We’ll Miss Our Little Girl


Sadie our sweet little dog finally lost her battle. On January 3, 2006 Sadie left us on her journey to where ever it is that dogs go when they leave their little earthly bodies. Since Christmas she has been having some problems. We figure that the Valley Fever that she got about 4 years ago, and has been dormant, came back and was causing her system to shut down.

She became listless and decided that food was not something she wanted anymore. Not a good sign. We found a wonderful vet here in Fort Myers Beach and after a blood work up we found that her organs were shutting down.

It was a hard decision, as they always are and we let her go.

We’ll miss the barking at dinner time and the walks. We’ll miss the singing and howling at the moon together. We’ll miss the licking and love that she always had for everyone. We’ll miss her.

It’s a heck of a way to start a new year, but we know she is with Sunny now and getting her ears all wet as he cleans her up… Again.

Good-bye Sadie.