Wake Up This Morning…

Just wanted to share a wonderful experience with you. I've written about this project before, but I want you to check it out again. Follow it. Support it. Musicians from all over the world playing together but never meeting. Pulling the world together with music. It really is a great project. Check it out.


… and good morning to you, where ever you are…

Capt. Paul



The Adventure Continues…

Yesterday 1st Mate Kayla and I moved Star of Orion to Burnt Store Marina with a stop at Cabbage Key for a burger.  That's a favorite stop for me.  Just something about that little tourist trap that floats my boat so to speak.

You can check out the progress at my twitter account.  Just go to: http://www.twitter.com/captpaulsmw.  That will give you updated one liners about the trip with photos and such.  I'm using it right now as an experiment to see if you guys like it.  Let me know in the using the comments link below.  It's all new to me.

Today we are heading out from Burnt Store Marina and heading up to the locks at the north end of Charlotte Harbor. At that point, we weave our way to Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage to pull Star of Orion out and put her on the hard for a week.  New paint, wax and safety checks as well as a bottom survey to get her up to snuff.

I'll get photos up here as soon as I can.

In the mean time, click on the "Spot" link below and you can follow her progress as we move.  Also click on the satellite view to see the real picture of the land and sea scape.  Zoom in to get a closer look.  It's pretty cool.

In any case, I'm off and running this morning.  I'm an hour away from BSM and want to drop the lines at 1000 hours.

I'll see you on the dock…

Capt. Paul



Capt. Ron is Working…

Had a great day with Capt. Ron on the boat.  Or should I say, I scrubbed the bilge and watched him run back and forth to the Ace Hardware to pick things up.

BUT it was productive.  He knocked a hole in the wall of the head and put in a door for access to the port side of the engine.  Something that Hunter might have given some thought too.  But they didn't. Of course if they did then we wouldn't have had anything to do today except sail.

First Mate Kayla stayed home and spent some time with Pat and did what girls do.  But me and Capt. Ron messed up the boat and then in the last 45 minutes of the day cleaned it up so when Pat and Kayla brought provisions for tomorrows full day charter, they didn't even know that it was an "explosion" just 45 minutes earlier.

After a day a work, we took Star of Orion out for a full Sunset Sail with 3 great couples.  A good friend, Trish brought her mother along and we all had a great sail, with lots of dolphins and a great sunset sail in Fort Myers Beach.

A couple of days more of charters and Kayla, Pat and I will run Star of Orion north for a bottom job and new wax.  This is a good time of year to work outside in the sun.  Yea right.  But it will be worth it.

Get your reservations in early this year for multi night charters…  Call now.

Also sign up for twitter…  Or just follow what's going on at http://www.twitter.com/captpaulsmw. I'm figuring it out, so bear with me.  Just another way to keep in touch with sailing in Fort Myers Beach.

By the way, thanks for reading and I look forward to sailing on the Gulf of Mexico with you and your friends this year.

See you on the Dock…

Capt. Paul



Tomorrow is Another Day

It's been a great week sailing in Fort Myers Beach.  I've been training my Granddaughter Kayla to pull lines, set up the boat, break it down, wash her down and everything in between.  She's sharp.  Learns fast.  Remembers stuff and keeps me out of trouble.  She's pretty good at the helm too.


Here we are just shooting the poop and enjoying a family from Belgium.  They were a kick to sail with even though the wind was light and we only had an hour of sailing.  But we enjoyed a great boat trip an and saw the dolphins and played with the sea.


Capt. Ron found a couple of sharp pieces of metal on Star of Orion.  He opened up his knee and got the boat all bloody.  Tomorrow, I file them down and have to dip the ends in rubber tool dip to keep you guys from finding the same place.

I'm sending Capt. Ron up the mast on Friday to fix a steaming light.  I'm just getting ready to cut a hole in the head wall to put in a door to reach the port side of the engine.  That will be good.  I've always wanted to get to that side of the engine without just feeling around with my hand, a flashlight and a mirror.  I'm excited about that.


Since that side will be opened up, it's a good time to change the impeller and touch up the port side of the engine.  We'll do that while she is in the water and can have the AC on.
Kayla and I are going to pull out of Fort Myers Beach on the 20th of July and head north.  We'll be stopping at Cabbage Key and enjoying that wonderful island.

