Things That Go Bump… c#•../#!)(%!!!

Maybe I needed to get a post in before May was up…  Maybe I just ran out of things to say…  Maybe I wanted to get some good news…  Who knows.  But I need to report on a job that is being done right now.

Sailing has been great in May.  Winds have been in the late teens and early 20's.  Seas have been very smooth considering the wind and current.  I did have some 5 to 6 footers breaking at my shoulders, coming from the port beam. A very fun sail.

But that's not what I came here to tell you about.  Ron's been working hard patching up a boo-boo I did coming in to the dock.  I just clipped the dock on the port side about 10 feet from the bow.  I was with a charter and when it hit there was the unmistakable sound of crushed fiberglass.  One guy onboard said, "Wow, you broke the dock."  But I knew it was the sound of fiberglass, not the dock.

So after tossing on the ropes, I took a look…

REMEMBER: You can click on a photo to enlarge it in a new window.

Well as you can see, I crushed the gel coat and fiberglass and exposed the core.

So I guess it really doesn't take much to knock a hole in a boat.  Makes me want to take a look at those CSY 44's of the late 70's and early 80's.

I'm a pretty lucky man though.  Capt. Ron is a guy that likes to laugh at me and then jumps in and fixes what I break.

I had a couple of other gel coat problems here and there and so at the same time Ron is scraping, sanding and rubbing a little at a time.

Tomorrow seems to be the day he is coming down to finish up the work, but you can see by the following photo's that things are getting back to where they were and all is well again.

He covered the thing up with duct tape and is worked for a couple of days, but I got tired of people asking my what the tape was for.

Here it is getting all gooped up…

Underneath this goop is new fiberglass.

He cut it out and then put some new glass in the hole.

He had to do this a couple of times and then he would sand it down smooth and then add more.
He reminded me that if I was going to knock another hole in the side to do it a little higher so it was better on his back…

It's looking a lot better now…
Thanks Ron.

So besides getting some boat repairs done between sails, the month of May was good.  I want to thank everyone that sailed with me this last month.  It was a good one.

Lot's of sailing coming up too.  I'll talk about that tomorrow.