Flying to Reno Tomorrow

Here's another quick note to let you know that I'm traveling for the next couple of days… Again.

I'm off to Reno/Carson City, NV to visit Bro. Dan in the hospital. Melisa needs a bit of a break, and I need a Bro. Dan fix. So it's all working out. Pat and I will be off in the morning and then be back in early Friday morning. Keep those prayers, thoughts and whatever else you do heading out to Bro. Dan as he works on recovery. He needs us all at this point.  He has moved out of ICU and is doing much better. I'll  keep you posted.

On a more pleasant note, Capt. Ron is back and sailing on Star of Orion in my absence. Just call him at 800-975-5824 and select option #1.  I'll catch the phone and transfer you over, or if I'm out of range, Capt. Ron will be right with you.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach will make your trip south one to remember. Here at Magic Wind Adventure Sailing, we do the best we can to make your stay special.  Sailing on the Gulf of Mexico is a wonderful experience that will give you a chance to see the area from the comfort of the decks of Star of Orion.

But, we only take six passengers at a time, so call early to make reservations. Go to the website at and check out the reservations page. You will see some great multi day packages and you can also see photos of Star of Orion to help you get acquainted. You will be sure to enjoy your day. There's a link for you to read the reviews of past guests that have sailed with me. Seems they had a good time and you will too.

See you on the dock…

Capt. Paul

Pulling it Together for the Weekend

Just a quick note to let ya'll know that I'm opening up at the MN Renaissance Festival tomorrow morning and will be performing 3 stage shows a day and 3 feasts per day.  The rest of the time, you'll see me on the street performing street shows…  Well everywhere.

The schedule:

Bakery Stage:  9:15 to 10:00 each morning.

Tree Top Stage:  11:00 to 11:30 and 12:30 to 1:00 each day

As for the street show, just keep your eyes open and look for the little short, chubby, bald guy with the white beard.  That would be me.

See you there.

Capt. Paul

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Ain’t No Reason to Hurricane Season…

Just a quick update after the 11 p.m. est reports from NOAA.  I use a premium weather service that gives me some pretty good information.  Here's one of there graphics that gives me the spaghetti models for where the computers think the storms are heading.

Ana is looking to go through the middle of the Gulf and bump into Texas.  Bill is shooting up to Bermuda and Claudette is now hitting the pan handle of Florida and going north.

BUT it can all change fast.  That's why we watch so closely.  As sailors, we become pretty good weather watchers and know when to duck.

Picture 2 You can click on the graphic, or any photo that is on this blog and it will open in a new window.  Most of the time it will enlarge so you can see the detail. It just depends on the size and quality of photos I put up.

In any case, I'll keep you updated on the storms as they progress through the next few days. I'm glad that they aren't heading directly at me, but I really wish that they would just sin out and die somewhere at sea away from everyone.  No one needs to get smacked up the side of the hull with one of these.

As for Brother Dan, I just talked to Milisa and he has had a good day. She put the phone up to his ear and I got to talk to him for a minute and she said he nodded his head.  Now that's a great day. So his battle continues and with your thoughts, prayers and light, we may get him going again. It's one moment at at time. Keep doing what you are doing.

Also remember if you can drop a few bucks to help cover the medical expenses, you can stop by any Bank of America and make a donation to the "Brother Dan Medical Fund" and it will get to the right place. Thanks for your help and support. You can go to the "Captains Log" page and one of his songs will be playing up there. Amazing that it's the one he wrote about how much time we have here on earth. It's call, "Time Keeps on Tickin'" it's worth a listen and pay attention to the words. They may change your life.

NOTICE: Star of Orion will not be sailing until September 1st. Sailing charters in Fort Myers will continue then.

Well I've got to get some sleep. Lot's to do tomorrow. Take care my friends.

See you on the dock…

Capt. Paul

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Time to Catch You Up…

Life's a funny thing.  I try to take the time to keep this blog up to date and the day's just get away. So every once and a while, I have to dump a bunch of information out there to all at once. If anybody knows of a magical way to organize my life, just drop me a line. It's been 57 years and haven't figured it out yet.

On the life front, Pat and I are doing well. My back is acting up a bit, but it's a stress thing. I know it and I have to get back into my yoga and stretching. It works and I know it so it is. We're getting ready for the MN Renaissance Festival that starts next weekend. It's my 19th or 20th year out there. It will be good to pop a few shows and play with all the crazy people that go the the festival. I've got three stage shows and the rest of the time, I'm knocking off street shows. 37 years of doing magic and I'm back to my roots again. Hittin' the streets. Check out

Pat's garlic booth will be set up and ready to go. The Garlic Shop. She's been at the festival for 11 years and going strong. All her MN garlic gummers are excited to see her every year. For that we are thankful. Lot's of garlic from Garlic Festival Foods, so check it out. She's also on the web at:

Now to catch you up on Brother Dan. He's my old partner. Well not old, only 47. We played as a duo for 3 to 4 years, traveling, working smoky bars and casinos in the western part of the US. Vegas, Tahoe, Phoenix, So. California etc. We had a ball and he's one heck of a sailor. We've sailed the Gulf together. A great time of my life and we put out some music. 

