The Sailing Season is Cookin’

Here's just a quick update of the last week.  Sail, sail, sail.  Well that's it.  Not much more to say.  The weather is great and the winds are good.

Oh I did get to meet Alex Dorsey and his right hand man Darrin a few days ago.  We met at Star of Orion and went and had a burger and a coldie. It was nice to finally get our knees under the same table for a while.  For those of you that don't know Alex, he's a sailor.  A good sailor.  He documents his travels and takes the world with him on his adventures.  You really need to go up and check out his site.  Just go to Project Blue Sphere, that's, and join the site.  It's free, but if you get anything out of it, which I can't believe you won't, there's a donate button. Just click it and shoot him a couple bucks for his efforts. "Couple bucks, is a loose term. Help support what he is doing and you'll be better off for it.

I highly recommend you to pick up his DVD's. Sure volume 1 is great, but you really need to pick up volume 2 at the same time.  You'll be glad you did. It is an adventure you really don't want to miss. Go sailing with Alex right from the comfort of your own home. Then sell the house and buy a boat and go sailing.  Now that's what I'm talking about.

Anyway, back to sailing in Fort Myers Beach Florida…  As I said above, conditions are wonderful.  I've had successful sail after successful sail this week.  People are happy and the dolphins are jumpin'. Here's a shot of how nice it was out there today.  Gulfsailbow
We were off shore a couple of miles around Lovers Key and the water out there reminded me of the Bahamas.  That nice blue and the foam was white and the water was clear.  If I didn't have a charter onboard, I think I would have just kept on going somewhere.  It doesn't matter where, just somewhere.  Or maybe nowhere.  It was just that nice.  I'm heading back to that spot again tomorrow.  Join me?  Sure, why not.  Just give me a call.

I shot some short video of the sail out there, I'll put it together and put it up on YouTube so you can see just how nice it is.

Sailboat charters in Fort Myers seem to be doing well.  I'm a blessed man to have my office onboard Star of Orion and get to meet some great people everyday. Also, Sunset Sails are very nice this time of year.  Here's where we went today.Gulfsail022609

It was off of Lovers Key and the conditions were great.  Winds were about 15 to 20 and the seas were just 2 to 3 rollies.  Star of Orion clipped along at about 6+ knots and we just sailed.

Well I have to get out of here for now, there's some things brewing that I'll let you in on as they progress.  I love sailing everyday, but the paper work is backing up and I have to do the duties, if you know what I mean.

So take care of each other.  That's important. Travel safe and I'm looking forward to sailing with you soon.

See you on the Dock…

Capt. Paul

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Wind, Fog, Weddings…

Oh it's good to be warm again…  We are getting a great run of weather here in Southwest Florida. Highs in the upper 70's and lows in the mid to lower 60's.  Just nice.  Sailing is good and Star of Orion is busy. Happy Valentines Day to everyone.

We have also been having sea fog blowing in from the Gulf.  Now that kind of puts a weird twist into sailing charters in Fort Myers Beach. The other day I took off with a nice couple from Finland and their 5 and 9 year old kids. It was a bit foggy when we left the port, but when we pushed out to the Gulf it was foggier.  Great.  I poked around under engine power for a few minutes, but what the heck, the wind was at 4 mph, so lets put up the laundry.

I've got about 1/8 of a mile visibility, so let's go sailing. We sailed at a knot or two.  I pointed out where Fort Myers Beach is if you could see it and I pointed out where the Sanibel Bridge is and pointed out where the lighthouse is. All you could see is my finger pointing into the fog.

So I sailed by marker #3 in the SC channel.  I sailed real close so that they could see…  Well… Something.  We laughed and had a ball.  In fact it worked so good, I sailed back by it again. Good to see something anyway.

The fog did lift the final hour of their sail and the wind freshened a bit.  But in the guest book, they thanked me for a great time and they will never forget, "Marker #3."

Last night I had a wedding party of 2 that wanted to be married on a beach, so we boarded Star of Orion and headed to Bowditch Point Park.Wedding1web
They have nice docks there that I can tie to and we headed to the beach.  I married them off and then went out for a nice sunset sail in 15 mph wind.  Right at the end, we sailed back in fog.  I'm pretty much done with the fog thing.  Let's hope I can get Mother Nature to agree.  We'll talk today.

All in all, it's been a great week of sailing. Today and tomorrow Star of Orion is full. Next week is booking well and it looks like I'll have to go sailing everyday.  Well OK, that's alright with me.  Let's go play on the water.

Dolphins are plentiful and the seas are good. Now just give me a call and we can enjoy it together.

So there you have it.  Sailing on the Gulf of Mexico is fun.  Travel safe.  Bring layers and let's go sailing.

I'll wait for you on the dock…

Capt. Paul



Home Again…

Well now, I'm back in Fort Myers Beach and freezing my buns off.  Long pants are not plentaful in my house and now I'm looking for some sweat pants.  Go figure.

From the guys on the news and all my weather models, it looks like we recover down here starting on Friday.  It's promising to be 71 degrees and then going up to 78 on Saturday.  Then we have a stint of great weather between the high 70's and low 80's for a week or so.  Now that will be nice, because I woke up to temps in the low 30's this morning…  You guys up north can keep the chilly air up there.  I'm trying to give you a nice warm sailing experience, but if you shoot your Arctic breezes down here then what am I going to do.  Sure I know you would kill for a 63 degree day right now, but let's be reasonable.

As for a quick update on the Carnival cruise that we just got back from…  It was a ball.  Just hanging out.  Watching the water.  Sipping rum somethings and letting Capt. Ron take the phone calls.  It was a good break, but now I'm ready to sail again.  The sun is out and we are warming up so it will be good. The weather in the Caribbean was amazing.  80's and that nice touch of moist air.  Short squalls kept us comfy and St. Martin, Saint Kitts and Grand Turk were welcoming and wonderful.  We'll do it again sometime.  Maybe you should come along next time.  I'll let you know.

Hey, here's a cool sign that I ran across in St. Martin…  Now there's a nice way to let you know that they really don't want your dinghies there…DSC04465

So on that note I'll head down to the dock and get things all ready for Friday.  That's the first day I'll be out this week because of the weather.  Not that I wouldn't have gone out, but I'd look like that guy that advertises in the mags about learning to sail in Nova Scotia.

Remember that the season is upon me.  Star of Orion is being booked through the website and all the rack cards are in all the hotels.  People are looking ahead and booking.  I'd like to make sure you get the date you want while you are here.  So call early.  Seems everyone wants to go sailing in Fort Myers Beach.  I'm thankful and blessed.

Also keep in mind that I'll be shooting photos this year and you will be able to take them home with you right from the boat.  A souvenir for 5 bucks.  The same price for an average beer down here.  But it will last a bit longer.

Please travel safe and I'll wait for you on the dock.

Capt. Paul