And the List Goes On

Well this is a very interesting time for me.  I have limited access to the internet here on the Carnival Spirit, or should I say I don't want to spend .50 to .75 a minuet for internet service.  Plus I'm on VACATION, so I don't want to be that connected.  The list does go on though.

I've been trying to research EPIRBs to find the right one to put on Trillium for her trip across the Bahamas, Gulf Stream and the Keys, the Gulf of Mexico and home.  I found one on eBay and I think it will work for our needs.  It is GPS enabled and that's a good thing.  Anything I can do to make a rescue faster just seems to make sense…  But that's not the only thing on my list to pull together.

The rest of it looks like this:

Suture Kit (2)

Pressure Bandages – different sizes

Bayer Asprin, Advil, Benadril

Medium pain killer and mussel relaxers

Sea sick patches, pills and ginger

Meds or vitamins for 15 days

Ditch Bag:

Meds for 48 hours

Flash light


2 qts of water


Hand held VHF


Signal Mirror

Dinghy w/Registration

Outboard motor


Fishing Gear

Handhelf VHF = SSB w/chargers & batteries

2 search lights

4 flashlights w/batteries


Cameras 2/charger and film

Umbrellas (2)

Spare GPS w/charger

Charts for Bahamas – Keys – Gulf of Mexico & west coast of Florida

Life jackets w/harness & line

Strobes and whistles

Hats & sunglasses

Dive gear

Puck lights

Guitar w/extra strings, iPod w/speakers, CD/s, movies

Tarp & bungee cords

Then personal stuff…

The plan is to fly over light and have the rest shipped in a day or two after we survey Trillium.  That will save some bucks.

So that gives you an idea of this project and some of the logistics.  I'll be back in the US on Friday, fly to Florida and go to work pulling personal gear off of Star of Orion because Capt. Dan is coming in on the 29th to sail and learn the systems of Star of Orion.  He'll be up and running in no time at all.  He's a smart captain and knows his boats.

I'll keep you posted of the progress as it happens.  I'll do what I can to get photos up when I can. I'm also planning an audio log (podcast) of the trip which will put you there with the voice and sounds of the trip.

I'll see you on the dock…

Capt. Paul

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The Adventure Continues…

Ahhhh… It 's been a great couple of days. We left San Diego on the 19th and today was our first stop…  Acapulco. Weather was great. People were wonderful.

It's a big city, so we grabbed a van and the 6 of us plowed around the city and checked it out. It was an interesting ride. Trying to pack history and every detail of life in this Mexican paradise. The bay is a nice haven from just about any angle of weather. I'd grab a ball here anytime.

It's been interesting picking up emails here and there and piecing the puzzle together for the up and coming adventure of meeting Trillium for the first time. Although I'm 99% sure that the deal is going to happen, I'm reserving the fact that I may have to walk away. BUT if she's half the vessel that the owner says she is, I know that Capt. Ron and I will be bringing her home to Fort Myers Beach.

She will be sailing in Fort Myers Beach in no time. So here's the plan as I have it now…

On the 4th of December, Capt. Ron and I will grab a flight out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL with Yellow Air Taxi. It's an early flight, so we may go over the night of the 3rd, or maybe just jump in a rented van and head over there in the middle of the night. we can rest there.

Yep. A rented van. I have a new outboard motor and a new dinghy that needs to go over with us. The cool thing is since this is a survey/delivery, Yellow Air Taxi will hold the freight at the hanger, we'll fly over, check her out and give them a call and they will put it on the next flight to Treasure Cay. That saves us the trouble of having to ship it back if the deal doesn't happen. Good guys at Yellow Air.

Once we check Trillium out, do a sea trial and make sure she's ready to sail, we will be at the dock and load her up with diesel, water and provisions, get the dinghy, motor and extra freight and pull out on the 7th or 8th of December and bring her home.

I'm hoping for great weather and no major fronts moving in on us. I'd like to be across the Gulf Stream in two or three days. So let's hope for a good window.

Once in the Keys, we will head to Marathon or Key West then shoot north. You can track the adventure by clicking the "SPOT" link at the bottom of these logs. You'll see our position and can use the satellite view to check out and zoom in on the view of where we're at.

So that's the plan. I'll update this blog as I can to fill you in on the details of what's going on, the survey and the trip.

Be sure and check back often. is a site you are going to want to watch grow. I'll be walking you through the process of surveying, buying, sailing and setting up FantaSea Sailing. Fort Myers Beaches newest attraction.

As former owner and operator of Magic Wind Adventure Sailing you can be confident of the best customer service, trip planning and complete execution of your plans into a reality. I am proud to say it took a lot of hard work to make Magic Wind Adventure Sailing the #1 attraction out of 34 on That tradition of excellence will continue with Capt. Dan Mendat the new owner of Star of Orion.

Thanks for keeping track of me and I look forward to sailing with you soon.  Call me about our Boat & Breakfast Experience and other 2, 3, 5 and 7 day charter packages.

