On to Corning, CA

Wow! What a weekend. The Fair Oaks Renaissance Festival was 111 on Friday for set up, 108 on Saturday and 104 on Sunday. Today is Monday and we are melted into a pool of old sweat and memories of a good time.

The show was down about 30% in attendance but the garlic booth held it’s own and was only down about 15%. A very good stand against the elements. Magic shows were interesting. The noon show was the money show and it progressed down hill after that. I think I made them happy, but by the 4 pm show all they could do is sit there and drip.

So today we are off to Corning to see Nadine and the grand kids. Can’t wait. It’s been a year. The kids are getting bigger and I need some new pictures of them all. I’ll post them here as soon as I get to posting pictures again.

Pat and Magie are doing just fine. We are on the road a lot for the next week or so and then we will be back in Denver.

Gene Urban called me last week and had a great idea. Him and Patrick Holcomb were going sailing with a big honcho from Catalina boats on July 10th through the 13th. They are delivering something to Catalina Island and then the next day sailing to the back side of the Island and then on Wednesday of that week sailing back to Santa Monica, CA… Gene asked me to join them… I couldn’t pass it up. So I’m off to the Island which I haven’t sailed to since I took “Undine” my 27 foot sailboat in 1974. I’m really looking forward to seeing it again and spending time with a couple of my favorite magician friends. Looks to be a great get-a-way.

Well packing up and getting out of here where it’s going to be 102 today… Of course in Corning it will be about 110. I guess it’s summertime.

Sitting in Fair Oaks, CA

Well we got the first two weekends done at the Colorado Renaissance Festival and the went just fine. Still no Benjamin… We talked with him and he was supposed to call us last Wednesday to let us know when he would be up, but we haven’t heard from him yet… He may be gone.

After the 2nd weekend of CRF, we headed west to do the Sparks Farmers Market. It went well as usual. We spent a couple of days at the Atlantis Hotel and then headed west again to Fair Oaks to do a two day renaissance festival. I’ve been doing this show for years. It’s a good show and we always have a ball. BUT this year the weather is going to keep us toasty… 109 for Saturday and 112 for Sunday. Whew! What the hell am I doing here.

On Monday we will head up to see Nadine and her family. It will be good to see the grand kids and my daughter. They just moved to a little town just outside of Corning and seem to like it a lot. I’ll be able to get some updated photo’s of everyone. That will be great.

Then back to Sparks for next Thursday’s market and the plan is to head to Phoenix to clear out a storage shed and make it a little smaller. BUT once again we are thinking of changing plans. With the price of gas, somewhere between $2.89 and $3.25 plus, we may just head back to Colorado and save ourselves about 1000 miles of travel time and a ton of money. It’s kind of strange making decisions about where we go because of the price of gas. It ran us about $1300.00 to get from Florida to Colorado this year with the trailer.

So I’ll do the best I can to keep this updated. I have some news that I’ll ad to this blog tomorrow. I’m going sailing in the Pacific again…

Well off to bed and get ready to face the day…

Safe & Sound in Monument Colorado

Well it’s Friday. We’ve put up the booth at the Renaissance Festival Grounds in Larkspur and we are going to go to work in the morning. It has been a fast few days and we sure feel the road as well as the altitude.

Cricket and Danny are staying with us tonight and Cricket is going to help Pat for a half day tomorrow because Benjamin didn’t make it for the first weekend here. He should be here next weekend, but who really knows. He’s in Texas trying to get his truck fixed. It’s been down since December, so he thought he might get to it this week.

I’ve packed up some magic and still not sure what show will be performed at 11am tomorrow, but I’m sure it will be a good one. At least I’ll have a good time as always. It will be good to pop a show or two and get my chops going again. Plus it will be good to dust off that hat of mine and put some money in the bank. It’s time. I’ve been feeling a little retired lately.

Anyway, I’ve got to hit the sack and get a good nights sleep. Pat and I are well… Maggie is a puppy… Enough said. Really she is doing good and is enjoying her new life with us as we are with her. She makes us laugh and say “No” a lot… Good Dog!

Goodnight my friends. I’ll catch you up the beginning of the week.

Traveling the Open Road…

The stay in South Carolina with the Rushes was wonderful. We had a chance to get in a little beach time and spend a lot of time with the grand kids, Riana and Mallory. They are like night and day. Riana is growing into a beautiful young lady and Mallory is her own person. Strong and full of life. We are blessed with 5 grand kids on both coasts. Looking forward to seeing Nadine and the kids at the end of June.

We left last Saturday and have been on the road for 2 days. We are just west of St. Louis, MO and heading west to Kansas City. We should be there tomorrow. We will visit Mike and Denny, Pat’s brothers for a night then off to Manhattan, KS to stop and see my Dad. He is there visiting J.R. Donna’s son for a couple of months. It will be good to see him again.

I’ll get some photo’s up here when I have time to be connected to the Internet and not driving. I’ve got some great shots of the kids and Maggie. (Our new dog) As well as just some road shots for you.

I’ll keep you updated as we roll along. We should be in Colorado by Wednesday night.