Notes From the Road… Again.

Well it’s been way, way too long since I’ve put my thoughts up here and shared the excitement of sailing on the Gulf of Mexico. Fort Myers Beach is a wonderful play ground for the sailing community and I’d like to take a little time in this entry to thank a couple of people that are helping get you and I out on the water.

First of all I want to thank Brad at LC Web Design for making this site one of the best out there. His skills for putting together the site and getting it marketed are amazing to say the least. I think that’s apparent because you are reading this blog. I think he is responsible for about 30% of my business and for that all I can say is thanks and promise to tell everyone I know about his business. So if you are looking for a good web guy that will work with you at a great price, give Brad a call or visit his site at LC Web Design.

Now comes Captain Ron… Not the guy from the movie, but my friend and savior. He is down in Florida as I write this from a hotel room in Houston, TX keeping the business on the water. For those of you that have sailed with Capt. Ron, you know he is a great guy and a supurb captain. If you haven’t had the chance, then call me and I’ll get you set up and you can experience wonder of Fort Myers Beach sailing charters. Sailing in Fort Myers Beach Florida is a gas. Usually nice sea conditions and great wind to push us around.

Those two guys are the best at what they do, so I consider myself blessed to have them in my life.

Now down to the charter business. We’ve been busy. Business is up 50% from last year at this time and that’s with a slow tourist season. Go figure. Lots of repeat customers and that is a feather in our cap. The locals are calling and enjoying taking their friends out to sea when they can.

I mean think about it… Wouldn’t it be nice to have a 38 foot sailboat sitting on a 1st class dock, maintained, insured, licensed and a private captain that is at your call and it costs you $50.00 bucks a person to go out for a 4 hour sail… How sweet is that. No contracts, no monthly fees, no cleaning or waxing…

What am I saying… This sounds like a good idea. But I love touching a boat in places that I never dreamed would need touching. I love fixing engines cleaning tanks and waxing decks and the hull. There’s just something about having an incredible boat like Star of Orion and plopping here in a caustic solution and then spend the rest of my days trying to keep her a float.

Sure she still needs windows in the bimini and some gel coat work. I’m chasing down small leaks all the time and there is the constant battle of keeping all the connections clean. I have a few lines that are getting ready to be replaced and I want to upgrade the stereo so it can take my iPod…. Capt. Ron is taking care of her very well. He just put on some new hoses and a new impeller on the sea water pump. Tweaked the PSS shaft seal and is now studying a way to change a little 2 inch hose on the back side of the engine that may be a major project.

Here’s a short slide show of Star of Orion so you can get as excited as I am…

So the work will never be done, but she is beautiful, seaworthy and ready for your sailing pleasure. Call me. I can get you out on the Gulf of Mexico for a small amount of money and give you memories that will be with you forever.