I'll wait for you on the dock…

Capt. Paul West

FantaSea Sailing

Sailing the Sun Coast of Florida to the Keys

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Well the Cats Out of the Bag… So to Speak

Hi ya'll…  I'm sittin' here in San Diego, CA over looking the Star of India.  It's a beautiful day and the sailboats are all over the bay. A good day for sailing. Capt. Ron is taking out a sunset sail and should be back in port come to think of it.  There is a 3 hour difference between CA and FL.  But my thoughts are on Star of Orion to tell you the truth.

Pat and I head out tomorrow for a cruise on the Carnival Spirit. We'll be heading down the coast of CA and Mexico to Acapulco then hit a couple of small ports and back to San Diego.  It's going to be a nice 8 day trip. A good time for a break in the action. Click on the "Spot" link below to see where we are at at that time.

I've been holding off writing this down, but it's time to let you know of some changes in Magic Wind Adventure Sailing…  I've sold the business and am moving on to other adventures. Oh don't worry, I'll be around and you'll still be able to contact me and go sailing, but there will be a new captain at the helm.

So I introduce to you, Captain Dan Mendat. He's a guy from Ohio and has been sailing quite a while. His dream was to own and operate a sailing charter business in Florida and share the magic of the sea.  So we connected and I'm giving him that chance.

Him and his wife Dianne have moved to Florida and are now the proud owners of Star of Orion and the business Magic Wind Adventure Sailing. The website is still and the phone number is still 800-975-5824. You'll still be sailing aboard Star of Orion out of the same slip, C-18, at the same marina, Salty Sam's Marina in Fort Myers Beach. So as far as all that goes everything is the same. Sure, new owners will make changes, but old owners hope and pray that they are all for the good of the business and client, because that's what it's all about.

Your sailing experience will be wonderful and you will enjoy every precious moment and be in the hands of an exceptional captain. So there, I've said it. It's pretty hard for me to move on from a business that I've put thousands of hours honing and nurturing to become #1 out of 34 attractions in Fort Myers, Florida according to Trip We have cliental from all over the world and have had thousands of people sail with us. I am confident that tradition will continue and grow.


So what's up with Pat and I and Capt. Ron? Well I'll tell you. I'm not going away. I'll still be at Salty Sam's Marina in slip C-23. At least that's the planned spot to park our new boat. It looks like, if all goes well on the 4th of December that Capt. Ron and I will be sailing a 1975 47 foot Vagabond back to the USA from Green Turtle Cay Abaco. We are flying over to take a look and if she surveys well, we will pay the price and sail her home. She needs a few coats of varnish and some TLC, but what boat doesn't.

As for you, the client, it gives you another sailing choice in Fort Myers Beach.  If you want a half day sail, sunset, or a full day as well a custom charters, call Magic Wind Adventure Sailing at the regular 800 number. BUT if you are looking for something new and different here's what we are doing…

Pat and I have started a new business called FantaSea Sailing. You will be sailing on a wonderful sailing vessel named "Trillium". She's a 47 foot ketch rigged sailing yacht with 2/3 staterooms and great deck space with a table that seats 8 on the "Poop" deck. 

We are specializing in Boat & Breakfast, 2, 3, 5, and 7+ day charters. Since I signed a non compete with the new owner of Star of Orion, I'm limited to charters no less than 18 hours. How sweet is that! That's what we all want anyway. Imagine, jump on Trillium, move into your state room and sail into the sunset and come back sometime later… Ahhhh now that's sailing.

So here's your new information… If you are interested in a Boat & Breakfast Experience, Overnight Journeys, or a Custom Sailing Adventure just call 888-582-9046 or log on to:

It's a very exciting time for Pat and I. We are looking forward to taking you and Trillium to places that the pirates have sailed, waters that are not available to the eyes that aren't on the sea.  We invite you to share sunsets, anchorages, marinas and the wonders of the sea aboard Fort Myers Beaches newest attraction, FantaSea Sailing.  Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is a wonderful thing to do. Sailing on the Gulf of Mexico is amazing. Sailing charters in Fort Myers Beach are still the best vacation adventure you can do.

Ron and I are heading there on December 4th to look her over and survey her. If she passes inspection, we will provision her and sail her the 537 nautical miles to Fort Myers Beach. Don't miss this trip. It will be here on the blog.

Once again, I have to thank all of you that have sailed with me in the past and I look forward to sailing with you in the future. I have a new deck of cards and my guitar has new strings and I'm working on new pirate jokes. It's all good.

Also remember to contact Capt. Dan with Magic Wind Adventure Sailing for your half day and sunset sails. He's there for you and you need to get to know this guy. He will the master of Star of Orion as of December 1st.

I'll see you on the dock…

Capt. Paul
FantaSea Sailing
"Sailing the Sun Coast of Florida to the Keys"

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Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce
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