Well it’s it’s time to head to MN.  I’m in the Fort Myers Airport waiting for my plane.  I already miss Star of Orion and my dock.  I know it’s warm and tropical, but it’s my life down here.  I’ll be back next week for a day and then off to MN for the Renaissance Festival until October.

Captain Ron is holding down the fort, so continue to call the 800 number and get those reservations in. Also keep in mind that the best time to sail right now is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Sunsets are very nice when they happen, but I cancel about 90% of them because of thunderstorms.  So book that early half day.  You will help insure the chance of getting out on the water.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is alive and well, so jump up to the contact page and get those reservations in quickly.

Capt Paul



A Great Week For Sailing

This was a great week for sailing.  The winds weren’t very strong, but we only hit a squall or two… Both of them were short and fast.  The sails got washed and it cooled the air a little.  Keep those calls coming in.  I’m getting ready to hit the road for a couple of months, but I’m leaving the business open under the management of Captain Ro

For those of you that have sailed with him in the past, you know that I know what I’m doing.  He’s a great captain and he will show you a good time.  So plan early to Sail in Fort Myers Beach.  We’re here for you.

Over the 4th of July I had a chance to catch up with my Dad in Kansas for a few days.  It was great to see him.  He really wants to get down here to Florida and take a sail.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to have that chance this fall.  He’ll be 87 in October.  He’s doing great and enjoying life.  I want to grow up to be just like him.

We were out the other day and saw a movie being filmed.  It was interesting watching that chopper flying sideways at about 40 miles per hour.  We tried to make up a story about movie stars and action films, but it may be just a boat commercial…  Who knows.

I’m going to do an oil change and clean the strainers today.  While I’m at it I’m going to clean the bilge too.  Inside work.  Where it’s cool.

Flying out on Wednesday for MN.  I’ll be performing at the Wild West Frontier Fest on the Mississippi.  It will be in Saint Paul on Harriet Island, this weekend.  I’ll be doing my old Medicine Show, Brother Paul’s Traveling Magic Revue.  You can read about it at the here.  Just click on the little photo on the bottom of the main page that says “Brother Paul”.

See you on the dock…

Capt. Paul



A Good Day for a Movie

Today looks like I can go look for leaks on Star of Orion or catch a movie.  I think I’m going to opt for the movie.  Showers and thunderstorms are the word for the day here in southwest Florida.  I’ve got three charters booked for this week so it not a wash at this point.

Hey by the way Captain Ron was successful in fixing the captains seat.  Seems like every once and a while a project just gets weirder.  As was the case for this seat.  Star of Orion has a sugar scoop stern and the captains seat flips back, on a couple of hinges, to open up the transom and makes the back deck easy access for swimmers and divers.

A bolt broke a while back so it’s function was lost.  Ron fought to get the bolt out and got it.  it was stripped, so he re-drilled the hole and went to tap it.  The tap broke.  After fighting with the broken tap, it had to be drilled out.  No luck.  Sooooo he drilled a one inch hole around the entire project got the broken tap out, re-tapped the hole, waxed a bolt, put in new fiberglass, let it cure, pulled the bolt, added gel coat, drilled it sanded it, and re-attached the seat…  Nothing to it.  You think it would be east to pull a bolt and put a new one back in.  Hmmmmmmmmm.  Thanks Ron!

Get your reservations in early.  We’re still sailing in the summertime here in Fort Myers Beach and having a ball.  Also be sure and keep an eye out on the web site for a promotion for our new wedding cruises.  Do you want to get married on a great yacht, off of a beautiful beach, with just you and your new spouse and small wedding party?  We’ve been having some interest, so we are setting up some nice packages for you. Weddings, vow renewals, hand fastings, we can make it happen for you.

Here’s the latest photo of the Atlantic.  Bertha is still hanging around, but is a low category 1 and being a nuisance to Bermuda.  She’ll head north and pass a way soon.  (As I hope they all will).  Just a couple of spots to keep an eye on, one off South Carolina and one in the east Atlantic about 1600 miles from the Windward Islands.  The seas are a boiling…  Tis the season…  Arrrggghhh!

Picture 1
In any case we look good here in southwest Florida.  Sailing charters in Fort Myers Beach, right aboard Star of Orion.  See ya here.

I’ll Be Watchin’…

Capt. Paul West


Happy Saturday…

Well it seems to be that weather is the name of the game down here in southwest Florida.  Try as I may, I’m having a hard time figuring out the patterns this year.  The best that I came up with is there isn’t any.  Storms pop up fast and go just as fast.  So forgive me if I miss every once and a while.  I’m getting better at being flexible.

The cool thing with the heavy thunderstorms is that I can track down leaks better when we get 2 or 3 inches in a half hour.  Not that I’m sinking, but hey, it’s a boat.  She’s sailing well and everyone that signs the guest book are saying good things.  So I’m still doing something right.

