Get Your Reservations In Now…

Just another quick note with a video from yesterdays sail.

The weather has broken.  Temperatures are in the low 80's and the lows are in the mid 60's.  The afternoon thunderstorms are over and, knock on wood, it looks like the tropical disturbances are over too.  Things are looking good.

Sailing in Fort Myers Florida is a tropical delight.  I'm looking forward to spending some time with you on the water.

Star of Orion is all shiny and prepped for the season.  Sure, I've got a leak or two, but she's still a boat and I'll find 'em.

So I'll see you soon.  Travel safe…

Capt. Paul



Sailing Season Has Officially Started

Well I got in last night from Mount Dora Florida.  Pat and I had a good show and I had a charter booked today for a party of four from MN and a couple of ladies.  A great group of people ready for an adventure.

I had to get some back work done, so I put Capt. Ron on Star of Orion and he took them out.


Take a look at this photo of todays sail.  Look at the gentleman on the starboard side.  It's a good day when you can reach over the side of a 38 foot vessel and drag your hand in the water.

Good job Capt. Ron.

The winds are fresh and the water is looking great.  The sun is warm and we are very excited about this sailing season.

More to come.

Call now and book early.  Remember, Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is a ball…

Be safe on your travels and…

I'll see you on the Dock…

Capt. Paul



A Short Trip to California

After 4 days of charters, I chose to head west to California for my Dad's 87th birthday.  He's quite a guy and I want to grow up to be just like him.  He's doing great and my sister put together a party with my cousins and the rest of the family on the West side.

It was good to see everyone.  We haven't been together for about 10 years and it was truly time to do it. You know, lots of family stories, laughs, catching up and cake.  Watching Pop laugh and cry and just have a great time with everyone celebrating his life.  It was a ball.

It was Sunday, so we had a chance to spend the day together.

My brother Steve, whose a long haul truck driver, pulled some strings and got a load in Fontana so he could be here too.  So my sister Guru Tej Car, Sherrie to most of us, really put on a bash.  My love and thanks go out to her for all her efforts.

So Pop and his 3 kids got some time together.

During the party, Capt. Ron picked up a couple for a sunset charter.  He said the wind was up to 18 to 22 and he put Star of Orion up to 8.2 knots.  She is sailing great.

So here's a nice shot of two people on the bow of Star of Orion enjoying one heck of a sail.

She blew the Conch Shell and became a member of the Conch Club that night.

It's tradition you know.

The phone is starting to ring, so get your reservations in NOW.  The sailing season is upon us.  Neptune is in favor and so is Poseidon.  Let's go sailing on the Gulf of Mexico.

Sailing charters in Fort Myers, if I wasn't sailing everyday here, I'd be calling the 800 number.

I'm flying back tomorrow.  It will be good to be home for a day and then off to Georgia and northern Florida, back to Fort Myers Beach for four days then central Florida, Miami, Key West and Cozumel.  I'll be home after the 7th of November.

In the mean time, Capt. Ron, not from the movie, will be holding down the fort and keeping you on the water.

Just give me a call and I will forward your call to Capt. Ron.  You'll have a ball on Star of Orion.

Thanks for all you support and I'll see you soon.

See you on the Dock…

Capt. Paul



Back in Florida Again…

Well now …  After a couple of months of being on the road and spending time in Minneapolis I was ready to see the sea again.  It is wonderful.  As most of you know, since you've been with me here. Here's a little video clip that I shot the other day while on a charter my first day back.

As you can see, the weather is still warm and the sun is shining.  Good to be home.

Star of Orion is down for a couple of days this week.  She's getting pretty for the season.  She needed a good waxing and a few minor touch ups.  As of today, the hull is done and the upper decks will get waxed tomorrow.

The dodger is still down.  Waiting for the thumbs up that the hurricane season is done.  Then I'll put her back up.  It needs a little sowing, but nothing serious.  I guess I'll put some more waterproofing on while she's down too.

Capt. Ron just got back from Columbia today.  I didn't talk with him much.  I kind of got the crud today and need to just sit in a chair with a blanket up to my neck and sweat it out.  I don't have time to have anything like this.

The phone is starting to ring, so get your reservations in now.  Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is a popular sport and I'll be there for you, anytime.  But it's first come first serve, so don't let our date fill up.  Not a hard sell, just a reminder.

I just took a reservation for April 25th of 2009 today so you can see that all is well and I'm looking forward to a great season.  Sure, take me sailing.  If you don't, I'll have to sit at home and do book work or something…  Not a good thing, at least not my favorite.

Capt. Paul