Weather, Weather, Weather

Well last week and the first part of this week was wonderful, but here comes another front from the North. It is stirring up winds and seas. This morning they have a small craft use caution and this afternoon it will be upgraded to a small craft advisory until tomorrow night.

Well that kills my schedule. I’m busy calling customers and trying to reschedule for Sunday, but some have to leave tomorrow. I never like to cancel a sail, but for the safety of all onboard sometimes it is the best policy.

So for those of you that I’ve had to cancel, I’m sorry. BUT keep my card, number and website because you’ll be back and I’ll be here for you. I have several repeat customers and I hope you will become one too. It’s always great for me to catch up with people and have them bring their friends aboard Magic Wind.

So I’ll head to the dock today and take care of boat stuff and keep her in good shape for you. I had a lady bump against the table in the saloon and the base broke. I pulled the old one off and I’m putting on a new one, but in the mean time I kind of like the saloon without a table. So even with the new base, I think I’ll keep it down for a while.

I’m also running a new control wire for the Marsha, the auto pilot. It is a bigger job then I thought, but I’ll get her through the tubes and wall so it will be a clean install.

I’m sure looking forward to Sunday. I think that will be the first day back out for us and then we go into another good stretch of weather. So call now and make those reservations for next week. Also if you’re from the North, PLEASE keep those fronts up there. I mean we could use some rain, but a one day soaker every once and a while would be good. Stop teasing us with the high winds, rough sea conditions for three days in a row and let it rain instead. Thanks in advance.

I’ll wait for you at the dock.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

Spring break is here in Fort Myers Beach. Not much else to say about that! Wow the beach is full and the weather is giving us all a break. Sun is shining and the winds are 10 to 15. Seas are good and I’m booked a lot, so I guess all is well.

Now tell me this… Why would a boat be built with vent through hulls, above the waterline be put right at where the dock is. I guess just so I can pull into the slip, and if I’m off just a little bit, I can take them right off the side… Hmmm, maybe I should buy some extras. Not a hard fix, but a little frustrating that I have to watch so close. Maybe a new bumper? Maybe just… Heck I don’t know. I guess I’ll just have to be aware of the darn little things and ease in a little bit slower. In any case that’s the latest fix for Magic Wind.

As I said earlier, I’m pretty booked up for the next couple of weeks, but this is a good time to give me a call and see if I can get your sailing dates locked up. First come, first sailing… Just go to the contact page at the web site and all the information is there.

Yesterday was a great sail. I had a couple on from Tennessee and he was a learning sailer. He asked me question after question. Very smart guy and wanted to know it all in an 8 hour sail. Wow, he kept me on my toes and I realized that I take a lot of my sailing technique as second nature. He got me thinking about things that just happen automatically for me.

It was a good lesson for us both and now I have to look up a couple of things and see if that’s the way they are supposed to be done, or is it something I made up over the years and just implemented into my sailing technique. Thanks Radu for being a great teacher too.

Well I’m off to the docks to give Magic Wind a well deserved wash down with soap and fresh water. She deserves a little soap every once and a while. Then I’ll put in a couple of new through hulls and drop the lines for an afternoon sail followed by a group for sunset.

The music will be playing, the sun will be shining and the sound of the water will lower everyones blood pressure. Now that sounds like a good day.

See you at the dock…

Sailed Twice Today…

Today was a busy day. I took out a half day charter between eleven and three and broke for a quick bite and then had a couple from Minnesota go out for a sunset sail. We were back in by 1945 hours and pulled into the slip… Twice… It’s good to miss it on the first time every once and a while, just to make me feel mortal.

The winds were great today. As we started out, I wasn’t sure if the wind was going to blow at all, but after a half our on the water, we were sailing in 12 to 16 knots and enjoying a very, very nice sail. The wind held for sunset too, so I have that little glow tonight and my blood pressure if really low. Sailing does that you know.

I also want to mention here, for the first time, that there are some pretty exciting changes taking place at Magic Wind Adventure Sailing. More on that later, so log on to the home page to see the changes. I’ll talk more about that later.

Good to have clean fuel filters again. I’m going to do some varnish work this weekend and get the last of the wood up to par again. I’ve also been cleaning the non skid decks and I’m going to try out some stuff called Woody Wax. From what I hear, it will keep the decks easier to clean and also give the deck more traction. It’s a bit pricey, but if it works then I’ll keep it up. I’ll let you know.

Magic Wind is running and sailing great. She seems to know that it is the season and her engine is purring like a kitten, thanks to Capt. Ron for putting in new injectors. Those ol’ Yanmars seem to just keep on running if you add oil and keep all the filters fresh. She’s a keeper.

Spring break is just getting going and the action around the beach is getting hot. Lots of young people in party mode. I’ll do my best to keep them on board, but if they hit the water, I always promise to pick them up.

The Conch Club is growing, so be sure and book your sunset sail now to be the next one in the club. A very special place to be.

Well I’ve got to go check the weather and get some sleep.

Full Moon Sail

Last night was the best! At 1824 hours the sun set. At the same time the moon rose. At 1829 the moon whet into a full eclipse. At 1906 it was a full eclipse and at 2050 it was over. WOW what a site.

I had two parties of three on Magic Wind and we didn’t see the moon rise because of clouds, but when we were returning to port, as soon as we hit the channel, we saw the full moon at a full eclipse. We motored in and in the half hour to the slip at Salty Sam’s Marina, we watched the moon come back to 3/4 full.

As I cleaned up and put the sail cover on and put away things, I watched it return to normal. What a thrill.

A wonderful night to do a name change ceremony for some friends at the dock. They had changed there boat name to Romance and the ceremony consisted of the four directions of the compass, Champagne on the bow and rum… A few words and more rum. It was a good night for a name change ceremony. Romance should sail safe and sound now and is blessed with her new name.

A front is moving in tomorrow, so I will touch up the inside of the cabin and change a fuel filter. Then get ready for a half day charter and a sunset sail on Monday.

Check back often by dropping by the web site and clicking on the blog link.

Back to Work… OR Play…

Since the last blog entry, I have put several miles under the keel of Magic Wind. We have been busy taking people sailing. Seems like the season is starting to roll and my time is on the water instead of under the hood, so to speak.

That doesn’t mean that the chores have stopped. Not by a long shot. I’ve still got several layers of varnish to put on some wood, the hull is about ready for some new wax, the bottom needs wiped down and I have a light out in the head, just to name a few. But they are all a labor of love.

After Ron changed my injectors, the engine is starting better and is running better than it has in a long time. Not that it was running bad, but now it is running great. Thanks Ron.

I had a friend of mine, Cynde, make a new main sail cover for Magic Wind and now she is protected once again. Thanks Cynde

I had to make a run to Phoenix, AZ for a wedding. So Magic Wind was still for three days. She was glad to see me when I got back. Just sitting in her slip at Salty Sam’s Marina, ready to go sailing. That’s good, because next week looks to be a great week on the water around here. You can check out the local weather for Fort Myers Beach Florida, by going to the web site and scrolling down on the first page and clicking on the weather box. There’s a lot of information there and very accurate.

Time to catch up the books and check the weather for tomorrow. There is a full moon and an eclipse at 1829 hours tomorrow. The sun will set and at the same time the moon will rise and go right into an eclipse. It’s going to be spectacular. I have a sunset sail and we are all in for a treat.

Until next time, don’t wait to call 800-975-5824 and make your reservations early. I really do want to go sailing with you and your friends. Or drop me a line at:

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