Captain Ron is out today with a 6 hour, 16 year old birthday party.  I just connected with him and he was just getting ready to anchor off of Junkanoos and get in a swim.  He’ll be in at 4:00 p.m. for birthday cake on the dock.  I’m sure they’re having a ball.

It’s hard to believe that about a week ago I was enjoying a lunch looking over San Francisco Bay.  Very cool air out there and Pat and I have seen a bunch of cities since, but it’s really good to be here with Star of Orion, Pat, Maggie and Captain Ron.

Hey speaking of Captain Ron…  Someone seems to have lifted my personal copy of the movie Captain Ron right off the shelf on Star of Orion.  I’d hate to think it was on purpose, but it’s gone and I want it back.  Just drop it in the mail and all the Karma points will be dissolved.  I’m sure it was just an over site.  Some one probably thought it was there copy and dropped it in their bag.

Well I’ve got to get my to do list together for the up coming week.  I look forward to sailing with you soon.  Sailboat Charters in Fort Myers Beach…  What a way to spend a day or two.

No More Boarders – No More Tan Lines…

Capt. Paul West



Well I’m back in Florida…  Good to be here.  I mean I’m really good to be here.  We flew in last night and our plane got struck by lightening.  What a flash.  What a noise.  But we landed just fine with an escort of emergency vehicles waiting for us.  The captain sent the plane to maintenance to make sure all was well with the plane.  All I saw was a big flash with the crack.  Pat saw sparks.  It’s really good to be here.

Just checked on Bertha…  Looks like she is going to head west north west and then take a turn to the north. I’ll watch her as I do all the weather.

I’m still taking reservations for sailing cruises this summer.  The weather is a little goofy, so be flexible. Try to book the day your time on the water with a day or two one way or the other in case we need to move your time or date.  It helps.
Sailing charters in Fort Myers Beach right here at Magic Wind Adventure sailing.  A great way to play on the water.
Sun, Wind & Hurricanes…
Capt. Paul

Happy 4th of July to Everyone!

There is so much for us all to be thankful for.  Friends, family, the earth, seas and air.  A government that is pretty screwed up, but still the best around.  Freedom that is been built by the sacrifices of many and enjoyed by all.  Let’s make it a Happy 4th of July, but give it some real thought of how we can help make it a better one next year…

As for me, I’m with my Dad in Manhattan Kansas.  He was there visiting some of his wife’s family and It is a pleasure to be with him at this time.  He’s 86.  Doing well and happy.  What a guy.  I want to grow up just like him.

I just came here from California.  Got to see my Daughter and the grand kids.

It was pretty smokey heading north in California.  The state is burning down.  I hope they get the fires soon the air is pretty unhealthy out there.

This was around Corning but the smoke was from the northern border all the way down to Bakersfield. Good luck California.

We’ll be heading back to Florida on Monday.  It’ll be good to be back home.  I’ve got to take care of the channel situation and get back to sailing.  Captain Ron is holding down the fort and doing a great job. Thanks Ron.  He’s got a special 4th of July sail going out tonight.  A sunset and anchoring off the Fort Myers Beach Pier to watch the fireworks show over the water.  Wish I could be there and I hope you are.

Capt. Paul


Goin’ to Kansas City, Kansas City Here I Come…

Captain Ron is a bit flustered with the weather we are having in Fort Myers Beach at the moment. Thunderstorms are rolling in everyday and it’s a tough job scheduling everyone to get out on the water.  But he’s doing a great job of it.  Keep it up Captain…

We are also having some shoaling going on in the channel between “C” and “D” dock at Salty Sam’s Marina.  At a .5 low tide, we are stuck in our slip.  BUMMER…  I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it at the moment, I’m in Kansas City tonight riding out some incredible thunderstorms here and I won’t be back in Florida until the 8th of the month.  I have to see if we can blow out some silt and sand, or I may have to move Star of Orion to another slip.  That is my last resort.  I like where I’m at and will do everything I can to stay there.

Capt. Ron is thinking of getting a jet ski and hooking up a 6 inch hose, hand it to a diver and tie off the ski, and use the jet to move the sand someplace else, but the problem I see is that it is going to keep doing it. There is a 100 foot, double jet drive house boat on the end of “D” dock that is blowing the bottom to the middle of the channel.  It’s a tough situation, but we will keep you posted as to what we are doing about it.

Keep calling and making your reservations.  I know that I’ve had to move some of your scheduled dates around because of weather, but I’m doing the best that I can.  I’m keeping the cancelations down to a minimum and the water is very nice this time of year, so let’s go sailing.

Magic Wind Adventure Sailing, sailing in Fort Myers Beach Florida.  Thanks for your support over the years and I look forward to sailing with you in the future.  Remember to book early for the sailing season.  I want you to get the dates you want.

Check back often to catch up on the adventures and I’ll do my best to keep you posted.  Click on the “Spot” logo for recent updates to my position in the world and the “YouTube” logo to go to my YouTube Channel for videos.

Wanting to come home…

Capt. Paul West