He was diagnosed with Hep C about 3 and and half years ago. Got it under control and in April, it came back and bit him hard. He's been battling it aggressively since then and within the last couple of weeks, things have gotten worse for him. I talked with him a few days ago and he had a pretty good day. As of yesterday, he is back in the hospital, in ICU. Yesterday afternoon they put him on life support. Today's a new day and I haven't heard anything yet this morning. I have a horrible feeling that I'm going to loose him here on this plane. I'm doing what I can to stay centered, but that's debatable.

Keep Bro. Dan in your thoughts and prayers. His music is available at there's some samples up there.  Or you can go to iTunes and search Brother Dan Palmer.

And if you are up to it, you can drop a donation off at any Bank of America nationwide. It's the Brother Dan Medical Fund. He's an entertainer and sailor which equals no insurance. Do what you can. Thanks. We all have to take care of our own.

I'll put up information here as I get it in from the family.

As for sailing, I'm jonesing… On Tuesday night, I have a talk at the Northern Lights Sailing Club here in MN. I'm looking forward to talking and hanging with a bunch of sailors. It'll be fun. Just like ol' times. A potluck and coldies. Stories and lies. Can't wait. You can read the news letter at: Hope to see some of you there. Say hi.

Capt. Ron is a busy guy, so Star of Orion is not going out until September 1st. I'd be happy to take reservations for anytime after that. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's summer and projects abound, storms are rolling and it's, well, tropical…

Speaking of storms… This morning as I checked NOAA (Check NHC), Anna and Bill are moving across the Atlantic and the cone is sending them to the Gulf of Mexico at the moment. There's also Tropical Depression #4 off the coast of Tampa moving north. Things are beginning to pop. Hurricane season has been way to quite up to this point, so since August and September is the hight of hurricane season then we were due. Time to strip Star down, double the lines and make sure the insurance is up to date.

Capt. Ron likes hurricane season. He says, "After a good hurricane, you can pick up good deals on boats." He's nuts and loves fixin' stuff. I'm thankful and grateful he's in my life.

Well that's about it for now. I have to pull the day together. Keep an eye on the website, I've got some new stuff coming up soon that you may want to sign up for. The best deal will be the monthly "Maintenance Re-Positioning Cruise." I'm pretty excited about this one. More later.

Be well my friends and enjoy every precious moment.

Capt. Paul

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Newest Playing For Change Update

Well being on the road it's great to get comments and emails from people like the following…

Here's the latest update video from Playing For Change. Try to support this effort. Pull the world together with music. It's up to you.

Also Capt. Ron is sailing right now, as I write. So if you want to go sailing in Fort Myers Beach, just call 800-975-5824 and talk to me or Capt. Ron to reserve your sail aboard Star of Orion.

Capt. Paul

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On the Road Again…

Well now…  Let me catch you up on what's been going on. Things have been moving fast and catching you up has been a little down on the list.  But it's important for me to stay in touch, so here we go.


Since the 24th, it's been a whirlwind.  My first mate Kayla (My Granddaughter from San Francisco was with us and sailed her little brains out.  It was great having her around. She learned a lot about the sea and the boat. I'll miss her. She was a goodhelmsman and could climb the stern pulpit and zip up the sail cover while I was entering port with clients. By the time we got to the dock, she had everything ready to go and so we would just unload trash and recycling, wash things down and home we went for dinner.  She was just as quick and diligent about getting Star ready to go. If anyone in SF needs a good first mate, she has my recommendation. She went home on the 25th after being with us for a month.


The next day on the 30th Pat and I finished up our errands and packed the car. On the 31st we ended a 12 hour drive to Myrtle Beach, SC. We're hanging with the kids and grandkids. Having a wonderful time and will hit the road on Thursday. We'll be heading to Kansas City to visit Pat's brothers and then we'll shoot up to Minnesota for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I'll be performing 3 or 4 shows per day and a bunch of street shows as well as performing in the Feast Hall. It'll be a busy 2 months, but will buld up the kitty to continue on continuing on.

Pat's garlic booth will be there also. I think it's her 11th or 12th year. You can keep up with her at: She sells some of the best garlic you can buy. Seasonings, sauces, pickled garlic, sauces, dips AND, this time of year… Fresh Garlic. Enjoy.

By the way, I'm doing a talk at the Northern Lights Sailing Club in Minneapolis, MN. It will be on Tuesday evening August 18th. I'll be talking about, what else, sailing in Florida and why I do what I do. If you can make it, I'd love to meet you. CLICK HERE to visit the schedule page for directions and such.
So that about does it at the moment. My Dad is doing well and I have to tell you I miss Star of Orion and everything about southern Florida at the moment. I'm hoping that the home sickness will subside soon. Maybe there's a patch or bracelet that will work. Maybe just Ginger will work… Don't forget to call soon for multi-day Sailing Charters in Fort Myers Beach.

Capt. Paul West

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