Greetings From Slip C-12

It’s been a week so far. A great week. I’ve had people from Germany, Chicago, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Immokalee Florida. It’s been a wonderful week and it’s not over yet.

We had a cold spell last week that kept people off the water as well as me. No sense sailing when it’s cold and windy. But that is over for the moment and sailing on Magic Wind has never been better.

I’m onboard at the moment and taking care of reservations, doing the books and making sure the head is not plugged with anything. Maintenance is a huge thing with sailing, as most sailors will attest. I check out all the systems of the vessel before every voyage. This has been a good week. I have crossed two things off my list of things to do and only added four so things are going great.

Hey the big thing is that I have returned to the dock with everyone that I left with. This may not seem to be a big factor for you, but for me, I always count heads when I return. It’s good to have as many people as I started with onboard when I return.

Spring break is starting to happen down here. Seems early, but the students are arriving. It’s good to have them here for the festivities. When they call Magic Wind Adventure Sailing, I’m here for them. I can put a good party together for them at a moments notice.

Hey, I have to say this is a week of low repairs. I didn’t have to replace the doors, or clean and replace a head. The decks look good and all is well with the rigging. A good week I’ll take when I can get it. I’ll top the diesel tank off and we will be good for a while.

I’m still looking for a couple that has the adventure in them to sail with me to the Florida Keys. The weather windows are close, but I’m ready to try to put a package together for you. Just give me a call when you a chance to spend a week or two on the water.

I’ve got to do a quick oil and filter change on Magic Wind, so I will do it between voyages. Thanks for considering Magic Wind Adventure Sailing.

It Is An El Niño Year

Sailing Fort Myers Beach, FL is always an experience, as sailing is always an experience. This is the year of El Niño. So we have had some, should I say, exciting sails lately. Higher winds, and cool and cloudy has been the norm. This is good and bad, although sailing in the mid 60 degree range is wonderful for the folks from the North.

First of all I’ve had to make some rearrangements of schedules, because when the wind is 20 to 30 mph it is more like “survival sailing” then a pleasure sail. So when you come down to Fort Myers Beach and want to sail, you should try and have a day or two flexibility in our voyage dates so we can have the best time possible. Also book early in your trip so I can tell you about all the cool stuff you can see and experience before you leave. If we sail on the last day, I’ll tell you about all the cool stuff your going to miss and all that does is insure that you’ll be back. That’s not a bad thing either.

El Niño is an oscillation of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather around the globe. This means when a front comes through it is pulling moisture from the Pacific and the jet stream seems to be pulling cooler temps from the North down to us. We really would like you to keep those cooler temps up north please. Thank you.

Keep in mind that you may need to layer a bit. This means when you sail Magic Wind, we will be in contact with you and keep you informed about the weather conditions and how to dress. You guys from the North know about all that layering stuff. My guests this year are teaching me that fine art as we progress through the season. I still only have a sweat shirt and a wind breaker, but this year, I bought a pair of long pants too. Go figure.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t have any good weather. We just had a cold snap, low 60’s, for the past three days, but by Tuesday it will be in mid 70’s and by Wednesday back up to 80. Ahhh those are the days to book your sail with us. So be flexible.

I’m going to head down to Salty Sam’s Marina today and wash Magic Wind down and get ready for the week. Lots of people are going sailing and I’m ready to share the experience of the sea with them all. We will have new members in the “Conch Club” being added. Remember you could be next.

Happy Valentines Day

Arrrrggghhhh… The day of LOVE. It’s a beautiful day in Southern Florida and I thought I’d have a boat load, but I had four cancel for a half day and I’ve got two for a sunset cruise tonight.

Boat load or not, I’m excited about the idea of taking Magic Wind out and heading out to the Gulf for the sunset. Nice puffy clouds and mid to upper 70’s for the temp, so all should go well. Time to crack a coconut and sacrifice a pineapple for the Gods.

So enjoy you day, wherever you are and take the time to, “Look into the sun and smile and all of the family and friends that have passed before you will be smiling back.” That’s an Irish thing that one of my clients gave me, so at sunset you’ll see me smiling at the sun, on Magic Wind, everytime.

Weather Happens!

Although we have wonderful weather here in Southern Florida, sometimes weather just happens. As much as I like to sail, when it’s cool and raining with threats of thunderstorms, I stay safely in port and enjoy the dockside activities.

Such is the case as I write this note in my log. BUT tomorrow is another day. Sunshine is promised and gentle winds. I have a couple of charters tomorrow and I always look forward to sailing with new friends.

It’s all been good though. I changed the oil and fixed some wires as well as made plans to re-finish the doors on the boat. There’s always something. I scratch off two things off my list and put three more on. I love my job and my boat, so it’s just fine.

The season is starting to happen here. People are showing up and spring break is just around the corner. The phone is ringing and Magic Wind is getting booked well in advance for some very fun and exciting sails.

I’m going below now and get myself greasy…

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