Yep, We’re Still Floating Around the Keys…

Let me catch you up on the last couple of days…

May 6, 2006

Trip Details:

Distance: 29.3 nm
Max Speed: 7.6 kt
Moving Time: 6 hrs 44 min

We sailed from Key West to Newfound Harbor. We anchored at N 24 38.7 W 81 22.8. A very nice spot, protected, smooth and good holding.

Coming out of Key West was really bumpy. The waves were breaking over the bow a lot and Pat got soaked. After about a half hour of driving into the waves, we turned west and set sail. Waves were a beam and wind was 15 to 20 from the south. a very nice point of sail. Beautiful water, beautiful day. We did see a Grande Sea Turtle… Huge.

Click here to watch a 1.2 meg clip



May 7, 2006

We sailed to from Newfound Harbor to Bahia Honda State Park. A guy in Key West warned me about the currents and i read in a book that they are the fiercest in the Keys… Well I hope they are because the approach to this place was a rock and rollin’ experience. REMEMBER to stay out and then hug the 11 foot shoal to the east for the smoothest ride. This I learned after 3 tries to the approach.

Once inside it was a beautiful place to spend the day and night. We dropped the hook and once settled, we took the dingy into shore. It was an exciting time. We got ice, dumped off trash and had ice cream. But land sickness was setting in so we headed back out to the boat, got out snorkeling gear and headed to the beach. All in all a great day.

This is a number one spot to spend the day. It was a bit bumpy at night, but still a great place to stay.

Trip Details:

Distance: 11.6 km
Max Speed: 6.8 kt
Moving Time: 3 hrs 13 min

Something is burning in Florida. Makes for great sunsets. But we haven’t seen any news, so were not sure what it is.

Since the photo’s don’t match up with the captions, I’ll let you match the captions up with the photo’s anyway you want to…

This is Pat on the front of Magic Wind on our finale approach to Bahia Honda State Park. They cut out part of the old bridge so that sailing vessels can enter from the Atlantic side of the Keys. You can see in the distance where we are going to anchor.

This is where we spent time in the water. Pat with Magic Wind in the distance. You can also see Puff III in the foreground.

Here’s just a nice shot of Pat and Puff III, (That’s right the dingy has a name. Thanks Pop!) It was a very, very nice day here.

The sunset was great thanks to all the smoke and haze from the Florida fires somewhere north.





May 8, 2006

Well up in the morning and off to Hawk Channel. Heading east north east to Vaca Key and Boot Harbor. We headed out about 0830 and jumped back into that current and got outside and things settled back down. Made the left and headed east. Winds at about 10 to 15 and a beautiful morning for a sail.

We passed this little island just outside of Bahia Honda State Park.


Sailing down was once again a great experience. Blue sky and very blue water. Nice waves which gave Magic Wind something to do and kept me on my toes. Comfy, secure and a safe passage along the beaches of the Keys. This is truly a good trip to stretch our physical, mental and spiritual sides.


We pulled into Boot Harbor at about 1115 hours and through the draw bridge. After making our way around the edge of the harbor, we got to our little marina called Sombrero Marina and Dockside Bar. We pulled in and docked. Ron the dock master, let us pull it together and then we went up and checked in.


Just before we went up to the bar to take care of business an ol’ salt named Jack from a couple of boats down came up and introduced himself and welcomed us to the marina. He has a 48 foot trawler and after he lost his wife a year ago, lives aboard. He and his wife had a 32 foot sailboat that they spent 5 years sailing from here to Venezuela. You could tell he missed her a lot. He also told us if we needed to get around the island that we could use his van, just stop by and pick up the keys. Now that’s a nice guy. We took him up on his offer after lunch and headed up to Publix and K-Mart for supplies. All he asked for was some ice cream. It’s a good life.


Here’s a short clip, 1.4 megs of Magic Wind just sailing. I only put these up to give you a taste and feel and see the water going by. Let me know if they are too redundant and I’ll stop. If I don’t hear from you in the comments then I’ll keep putting the little clips up for posterity.

Click here to download the clip

We are tucked in for the night in a very quiet corner of the harbor. The water is like glass and we are looking forward to a nice nights sleep. It’s been kind of broken for the last couple of nights, but tonight I will sleep like a baby. Good night my friends… Tomorrow is another day.

Trip Details:

Distance: 14.8 nm
Max Speed: 6.6 kt
Moving Time: 3hrs 18 min

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