The Trip Continues…

Well it's summer everywhere.  I've been to San Francisco it was in the 80's.  That's hot for SF and then Reno, NV for a day and a half to see Brother Dan.  It was a cooker.  Now I'm performing in Sacramento, CA and it's an outdoor show.  Just over 100 and no breeze…  Three shows a day for 2 days.  Hmmm… Just hot everywhere.  Tuesday I go visit my Dad in Palm Desert, CA.  It's only 108 there.

It's good to see everyone and get a chance to travel with my wife Pat.  We always change the world when we travel and this trip is no different.  We're having a ball.  I'll be back at the helm on July 4th for a great private sail for fireworks off the pier.

I'm making plans to have new bottom paint put on since the channel now has water in it and get the hull and decks all waxed up and pretty.  I'll let you know the dates she'll be down as soon as I have them together with Capt. Ron.

Speaking of Capt. Ron…  He is sailing like crazy down in SW Florida, so keep that phone ringing.  Sure, we've had a few cancellations because of weather, but all in all sailing in Fort Myers Beach is alive and well.  We love doing what we do and it doesn't take much to get us on the water for a day of sailing.  Just a phone call will do it.  Sunset sailing, sailing charters, there all available now.  You can even take a dip from the boat and play in the water.

I'm looking forward to sailing with you all as the summer progresses.

Capt. Paul



Rum, Lime & Ice

You know I love doing what I'm doing. Life is a wonderful thing. I have this blog. I meet people everyday. I have a wonderful family. I have 2 great daughters. I have 5 grandkids. I've got a dog. And last but not least, I have a wife that has made my life worth living. She saved me 21 years ago and I've just been the guy that I've always been. Go figure why she loves me, but I'm grateful and thankful. She really does make me love what I am and what I do.

With that all said, I have some stuff that I have to talk about. It started a month and a half ago. My friend Ruthie decided it was time for her to make the big leap. She had a headache and went to lie down in the trailer. A friend 132z checked on her and she said she was doing fine. At that point she died. Just dropped to the floor and that was it. Never came back.

I then had a friend that wasn't talking to me because of a $200.00 debt that I owed him. I didn't remember it, but it was on his mind. He died. I can't pay it back. I'll think of a way.

I had a grand daughter that ran away from home to her real father. It was a mess and now I have a riff with my daughter.

My Dad was just told that he has 1/3 of his kidneys left and is now on Hospice. He was going on dialyses, but now, at 87 he is going to live out his life and enjoy every precious moment.

My best friend, Brother Dan, which I played with for a few years as the "Partly Brothers", has Hep C. It was under control and now it's back with a vengeance. I'm in hopes GoodLife that he can beat it again. You can listen to one of his songs on the "Captains Log" page.

Sure, I'm breathing deep. Wondering about life and knowing that this may not be the place to vent all of this, but as the title of this blog says, "rum, Lime & Ice." So as that surges through my body, I vent. Unloading all of this in a space that may scare customers away, but I also know that most of the people that read this blog are people that I've sailed with. People that I have connected with. And people that will understand.

You see, when you sail with me, we talk. We play. We get to know each other. It reminds me of when I get a massage.I strip down and lay under a sheet. When the masseuse comes in and begins the massage, well we talk. We get to know each other. Even if I've been therebefore. But there is that chatter the first 10 to 15 minutes of the massage. Then it settles into the massage.

So it is with a charter. We meet. We get to know each other. Stories are told. We connect! Then everyone settles into the sail. Some cuddle up on the bow. Some sit in the cockpit and we chat. Some lay on deck, but everyone settles in. We sail. We experience what the moment and sea has to offer. It's all good. I love what I do and I love Star of Orion. She is a wonderful vessel and is more than just a boat. She is an answer to peoples dreams.

Everyone that steps onto Star of Orion expects something different. Some like to sail and rip through the sea at the fastest point of sail that she can do. Some like to catch some sun and lay on the deck. Some like to pop a bottle of wine and cut a piece of cheese and sail into the sunset. Some like to laugh and play like in the movie Capt. Ron. It's a different thing for everybody.

I'm just one captain, but I do everything I can to make the dreams of everyone come true while they sail with me. Sure, I tell bad pirate jokes, but sometimes that's the thing that makes the cruise work. We leave family. It is a wonderful thing. We don't shake hands when we leave the dock, we hug and talk of when we will meet again.

I want to personally thank everyone, and I mean everyone that has enhanced my life by being on Star of Orion…

Wow, what was that all about. Thanks for listening.

Now I want to tell you about a friend. His name is Alex Dorsey. You can check him out at Look it up. Sign up to read the blogs and then go back to the beginning. Read all the blogs. Buy the CD's. Support his efforts. You won't want to miss a blog entry. It's all great from a sailors point of view.