The next day, we are going to explore the Boca Grande and sail Charlotte Harbor as we head to Burnt Store Marina on the east side of the harbor.


Then on the 22nd, we will take Star of Orion up to the lock at the north end of the harbor and head into Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage to pull 

her out of the water for a week as we put on

 new bottom paint and a couple of through hulls. It's time to do a bottom survey and make sure she is safe and sound for the next couple of years.

She's a great vessel and we love her a lot around here.  Sailing in Fort Myers will continue after the first of August.

So that catches you up for now and as we dive into the projects, I'll post them here and if I can help the next guy with how this business works, I'm here for you.
Remember you can click on a photo to enlarge it in a separate window.

Click the logos below to see where Star of Orion is lately or check out the YouTube videos.

See you on the Dock…

Capt. Paul



A Great Night – 4th of July

I had a charter that booked and was ready for a good time. A good family charter. Two adults and 3 kids, 5, 7 and 8. I also DSC05631 took my wife Pat and my granddaughter Kayla. Well if you have sailed with me before, you also know that Maggie was with me too.

It started out at about 6:00 p.m. and we headed down the channel around Bowditch Point and then out for a sunset sail. Then at just 15 minutes before sunset, we dropped the anchor and I broke out my guitar as well as Jay.  We jammed for a while and DSC05649 enjoyed the sunset. After the sunset, we cooked up some dogs and had chips and fruit.

Before too long, it was time for Fort Myers Beach's 4th of July fireworks and they were great.  Star of Orion just held us there and we 
enjoyed the celebration as it should be.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to connect with Alex Dorsey.  He's trying to get out of Fort Myers and head to the Chesapeake for the summer. http://projectbluesphere.com.  Go check it out. Register and enjoy the blogs.  In fact go to the beginning and enjoy the journey. He's a great guy and you really need to support this project.

It's a great life. Enjoy every precious moment.

I'll catch you up tomorrow.

Capt. Paul



Back Home in Florida on the 4th of July

Well we made it back home last night with a grand daughter in tow.  Kayla from San Francisco came back with us and will be here until the 25th of July when she will head back home and enjoy the rest of the summer as she gets ready for school.

It was a sweet and sour trip. I didDSC05601  have a chance to see my daughter and her family it was a fast visit in Paskenta, CA. I drove up last Monday and spent a couple of hours with her before she had to go back to work. It was great to catch up and see the other two grandkids.  They are special and I'm in hopes I can get them back here with Pat and I so we can play on the ocean together.  Time will tell.

I also had the chance to spend a little time with my best friend Dan Palmer,DSC05582  http://www.BrotherDanPalmer.com, http://www.NothingBetterThanThis.com.  He's a great guy.  We used to play together in the 80's at clubs in Tahoe, Reno, Vegas and Arizona. It was good times. Road trips. People, places and things. We've played since and I'm in hopes we will play in the future too.  He is battling with Hep C right now and needs a lot of help. I will be putting up a link for anyone that can pitch in a donation or two. I don't usually do things like this, but he is in treatment and is an entertainer. Which translates into no insurance. It's up to us all now to help where we can. I'll let you know about this in more detail later. I'm not sure how to do it myself. But I want to help. If anyone has ideas, let me know.

Then we got to visit my 87 year old Dad.DSC05618  He's doing pretty good. Happy and comfortable. His kidneys are failing and is in Hospice. A good choice for him and all in all he's doing great. We love him a lot and I thank him for helping me get into boating. What a guy. Thanks Dad, you've cost me a lot of money and made my life worth living.

I've got to get ready for our annual 4th of July sail. We head out, catch sunset, anchor and watch the fireworks off the pier of Fort Myers Beach. It's a great night if the weather holds and we look forward to it every year.

If you want to catch the next 4th of July sail, just book early. I had a lot of people that wanted to go, but it's a first come first serve thing and a very special night.

The sailing is great down here right now. It's tropical, but nice. Just call and I'll get you on the books. Sailing in Fort Myers Beach. Sunset Sails, Half Day Charters in Fort Myers Beach, there all fun, all the time.

We are getting ready to pull Star of Orion out and clean and paint the bottom so there will be more tech stuff coming up on this blog, so keep on logging on.  I'll see ya'll soon…

Capt. Paul