettuce, but no dressing. I had bread, but no meat.

So we ran out of wind off of Captiva, so I kicked on the motor and we motored sailed up to the pass and I also noticed that I didn’t top off the diesel tank. I decided that we had time to head up to Gasparilla Marina for some fuel. On the way back, it was starting to get close to sunset. I always try to get into Pelican Bay during the daylight because of the depths, and we did. Just at sunset.

The dog, Sadie, was ready for a walk so I put the dingy in the water and put the engine on the back. At that point, I noticed that I hadn’t topped off the gas can for the outboard either. Man I need a checklist.

So I called on 16 to see if any one in the anchorage had any gas… No go… So I rowed in and motored out. It worked well. I was trying to save a bit of gas for the morning run too. It worked.

The night was great. The moon rise was wonderful. It was a full moon and it made quite a display for us.

In the morning, we headed out on a rising tide and headed to Cabbage Key for an early lunch at about 1100 hours.

After lunch we motored down the ICW heading back to Estero Island. We hit the bridge at about 1800 hours and it was just after sunset. Once through the bridge the wind picked up to 23 knots and we bounced into the channel. We docked without a hitch and all was well.

It was a good couple of days out. About 112 miles.

November 20, 2005

Gene Urban came to town for a couple of days, so I knew that we needed to get out on the water together. And we did. We headed down to the docks and boarded s/v Magic Wind and headed out the channel to the Gulf.

The weather was great, but the wind dropped on us to 1 mile and hour. It was a shame, but the company was good. It was the day after my birthday and we were nursing a little hang over… Ok a big hang over… We would have been fine, it we didn’t switch to Sailor Jerry’s 92 proof rum after all that Tequila. Stopping at the Titty bar was a waist of time…

Anyway after bobbing around for a while, we fired up the trusty diesel and putted on home. It was a good day for hanging around on a boat in the gulf.

Gene, we’ll do it again. I look forward to it.

Since the 20th, it’s been pretty hectic around here and I’ve been cleaning, replacing the outside speaker system. Re-doing the dock line set-ups. Making lists and checking them twice.

I’m having Cynde put a sunbrella UV lip on my jib sail. It’s done now and all I have to do is go over and pick it up. She is a gem.

Magic Wind is doing great and looking forward to getting Pat back from AZ so we can spend a week kicking around the waters before we head up to SC for the Holidays.

I am checking the charts… I may move Magic Wind up to SC for the summer. I found a nice little hurricane hole up there on the ICW. It’s right by the kids, so I could hire them to do the care taking. Not a bad idea just working out the details. More on that later.

I will post photos of these adventures soon…