In South Carolina…

Well we left Florida and headed to South Carolina on Friday. It was a great ride…

It seems that when Pat and I ride together that we talk a lot. We solve all the worlds problems and we plan the rest of our lives step by step. It’s a good time. She sleeps well while I drive and when we awakes, she has insights that we share and cherish. It’s a great time for both of us.

We did do something that we didn’t expect to do the day before we left Florida. WELCOME MAGGIE! She is a wonderful little dog. Since we lost Sadie last January, we have been gently looking for a puppy that would make us happy and here she is. You can click on the picture and enlarge it in a new window.


She is a Schnauzer that is a salt and pepper color and will fit our lifestyle just fine. She loves to ride and loves kids and is a smart little girl. We will raise her as our own and she will make a wonderful part of our family. Magie, thank you for being there for us.

We will spend a week here in S.C. with the kids and family and then off to Colorado for the Ren. Fest. I look forward to doing some magic and doing what I do for a living. Lots of new stuff and lots of old stuff. But for the people that haven’t seen my show… Lot’s of new stuff.

I’ll keep this blog up as we progress. It is a sad time for us as far as Magic Wind is concerned. She is sitting on the hard in Florida as the hurricane season passes, but I have to tell you that next year is going to be a very active season for her. I will be offering sailboat rides, sunset sails, charters, etc. for the people that want to go sailing on her. I can’t think of anyone that knows about her that wouldn’t want to do that.

You can look at her site at: Contact Captain Paul if you want to know more about her travels and your chance to join a leg to them, or I can plan something special for you.

In any case, take care my friends and stay in touch, we’ll do the same.

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