Saint Martin or Sint Maarten…

We pulled in at 9:00 a.m. and I headed to the docks. I took a tour to sail one of the America's Cup 12 meter boats from 1987. It just sounded like the right thing to do on a beautiful day that had about 20 knots of wind.

If you get down here, I recommend this tour. It runs about 3.5 hours and you will have the time of your life. Everyone gets a job from bartender to grinders and then you race one or two other 12 meter boats with 3 upwind legs and 2 down wind legs. The winner wins bragging rights. It's good enough for me.


I took the helm for a while after the race and it was a thrill to feel the power of those boats. The captain said we were going 12 to 15 knots during the race. By the way, we came in first place. Not a shock, we were the best team…

Saint Kitts tomorrow…

See you on the dock…

Capt. Paul


Cruising, Sailing, Playing…

Just a quick update on where I'm at and how you can get a sail in while I'm on vacation in the Caribbean.  I've had a few emails asking if I'm in business while I'm out of the country the answer is YES

Captain Ron is handling the business while I'm gone.  He's a great guy and a very good captain.  He'll take your calls on the 800 number…  (800-975-5824) and any emails that I get from you, I'll forward to him and he'll be in touch.

So that means you can still get out on the water while I'm out playing, and playing I am…

Pat and I left Miami on Saturday around 4:00 p.m. and are on Carnival's Miracle.  She's a Spirit class ship.  A very comfy sail.

We'll arrive in St. Martin in the morning, Tuesday.  Spend the day.  I'm going to do the 12 meter tour.  They have 3 12 meter America's Cup racers down there that they fill up with folks, teach us a job and then do a 3 boat race.  I've done it before and it is quite an experience.  Those boats fly.  It's just a good chance to experience somewhat what it's like to be on one of those things.  Very cool.

Then it's off to St. Kitts.  Never been there, so I'll have to let you know what it's like.  No real plans, just going to jump ship and go see what kind of trouble 9 or 10 hours can get me into.ShipStarboadSunset

Then another day at sea.  We end up in Grand Turk on Friday.  This is my 3rd time there and it's been interesting watching it grow since we Americans started to visit.  The last time I was there they had caught on to the tourist thing and started putting up EZ up tents on the streets and selling all the commercial junk made in Mexico and China…  Go figure.  But it gets bought, so they continue to prosper.

Another day at sea and then we disembark in Miami on Sunday morning, drive back to Fort Myers Beach and pick up Maggie from the dog sitters.

Here's a shot leaving Miami and a couple of the view from the last couple of days at sea.



So if you are heading down, the season is upon us.  Just google Sailing Charters in Fort Myers Beach, or Sailing in Fort Myers Beach and we'll be there for you.  OR just click on this link:  Magic Wind Adventure Sailing or Star of Orion.  They'll all get you to where you want to go and that's on a 38 foot sailboat, sailing on the Gulf of Mexico with the sound of those warm tropical waters flowing under you keel.

Capt. Ron or I will see you soon.  Please travel safe and take really good care of each other.  We are living in a different world now and need to be aware of everyone and everything around us.  Feelings can be hurt easily and now is not the time in history to do that…

Capt. Paul



You know I'd be lying if I told you that the weather is wonderful this week.  I could tell you about all the wonderful sun filled days and that would be true, to a point.  I could tell you of the incredible sunsets, and that would be true.  But you'd have to enjoy them in the frigid cold.

I mean we are having frost warnings in the inland areas of Southern Florida.  My hands and feet are cold. When I'm polishing the metal, my nose is running.  Sure it's going to rebound, but as for the last few days and the really cold nights, it has been just too cold to sail.

If I were having to get to point A to point B, I'd just bundle up and sail away with a cup of coco in my hand, but since I'm dealing with 4 hour pleasure sails, the phone is just not ringing.  The bars down here are full, and the restaurants are doing well, but us little captains are making sure we can get the boats out of the icy slips…  Well maybe it's not that bad.

Pat and I are heading out on a Carnival ship on Saturday.  Don't forget, next week is going to be a great weather week.  Mid to upper 70's and great seas and skies.  All you have to do is give the 800 number a call and you will get to talk to the infamous Capt. Ron.  Ok, it's not the guy from the movie.  He'll get you scheduled and your day will be set.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is still the best thing to do while you are in the area.  And as for you locals, I'm keeping your boat clean, insured, safe and sound and ready to go.  So bring your guests and family down and sail away.

I'll finish this with a great sunset shot from last week…

So there you go.

I'll see you on the Dock…

Capt. Paul



Good Morning…

Boy o' boy do I have to keep up on this blog. Charters have been rockin' and now my winter guests are coming in.  Vacation is right around the corner.  Yea I know… Vacation from Paradise. Where do I go?  Well this time, my wife is putting me on a cruise ship with six of my good friends and taking me for eight days to sea. Well have whistle stops at St. Martin, St. Kitts and Grand Turk. The rest of the time I'll have my feet up, watching the water and a rum something in my hand. It will be a good trip.

In the mean time, I've got maintenance to keep up on. Today clean some strainers, change the oil and tranny fluids. Change a fuel filter and continue polishing metal and rubbing glass.

So there's what's going on with me. It's a good life here in Fort Myers Beach.

Capt. Ron just got a swingin' deal on a radar system in Tampa the other day.  $1600.00 complete. Everything. I told him that my wife's birthday was on the 31st and she would love for him to get her one, but once again I got this great belly laugh. He thought I was kidding.  Hmmmmm.

Well I've got to get busy. The weather is going to break. We've had some cold weather come in the last day and now it's going to settle into a 7 day pattern of mid to upper 60's.  a bit chilly, but it's snowing elsewhere. Sailing in Florida is still your best bet this time of year.

And don't you worry, if I'm not here, Capt. Ron is still here to get you out on the water.  Just call me and we can sail.  Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is a ball.

Just check the weather and layer accordingly.

I'll see you on the dock…

Capt. Paul West