Off in the Morning…

Well the adventure continues…  I'm up and out of here at 0600 to head north. Pat, my wife will stay behind for the time being.  I'm just going to make a single hand run up to the northern part of Charlotte Harbor to take Star of Orion up and have a bottom job.  She needs new paint and it's a perfect time to do it.

Then Pat will meet me up there and we will take off for Venice and points north.  I'll keep you posted right here as to where we go and what's to be had there.

Who knows… Maybe we'll head south. It all looks good to me. I've been working a lot and it's time for a short break.

So what do I do when I want to leave paradise…  Just sail to paradise I guess.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is tough to leave.  But it will look good sailing back in a couple of weeks.
Capt. Paul

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Motor Mounts… Volume V

Well it was up this morning and Capt. Ron headed down from Punta Gorda to Fort Myers Beach.  He put in the new Yanmar motor mounts and then pounded out the engine brackets, gave Star of Orion a new alignment and then we started her up.  SMOOTH AS SILK.

Man-o-man…  We went round and round and then bit the bullet and put in the original Yanmar mounts and what do you think…  It's just the way it's supposed to be.  Go figure.

So now we do touch up work and so on and so fourth.  Celebrate
It's the way to celebrate tonight…  Some of Pat's homemade tacos and a bottle of rum.  Life is now truly good.

Tomorrow and Sunday I have full days of charters and then on Monday at 6:00 a.m. I'm off to Charlotte Harbor to pull Star of Orion out tof the water for a few days and put on a couple of coats of paint.  I expect her to continue on being the best she can be…

Thanks for all your comments and support calls. Also if ya'll are looking up here, and have sailed with me, go to the main page of my web site and scroll down to the middle of the first page. You will see a link to This is a great place to leave me a review about your visit to the beach and about your sail.  Thanks in advance…

See you on the dock…

Capt Paul

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Motor Mounts… Volume IV

Well the decision I made today was to go with original Yanmar motor mounts.  The expense bites to put in mounts again, but the research I've done seems to point in the direction that I made a bad decision on putting PYI mounts.

Time will tell though.  Capt. Ron will be down in the morning and once the new mounts are in, and we get another alignment, we'll see what happens.

Never a dull moment in the Florida sailboat charter business.

Charters are continuing.  Great days on the Gulf of Mexico.  I've been out a lot and the weather has been great.  In fact we are in a great weather pattern.  The next low is supposed to come around here on May 5th.  So the weather window is rockin'.

On Monday morning, early, I'm going to head to Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage and have Star of Orion pulled out of the water for a few days.  It's time to put on some new bottom paint and do a bottom survey.  She is in great shape and I do what I can to keep her that way.

Right after that, Pat and I are going to head north with Star of Orion.  We are going to follow the coast up and have stops at Venice, Sarasota, Siesta Key, Bradenton, Tampa, Clearwater, Dunedin, and Tarpon Springs.  Then back down.  We just need to head out with Star of Orion an do some exploring up and down the coast.  I'm checking out some charter destinations on the Gulf Coast for you guys to check out. It's going to be a ball and we have worked hard to take this time off.  I'll be updating as we go, so check back often.

In any case, I'm here for you and I look forward to sailing with you in the future.  Just give me a call and we can set up a few hours to a few days together on the water.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is a wonderful way to spend a day or two.

See you on the dock…

Capt. Paul

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Motor Mounts… Volume III

The vibration is still there…

Just between 1650 and 1900 rpm.  After changing the motor mounts, pulling the prop, changing the cutlass bearing and being aligned.  So not much left to do except check the shaft itself and the bearings in the transmission.  I'm not giving up.  It can be fixed.

Charters are continuing.  I just push through those rpm's and all is well.  I have some big guns coming out next week and all will be well again.

By the way, the 3 day charter I had going turned out great.  We  sailed Charlotte Harbor and had the Star of Orion up to 8.7 with CHrun1 Michael my 12 year old skipper at the helm.  It was a good day on the water.  I'll be putting up a video of that day in a while.  Just click the "YouTube" link down by the signature of each blog entry to check them out.

I have a half day tomorrow and also a sunset. Business is doing great and we are enjoying a lot of sailing to boot.

For those of you that have sailed with Maggie and I, could you do me a favor?  Run up to my home page and scroll down to the link that says, Trip Adviser.  Just leave us a review of your sailing experience.  I just started hearing from other customers that that's the way people are hearing about us..  Well that's what I like to hear. People telling people about the times that they have had down here sailing in Fort Myers Beach.  Sailing the Gulf of Mexico is fun, safe and we are having a all down here.

So call 1-800-975-05824 and press option 1.  I'll get you on the books for a day or two out on the sea.

See you on the dock…
Capt Paul

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What a Moon!

Star of Orion and I are out on a charter with 3 wonderful people and enjoying every moment of it.  We headed north up the Intracoastal Waterway today.  I called it that way because the wind was light and from the south so we would have been motoring on the outside anyway. It was a nice run. Dolphins, a small sea turtle, osprey with babies… Just a good day.

We are at anchor in Pelican Bay / Cayo Costa.  It's a peaceful anchorage and the sunset was spectacular. Then about 20 minutes later… The moon. Ahhhhhhhhh… What a site.  A really pretty moon rise.

So I sit at my little table and try to share with you a feeling of peace and wonder out here on the water. It's here and now. I'm a very lucky and blessed man.

Tomorrow we sail Charlotte Harbor and end up at Cabbage Key. More on that later.

Have a great night where ever you are. Sleep well. Dream in color.

Capt. Paul



Motor Mounts… Volume II

Well we actually got the mounts in pretty fast and Capt. Ron spent a couple of days putting them in.  It seems that he was having a problem getting the engine to move forward for him.  After lifting, pulling, pushing, etc., he brought a friend Mark, a diver, down and had him take a look at it under the waterline.

Well now…  He found a mess of fishing line and a derelict rope from a, well you guessed it, a "Crab Trap"… &^%$#$%^&*)(*^%, wrapped around the shaft.  After cutting all the line off, the motor movedLine
forward and the mounts went on quickly.

All looked great.  Then there was this vibration…  So after several alignments, Capt. Ron focused on the prop.  I have a diver here at Salty Sam's by the name of Capt. Glen that was willing to pull the prop so I could get it to a prop guy to have it tuned up.  When he went down, he noticed a lot of play in the shaft. Well we all know what that means…  Cutlass bearing…

Now I have this charter leaving in the morning and now I have to get the boat out of the water and have a bearing put on.  Olsen Marine to the rescue.  The put me in a time slot for high tide and I took Star of Orion down and they put her on a sling.  After putting Maggie in with Erica's dog, they had a ballHaul1
 by the way, Olsen's team pulled the old, very ugly bearing, which had melted nylon line that had gone through it, and replaced it.  "Just like that…"

In the water again…  Still had a vibration between 1600 and 2100 rpm.  Capt. Ron to the rescue.  He took the shaft apart, again, and got a good reading to .003…  Good boy.  Thanks Ron.  Feels better, but still there, so it is 

until after the 3 day charter I have coming up tomorrow morning.

Off to the store at 8:30 p.m. and Star is provisioned and ready to go…  I'm beat.  It's off to bed now and I'm hitting the water at 9:30 a.m.

I'll keep you posted…

Capt. Paul