Looking for a Break in the Weather

Well we’ve got three more weeks at the MN Renaissance Festival. Then its off to South Carolina to see the kids and grand kids before heading to Florida for our 3rd season there.

The weather here is in a weird pattern. Nice during the week and then rain on the weekends. Wish it was the other way around, but they need the rain and well we’ll just be thankful for all that we have. BUT, I’m getting tired of working in the rain and next Monday is going to be in the high 40’s with rain. Burrrrrrrr. Got to head south…

Looks like we have an apartment in Florida. Pat found a nice 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with a garage. 1900 square feet. So we’ll sell the trailer and move in on the 17th of October. Just like being kids again. No furniture, folding chairs and a TV. It will be another adventure.

Looks like the business is going to get up and started mid November. Everything is falling into place. Licenses, printing, web site and Magic Wind. Brad has done a great job on the web site. You can visit it at: http://www.SailMagicWind.com. If you are on high speed, take the 4 minute sail by clicking the link on the front page. It is a nice clip.

Well I have to set my rain show for tomorrow.

Boy, You’d Think I Couldn’t Write…

I’m in Minnesota. I always get real busy here and since Colorado, it has been going as usual. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll catch you up now by going in reverse. That way I can just think back and get it on pixels.

Pat and I are enjoying our work/visit here in the Twin Cities area. It’s bee busy and we have been keeping two shows going. We are also showing the Garlic at the Michigan Renaissance Festival which runs the same time as this show in MN does. Besides gearing up for heading home and keeping all the shows going in the up coming months through the fall.

I’m also jumping through all the hoops to get, Magic Wind Adventure Sailing, (our other new business) up and going by mid November. Licenses, zoning, 800 numbers, web site, cards, print advertising, etc., etc… But it is all coming together and should be on schedule.

Before we got here, we spent the first part of the summer in Colorado at the CO Renaissance Festival. It was a good run and I survived the 7200 feet. Magic shows were great and I shared the stage with Terry Foy and Danny Lord. I had a ball. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Danny work, so it was good to watch the ol’ pro in action again.

Pat’s booth did well there. Seems like all the people in Colorado will be stinking up the home and staying healthy this winter. Benjamin is no longer with us, after close to 5 years. He seems to want to move on to outer space or something… We’re not sure. But we wish him the best of luck in his new adventures.

Cricket and Danny… Well they are the newest “Garlic Folks” out there. They worked for us in Colorado and they are here in Minnesota too. They will head back and do several shows for us in the western part of the US and then they will head back to Florida for the Tampa Renaissance Festival this year. We will do our best to keep them busy and on the road. That’ll keep them out of trouble. Yea right! Hasn’t worked for me yet.

During the stay in Colorado, I had a chance to head over to the L.A. area and join a couple of magician buddies of mine for a 3 day trip out and around Catalina Island. Gene Urban and Pat Holcombe roped me into that sail. It was on a Catalina 36 and with Captain David, it was 3, 9 hour days of pure pleasure. All sun, 10 to 20 mph wind, 3 to 5 foot swells, dolphins and whales. Yep on the way back, we hit a pod of 3 to 6, 40 foot plus whales. I mean one came up 15 feet off our bow. Thought I was going to hit him, but we made a near miss. He was huge. I’ve never been close to a whale before, but all I could yell at the time is, “It’s a Whale!”

We are looking forward to our 2nd annual trip. All we have to do is save up for the rum.

On October 3rd, we will be heading down to Kansas City to visit Pat’s brothers and then over to St. Lewis to meet up with Dan. He’s the guy that we have at the Michigan show. We will transfer product, tents, tables, etc. and then scoot over the South Carolina to see the Rush’s on the way back home to Florida.

When we get there, Pat and I are selling the trailer and getting an apartment for a year. It will give us a chance to find a home/condo that we can buy and settle in. We love Florida and the water. Yea it has rough weather in the summer, but if you want to live in paradise, you have to pay the price. Well worth it, for us.

As far as I know, Magic Wind is doing fine. She is still on blocks and is scheduled for new bottom paint, a detailing and other minor upgrades and repairs the first part of October. We’ll catch up with her about the 19th of October and sail her back home to Fort Myers Beach. Ahhhhh… A new auto pilot. Life is good.

So that catches us up, I’ll get a gallery of photo’s of this summer put together and give you the link in a future post.

Oh yea… Last but not least, Brad is putting together the web site for Magic Wind Adventure Sailing. You should check it out. It looks great and has good information. Just head up to: http://www.SailMagicWind.com. If you have the chance, come sailing with me. You know where I’ll be.