Hot, Hot, Hot… Indian Summer in Southern Florida

Well as the rest of the country is fighting with cold, snow and wet rainy conditions, I'm glad to say we are warm and dry, except for the occasional thunderstorm here and there. I'm enjoying it and so are the customers on Star of Orion.  I've been pretty busy this last couple of weeks.

I mull it around in my head that this is way too early to be letting the rest of the world in the northern hemisphere know that we are hanging out in shorts and tanks. I try to wait until December to do that, but what the heck it's good down here. I'm having a ball and want you to come down and enjoy it yourself.

Capt. Ron and I have been busy doing the fall maintenance on Star. She's looking and sailing good. This week a new steaming light, got the anchor light working, not sure why, I like to put my light on the boom where people can see me when they come into an anchorage. But the law is the law. Put an new lens on the stern light and changed a bunch of clamps.

Capt. Glen dove on her bottom a couple of days ago and now she is slipping through the water again at a nice smooth pace. She'll be waxed in a couple of weeks and the decks are being cleaned and polished. It's been fun rubbin' and scrubbin' and making a mess of her and then jammin' to get it all cleaned up before the clients come on board. But when the do they just don't know that it looked like an old garage just moments before. Dan, don't tell mama that it works that way.

We'll be doing a couple of weddings so far this coming month and a long day sail with lunch for some smart folks that just couldn't relax in a 4 hour block.  I look forward to them all.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is easy… Just give me a call at: 800-975-5824 and I can get you in the books. It's just that easy. Sunset Sails, Half Day Charters, Full Day Charters are all available, but please think a head and book early. Things fill up fast.

My Dad, he's 88 will be visiting November 3rd through the 17th. It will be good to have him here. He's wanted to get here for a long time and is just laying his second wife to rest on the 31st in Manhattan Kansas. Then he will fly out here to sail with me and enjoy the water. It will be great to have him here. Also my sister will come down during that time to visit. So it's family time. I'm blessed to have them and we are going to enjoy our time together. I hope you have the chance to meet. I want to grow up to be just like him.

So snow or no snow, don't forget that I've got your boat sitting at the dock and she's ready for you and your family or guests. Clean, pretty and safe. Welcome home and aboard.

I'll wait for you on the dock…

Capt. Paul

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Start Your Life Together With the Blessings of theSea

I love my job… Hmmm. Have I said that before. Well it's true. Never a dull moment sailing in Fort Myers Beach.

Capt. Ron and I took out a wedding party last week with just the bride, groom, wedding planner and minister. We had a ball. The wedding planner put flowers on the life lines and some bouquets of flowers around the boat. Star of Orin looked all dressed up for the party.


We left the dock for the four hour cruise. After setting sail, we played for a while and then they got married on the bow. It was a very nice ceremony. Since there were little 1 to 2 footers, they sat and did the ceremony sitting down. Very comfy and cool.

After the ceremony, they had a buffet set up down below and we sailed for a while longer. We headed around Bowditch Point and docked at their docks. We gave them an hour to walk the beach and get some photos of them on the beach with the Gulf of Mexico in the background.

Once back on board, we headed back to Salty Sam's Marina. A good day, but we could have used another hour or two on the boat.  Something the wedding planner and I discussed after we got back in. It was just not enough time. But the time we had was precious.

I've got two more weddings coming up in November, one that I'm doing and another one with a different wedding planner. It's good to have them working with me this year. Star of Orion is a perfect vessel to have a wedding on. She has plenty of deck space and with that "Jacuzzi Cockpit" it has a perfect place to do the ceremony.

There's some big changes coming up that I can't wait to tell you about, but you'll have to wait a little bit longer. It's going to be very exciting and you'll enjoy reading about it soon. Right here. So be sure and check back often.

Well Pat and I just finished up doing the Mount Dora Arts & Crafts show. It's a great little show and a wonderful little town, but it was hot. Real hot. No wind kind of hot. Whew! It's going to be good to hit the coast tomorrow.

