Well We Are Buttoning Up For the Season…

After a great night at the Burnt Store Marina and dinner with Ray and Cynde, we woke up and hit the water by 0800. Filled with diesel and water, pumped out tanks we headed northwest to the lock that takes you into the interior of Cattle Dock Point. Pat was the lock tender.

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It was a very interesting ride. We didn’t get to sail much because everything was on my nose again, but it was a nice comfy ride. Magic Wind did great and got us up to the lock where we had to figure out how to run it. It is unmanned and very, very shallow. With Pat on the dock and me on the boat, we worked Magic Wind into the lock and then closed the doors. Then Pat couldn’t get the other door open to the inland. Another boat came up and helped. Just a button thing that’s all.


Once Pat was back on board, we headed up the narrow and shallow channel for about 12 miles to the Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage. It was an interesting ride. Very shallow water. My depth gauge didn’t register any under the keel most of the time. I just went on trust that the water was there and looked for outs along the way.


Click to see a movie of the river after the lock.

Once there, we were hauled out and then put on a truck and taken about a mile to the storage lot. It happened so fast and easy, that we now have to head back up there and take down the sails, bimini, dodger, etc., for the summer.


Click to see a movie of the haul out at Port Charlotte Boat Storage.

That’s about a half days work and then we kiss her on the nose and say a prayer for her safety during the hurricane season. I’m sad, Magic Wind is sad, Pat is sad… But in my heart, I think this is the best thing for the season. We’ll see.

Click to see a movie of Magic Wind on the truck that took her a mile to her storage area.

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