Things Are Quiet… Well Sort Of…

I know…  It's been a while since I've updated this blog, but things have been quiet.  Ike is history.  The Caribbean is pretty smooth.  Well except for this little disturbance:

If he continues to build, he will be Kyle.  Just keep an eye out and we'll see how it develops.  Here's hoping that he just fizzles out.  I'll be glad when hurricane season is over.

Now this is quiet…  Really quiet…  A couple of weeks ago, Pat and I with a couple of our friends, Patrick and Katie, headed up to the north shore of Lake Superior and spent a few days.  We've done this trip since about '95.  It's a beautiful place.

This photo would be a great sunset to blow the conch shell to, but it's a sunrise.  I woke up early to pee and when I walked out to the living room, this is what I saw from the several picture windows that surround the cabin.  So after taking care of business, I ran to the bedroom, grabbed my pants and camera and off to the deck to capture this moment in time.

It's just like the sea except it's about 40 degrees and that's the water temperature too!  But it won't be long…  One week from today, we are packing up and heading south.  It's time to go home.  I need some sailing time.  Capt. Ron is having all the fun. I'm finding myself reading sailing magazines too much.  Sure Lats and Atts is a staple diet, but I'm reading them twice and dreaming about sailing…  Time to go home.

So in the mean time, I guess I'll do another weekend at the MN Renaissance Festival.  I love being a magician.  Being a street and festival magician is probably the best thing to do besides feeling the freedom of sailing and pulling over to a nice little anchorage and knocking down a coldie.

As you can see in the photo here, it's a living.  I love coming home and streighting out the bills, counting the change and feeling the energy of the day.

In fact this was a great day… A few hundred bucks, some coins, two little rocks and a chocolate covered macaroon.  Ok, I added the cold beer and the shot of tequila.  But still a good day.

So I have a great life.  I'm feeling pretty good about it right now.

Here's what you need to do.  Call me.  Ron's been rubbing my nose in the fact that the sailing is good and he's having a ball on Star of Orion.  Today he's got a six out for a half day and when he talked with me he said bikini's were on the deck.  Ok, it'll be good to be home.

Start booking your dates.  The phone is starting to come back alive and I want to make sure you get the dates you want.  Sailing charters in Fort Myers are still your best bet for entertainment.  We love to sail on the Gulf of Mexico, visit some of the islands and commune with nature.  Let us share it with you too.

Capt. Paul West



Keep Going Away Ike…

Well I hate to see a hurricane come, but as long as it just goes away it's ok with me.  It looks like Ike is going to head more west and slam into Texas.  Well if it continues to drop west and south day by day, it may even run into Mexico.  As Buffett says, "There ain't no reason to hurricane season."

I"m still in MN at the moment.  Three more weekends of the renaissance festival here and then back to Florida.  It will be nice to feel the heat again.  It is really cold up here.  In fact, I'm in the northern part of MN as I write this at the little cyber coffee shop called Neptune's.  It's in Grand Maris, MN on the north shore of Superior.  I'm looking forward to a chilly sail tomorrow on the Hortus a 50' gaffed rigged schooner.  I'll shoot some photos and post them here.

Well I want everyone to stay safe.  Duck from the storms and call the 800 number and start filling in the dates so I can take you sailing.  I'm ready.  Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is a wonderful thing to be doing at any time of year.

Capt. Paul