Safe & Sound in Boot Key Harbor

We’ve enjoyed our stay in Boot Key Harbor. We didn’t do much, played cards re-provisioned, drank margarita’s, talked with Jack, went to town. So all in all not much of nothing, but we had a great time doing it.

Now it’s time to move on. There is a front moving in tomorrow night, so we thought we’d take off in the morning and head up to the Little Shark River on Cape Sable. (About 38 Miles) There we will anchor and sit with the 60 foot mangroves as they protect us from any storms that may blow through.

Then on Friday, we plan on shooting across the Gulf back up to Marco Island. We will anchor there and then head up to Fort Myers Beach for a night. After that we will head north to Charlotte Harbor and points north for a couple of days.

At that point, we will take Magic Wind and get her ready for hurricane season. Button her up and make sure all is secure and well and insured. She has given us and a lot of other people a very happy season of sailing. Next year she goes to work taking passengers out to enjoy her on the sea.

We will probably be disconnect for the next couple of days because we will be in the Everglades State Park area and I’m not sure what connections are available out there.

So the cruise continues. Here’s a shot of our little piece of heaven here in the keys for the last couple of days.

Remember you can click on any of the photo’s to enlarge them in a new window.


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1 thought on “Safe & Sound in Boot Key Harbor

  1. Looks like your having a great time, out there!!!!!!!!!! I really like you pictures and clips. hope to see you soon
    Love you guys lots,
    Kayla West

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