Until then…

See you on the dock…

Capt. Paul

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Hey, Am I Still Here?

You bet I am… Sure it's been a while since I've put a blog entry up, and for that, I'm sorry… But a lot is going on right now and I have to get in the habit of just putting a few notes up here to keep me and my friends on track with the world as I see it.

I've been doing a lot of thinking and working at the same time.  Sail charter are up and the trend of the beginning of this season looks to be a very promising year. For that, I'm blessed. There's a change in the air at this time of year. The nights are cooling down. We just had our first front go through and that has brought cooler temps and more wind.

The other day I took out a sunset and ended up throwing in a double reef and a rag of a jib and pushed through 2 to 3 foot wind blown seas at 5+ mph. Not as bad ride as the wind was 23 to 26 sustained with 34 mph gusts. This was with a very nice family from Germany and their first time sailing. They'll never be the same…

I've been working hard on Star of Orion lately taking care of beginning of the season maintenance getting her ready for a wonderful season sailing in Fort Myers Beach. Changing clamps throughout the vessel, working on lights. Put Capt. Ron up the stick the other day to repair the anchor light. To tell you the truth, when I pull into an anchorage at night, I have a hard time knowing if there's a boat in front of me if the anchor light is on at the top of the mast. If the stars are bright, they just blend right in. So I break the rules and just put an LED lantern on the top of my boom, 360 of course, and put it on low. It lets folks see me and not mistake me for a star, they see the boat. Just a thought.

Changing the oil. Replacing filters. Rubbing and scrubbing, like that ever stops. But enjoying every minute of it. I just love touching boats in all the places that she likes. AND this year, new life lines. It was time. Star is a very special boat, and makes dreams come true.

I have some pretty important news coming up in a blog soon, so check back often. Also book your reservations early for the Christmas holiday. Bookings are starting to come in already and I want you to be able to get out and play with us when you want get here to Fort Myers Beach. Don't forget that sailing charters in Fort Myers Beach are still the best family value around. Plus it's just too much fun, if you can have too much fun.

Until next time…

See You on the Dock…

Capt. Paul

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Headin’ South… Again!

Well it's time to get out of the frozen tundra of MN and hit the road in the morning.

It's been a good run here for the MN Renaissance Festival, but the I've run out of salt water in my veins and need to get back home.  So Pat, Maggie and I are loading up the care today and heading south in the morning.

We'll be heading to Myrtle Beach, SC to visit with our kids and grandkids then it's on to Fort Myers Beach. Capt. Ron has done an outstanding job holding down the fort in Fort Myers Beach.  Star of Orion is sailing abut 5 times a week this time of year and the phone is ringing, so call early to get your reservations.

I want to thank everyone that has put up with this land locked log for the past couple of months. It is the slow season for sailing, at least it used to be. September was up and this year looks to be a great year for Magic Wind Adventure Sailing.

Sailing the Gulf of Mexico is a great thing to do while down here. There's a lot to see out on the water and we are here to show it to you. Our Trip Adviser ratings are amazing… Not sure how all that works, but we're thankful that everyone is having a good time with us.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is a way to relax and enjoy sea and see the land from the oceans point of view. The sea and wild life seem to be pretty happy that the hurricane season is being pretty nice to everyone this year. The only problem is that Capt. Ron loves to fix boats so he is bummin' that there are not that many boats to fix at the moment. Sorry Ron, but I'm happy.

Weather is better than it was. According to the owner of Salty Sam's Marina, the humidity is down a bit and the temperature is a crisp 85 degrees. It's going to be great to get back to that. As I write this in MN, it's a balmy 41 degrees at 10:00 a.m. I'm out a here.

So keep checking back. I'm going to get back into keeping you posted on the charter business and the happenings in Fort Myers Beach… Like the new place at Salty Sam's Marina, it's called Salty's Grill. It should be open soon. It's in the building that the Key West Express used. You'll find it.

Thanks for all you support and I'll be sailing with you and  your guests soon.

See you on the dock…

Capt. Paul