Come Sail With Pat & I Aboard Magic Wind

Hey I just wanted to invite you to come sail with Pat and I. Here’s the way to do it. Just click on the link below and enjoy three and a half minutes aboard Magic Wind from the captains point of view. With Mr. McCloud from the Schooner Warf Bar in the background, you will get the feel of what we do out there.

It’s a good place to be… Choose the size that makes you the most comfortable.

CLICK HERE for a 5 meg Movie.

CLICK HERE for a 10 meg Movie.

Fair winds and flowing seas to you all…

Updated News From the Deck…

Well after Pat and I went out for our 5 day trip in March, things got busy. Pat left town for some shows in AZ and Dan was here, so we did some day sails and sunset sails. All short and sweet, but you have to get out there a few times a week… It’s the rules.

So March 20th came along… I started an intensive sea school with Capt. Casey in Cape Coral. It was a 7 day course and they gave me more information than I ever thought was possible about the sea, rules, navigation, charting, plotting, etc., etc. I didn’t think I could do it after the 2nd day and then it all started to click on the 4th day.

When the testing day came along, I guess they asked me the questions that I knew, because I got 100 on two of the tests and a 95 and a 97 on the other two. So it’s now Capt. Paul.

Interesting after 30 years of recreational boating I’m now a captain. So next season in Florida, Magic Wind will be for hire. Sunset sails, 1/2 and full day charters and things like that. It should keep me busy during the season and we can write off all the expenses. So come sailing with us. Then you can buy the t-shirt and the beer cozy.

While I was going to school the engine ball cock began to leak as well as the strainer, (that was the original 86 Perco), fell apart in my hands. The fresh water pump decided not to pump and I put up Lazy Jacks. So I’ve been busy with the repairs. They have to get done because Pat and I are heading out for the Keys in May for a month.

Bro. Dan did the work up the mast for me… I had a good view, but his was better.


I had Magic Wind hauled out at Olsen Marine and they replaced the valve for me and patched up some hurricane damage below the waterline. It was a needed but expensive haul. But she’s back in the water and will not come out until next fall when I do the bottom.

Here’s a clip of her getting put back in the water at the docks.

Click here to watch a 624k clip of the relaunching of Magic Wind.

Just before we headed up to South Carolina to see the kids we took a sail with Bro. Dan and I popped off this shot. We woke him up for the sail, but he enjoyed the day as the winds were a nice 18 knts and the seas were only 1-3. It was a great day to, well just sail. Bpndan

We will be back next week and taking Pat and Katie, Pete and Iva out for a few sails and then jump on a cruise ship to play in the Bahamas for 5 days. After that we head out for the Keys and where the wind pushes us.

Click Here to go to Magic Winds new web site.

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A Lot of Stuff Going on & Staying Busy!

I guess I’ll have to resign to the fact that I’m only going to update this blog every month or so. It seems like I just don’t have the time lately to come up here and just lay these thoughts out on cyber something.

Pat spent a lot of time in AZ in March doing shows, so I took the time to go to Sea School and get my Captains license. Man-o-man was that a trip. I didn’t realize the information that I had to just flat out memorize in that class. After the first day or two I felt like I made a big mistake taking that project on, but after the 4th day or so the 1st day started to make sense. They sure do know how to teach. I had to take four tests at the end. I aced 2 of them and got a 97 and a 95 on the other two. I guess they just asked me the right questions.

In any case, it’s Capt. Paul now and s/v Magic Wind will be a business next season with sunset sails, 1/2 day and custom charters. We’ll write off those slip payments and make a lot of people very happy.

You can check out s/v Magic Wind’s new site at:

Things are starting to wind down at Times Square. Magic shows have been good this season and I hope to have the time to do them again next year. I learned a lot and it was good to work out.

Just thought you might want to see the biggest lime I’ve ever seen…


We are in South Carolina at the moment until Friday morning. Just visiting the kids and grand kids. It’s good to see them. Riana and Mallory are growing like weeds and are doing very well. Brad and Stacie are working hard and keeping the wolf away from the door. So it goes in America these days.

When we head out of here on Friday we’ll be going to the Villages to do a show for the weekend. After that we will have a week to pull the boat together and head out for a 5 day cruise with our friends Pat and Katie and Iva and Pete. NO not on Magic Wind, we are taking a cruise ship to the Bahamas’s and just chillin’. It will be good.

As soon as I get back, Pat and I will head out for the Keys on Magic Wind for about 3 weeks and just island hop and enjoy our company together before the summer season kicks in.

After we get back we’ll be heading for Colorado for the Renaissance Festival, June and July.

So lots of things going on. Seeing lots of people and keeping ourselves healthy and happy. I’ll get some photo’s up as soon as I can.

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