Headin’ South… Some Place 80 Degrees!

Last weekend was it for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for another year. It was a beautiful weekend to end with. The weather was great! Warm and sunny! Lots of people and now we are on the road again.

We left Monday and our first stop was just a short hop to Clear Lake, Iowa. We met up with a couple of friends of ours, Pat and Katie from MN, and spent a nice afternoon and evening with them. They were heading back from Branson, MO where they spent a week with Pat’s sister and brother-in-law.

On Tuesday we headed out to see Denny and Mike, Pat’s brothers, in Kansas City. Her sister was there with her husband Dave, so all the kids were together again. We had a nice dinner, drank some wine, ate Italion and got a good nights sleep.

Today we headed to St. Lewis, MO. Pat found a casino along the road with an RV park. She did the laundry, picked up $140 and we are hitting the hay early tonight.

I got a knock on the door while Pat was up at the casino and a lady was standing there. She said, “Do you know Charlie and Donna West?” That’s my Dad in California and his wife. I told them that I was his son and she continued to tell me that she was his neighbor in the park where he lives and was heading from Minnesota with 20 other RVer’s following the Mississippi River south.

It’s a small world. She told me to say hi to Donna and him. So I called him and let him know that I ran into his buddies out here in the world. What are the chances of that… at least 3 to 1 I figure.

In the morning it is back on 70 and heading east… Not sure where we will land, but I’m sure we will find a great place and good people. Seems like the United States has a bunch of that stuff laying around.

We should be at Brad and Stacies on Friday or Saturday, on the beach with a coldie in hand. The plan is to head to Florida on the 16th of October. Then it gets crazy again.

I love this life. I love all the people that are in it. I am the luckiest man in the world. Thanks God!