I went to a going away party for him, Sam and Gwen. It was a great bash Friends and I enjoyed meeting people that I wouldn't have met if it wasn't for them. A great group of people. I've been trying to get down and do a walk through of Splendid, but charter are rocking and I have to fly to California tomorrow. They leave on Wednesday too, so we will miss each other. It is what it is. I'll catch up with him in San Blas.

It's summer in Fort Myers Beach as it is everywhere, so everyone is keeping wet and playing in the water. In fact the water is in the mid to upper 80's now, so it's easy to take a dip from the decks of Star of Orion. Don't pass it up while you are here.

I also have an outdoor shower where you can rinse off and get wet to cool down. It's nice. Very nice.

Well I'm off for the night. I have my "Spot" with me, so if you see a spot in Sacramento, CA or Reno, NV or San Francisco, CA or Palm Springs, that's where I am.  Star of Orion is still in the Gulf doing what she does best and Captain Ron is sailing her while I'm gone.

Just call and make a reservation. Sailing on the Gulf of Mexico is great. Sailing charters in Fort Myers Beach are great. I'll make your dreams come true. It is what I do best. It's magic. Call for a Sunset Sail in Fort Myers Beach, I'll talk you into a half day charter in Fort Myers Beach.

Thanks in Advance…

Capt Paul



So Much to Say…

I've got to find some time to sit and let you know what's been going on down here in SW Florida.

It's been a great week. New friends. Old friends. Special friends. Great weather. Great charters. Good news. Bad news. It's been a whirlwind week.

I'm off for a morning half day charter right now, and a sunset sail tonight, but I'll get to typing in the next few days.  Check back.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is alive and well.  Join me.  Call me…

See you on the dock.

Capt. Paul



Up In Myrtle Beach, SC

It's good to be here with Brad & Stacie. The grand kids are keeping us busy and making us laugh.  The weather is wonderful and it will be a trip that is too short… Again.

We headed out last Saturday. In fact, if you guys want to check out some cheap airfare to our neck of the woods, check out  Now they don't fly everywhere, but we get a flight from Punta Gorda to Myrtle Beach, round trip, for two, for $200.00. it's a good deal.  Anyway, check out the site and see if they get close to your city. RnMok In fact you can save a bundle, if they get close to you by renting a car and driving the distance to the closest airport and then dropping off the car flying and doing the same thing back. Crunch the numbers and see.  Your tip of the week on travel.

Here's a small picture of my two Grand Daughters up here. Kind of a rare photo of both of them together and not knocking each others block off and smiling at the same time. Great kids. Well worth the travel time.

We'll be here until Wednesday afternoon and then back to Fort Myers Beach to keep those charters rolling on the Gulf. Sure I'm in my slow season, but it gives me time to sail and play as well as clean and maintain Star of Orion. She's such a great boat. I'm in hopes that the water is up enough in the channels to get her up for a bottom job here pretty soon.  She could use a few coats of fresh bottom paint. I amazed that the paint lasted as long as it did. Just over 2 years and that's with thousands of miles of water flowing under her keel. Not bad.

Just a note…  Alex Dorsey, (, is heading out from Fort Myers to go north to Chesapeake for the summer. There's a going away party for him in Fort Myers this Thursday. We talked the other day and I'm glad I'll be there to send him off. He's a great guy. Just go join his site and read his blog to catch up. In fact you should go back to the beginning and catch up with his life. Very interesting read and buy his DVD's. You'll thank me next time you see me. The plan is next November he's heading to South America. Follow his adventures at his site.

Well that catches you up for now. Call early for charters in Fort Myers. It's summer and it's the rainy season so I watch the weather closely and plug in the charters when we can get out and have some fun without having a light show. Sunset Sails in Fort Myers Beach are getting canceled a lot, so I have moved my half day sails up to 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It's a pretty good bet we an get out and get a sail in. It's tropical so we may even stop and take a dip while we are out. Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is still a wonderful experience, so call now.

Capt. Paul



Last Weeks Trawler Ride – Charlotte Harbor Florida

Last week Capt. Ron finished a bottom job on a trawler in North Port.  So he had to move it to Burnt Store Marina which is 3 or 4 hours through the back canals and through the lock out onto Charlotte Harbor.


When he called, Pat and I had a day free and so we met up with him for the ride.  It was a great ride. Small seas about 2 to 3 and moderate wind.  Even though it seemed to be the way the vessel was built, we got pretty salty.

Here's a quick clip from the helm on the inside.  Trawlers are a pretty bumpy ride on top so we stayed dry and comfy with the gen set running the air conditioning…  What a concept.
Capt. Paul