The Sailing is Wonderful!

Well now… It’s November 25th and I’ve been sailing my buns off and enjoying every trip.

Sailing Fort Myers Beach is a treat that I want to share with as many people as possible. The water is usually good with 1 to 2 foot rollies and winds from 5 to 15. Smooth, I mean SMOOTH sailing.

I’ve had some great overnight charters lately. Seems like the two day charter is catching on. For those of you that have a couple of days and are going to be here check out those packages and give me a call. I’ll customize your trip and make it a very special time for everyone that comes along.

I just got in today from a two day trip with Jack and Joanne. It was great. We had enough wind to travel, on Saturday, down the coast to around Lovers Key and then back up. At that point a small squall hit us. Now this was the fastest squall I’ve ever seen. I dropped the sails as the visibility dropped to less that a quarter mile and put on the slicker. It hit. The rain came and went in about 3 minutes. That was it. Boom. Gone. So off came the slicker and back in T-shirt and shorts and we continued.

We ended up in Glover Bight for the evening and night. GREAT sunset and dolphins. A night of Rummy and then drifted to sleep in a calm bay.

In the morning we had a great breakfast and off we went. When we got to the Gulf, the wind was gone. We were pushing 1.6 knots and enjoying looking for wind. Then an hour later we had a solid 12 to 16 and sailed away down the coast of Estero Island and back to our home port at Salty Sam’s Marina. Jack hit 7.2 knots on a beam reach so we got to the dock on time.

Tomorrow, I pick up my next charter at the airport and we sail all day and spend the night at the marina and then they need to get a rent-a-car to travel the state.

Still fitting in the half day and sunset sails so, Let’s Go Sailing!

Drop me a line, or give me a call and I’ll put together your custom charter. A chance of a lifetime at a very affordable price.

See you on the dock.

Sailboat charters in Fort Myers Beach.


Well now…

The season isn’t really here yet, but I’m cookin’…

Star of Orion and I have been sailing our little feet off. Over last weekend, I took out Heiko and Diana from Germany for a 2 day charter to Pelican Bay. It was great! When the departed the boat on Monday morning, I cleaned it up and took a half day charter out from 1 to 3 and then headed out at 3:45 for a sunset cruise.

Today I had a private charter with a wonderful couple that is getting married on Thursday, on the beach by the Pink Shell Resort.

Tomorrow I take a half day out from 11 to 3 and then another sunset cruise at 3:45. On Thursday I have a full day with two people and on Friday I have a party of 6 for sunset.

Whew! Getting my sailing days in that’s for sure. No complaints, but if this is pre-season, then I’d better start wearing gloves…

Pat, my wife, has been gone for a week on business in Arizona and is returning tonight, so I’m off to the Fort Myers Airport to pick her up.

All this means is give me a call if you want your dates. Enough said about that.

Still getting a cup of sea water in the engine bilge, so the search is on again… it’s a mystery now, but I’ll get to the bottom of it and let you know where to look on your Yanmar next time you find some.

The weather is 82 degrees and the air is great. Get down here and lets go sailing!


November 19, 2007

Well I spend a couple of days tweaking everything I can think of and then the day of Heiko and Diana’s 3 day charter, and hour before leaving, the squeal from the floorboards begins… Refrigerator water pump is shot. So off to good ol’ West Marine and they had one. They HAD one. I dropped to my knees and shot them my Port Supply card and was heading under the bridge just an hour late.

It was ok though. The wind was from the north, so we motored up the inside and 5 hours later, were anchored in Pelican Bay. I love this spot. If you have a couple of day available this season, call me. Book this cruise. Make me come here again and again…

Check it out at the Pricing/Reservation page.

I’m sitting here in the cockpit looking at the Milky Way and feeling one heck of a lot of gratitude in my life. Sailing this boat and meeting new people and being able to make a living is beyond my dreams.

Things are beginning to pick up here in Fort Myers Beach. Star of Orion is in great shape and is sailing better than ever before thanks to Capt. Ron. For those of you that have had the chance this season to sail with Capt. Ron, what do you think… He’s a kick and one heck of a sailor. You’ll be seeing him around these docks, so keep a look out. He’s had some pretty great comments in the Guest Book and he is an asset to Magic Wind Adventure Sailing.

Dolphins in Fort Myers Beach are plentiful at the moment. On this trip up the Intracoastal Waterway today, we saw dozens. They were just loving playing in the bow waves and gave us quite a show.

Oh I have to share… We were heading north today and there was this big motorboat heading south. I waved at them and at about 15 knots, he came to a dead stop and his waterline raised a foot. He just slid up that sandbar and came to a very fast stop. Wasn’t much I could do for him, so we just putted along and made sure everyone was alright. When I looked back, his hands were flying everywhere and I was glad not to be within ear shot. Sure it’s a sad thing, but it would have won me the $10,000.00 on that video show.

Well, hard to believe, but it’s 7:43 and I’m going to hit the sack.

Tomorrow, we head out the outside into the Gulf to head south. The wind will be from the NE and at around 15 knots. We should fly down the coast and be at Salty Sam’s Marina by happy hour.

I look forward to sailing with you this season also, so just give me a call and I’ll see if I have dates open. We’ll lock them up for you. Seems like I’m turning a lot of people down because of last minute calls, so book early, it’s easy.

If you want to make a reserve a spot on Star of Orion, or just have questions or comments, go to the “Contact Us” page and drop me a line, or give me a call. I’m here for you.