Testing… Testing… Is This Thing Still Working?

Wow, I haven’t been up here for a while. Seems like FaceBook has spoiled me, but I just realized that I miss my blog page and so now I have to blow the dust off the keyboard and get it working with my iPad. Yep, Pat and I took the plunge and went iPad.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my laptop. But there’s a difference between being a consumer and a producer. My MacBookPro is a producer. That’s where I do my work. My videos, my layout productions for our businesses and photo work. It produces.

Pat wanted an iPad, so I started the research. Yep, that’s all it took. I found it to be an intriguing little tablet. Then I checked out the reviews, videos, anything I could find on it. I became hooked. It all made sense since it had apps for a bunch of stuff for me too. It has a good A-GPS chip, so I could get most of the charts for the east coast and west coast of Florida and northern Bahamas. It works as a great trip planner and keeps me on track with way points and information about the areas I’d be sailing to.

It’s light fast and easy to use. As far as collecting emails, blogging, watching movies, communicating, and such, the consumer stuff, it is easy to carry around and works great. So we are iPadders now. So far, we like ’em.

As for business, it’s slow down here in southwest Florida. Over Thanksgiving weekend, the bridge didn’t even get backed up. We had no problem getting on and off the island. The weather was great, but seems like it was a little slower this year so far. I’m hoping it’s not a trend of things to come. We’ll see as time passes.

Panacea is doing just fine. She’s beautiful and ready to go sailing. Be sure and check the reservation calendar on the front page of the web site. I want you to get the date you want. Just booked a 5 day trip to Key West with a great couple I’ve known for years from Minnesota. I love sailing to Key West. Just a nice hop from here and if the weather is good, it’s great, if not, we adjust the sails.

Panacea just got a new starter and new ground cable. She’s up and running fine. We’re doing some painting touch up and then laying down new non-skid on the decks. After all the polls I took, we’re keeping her deck white. It’s clean and cool in the summer.

As for varnish, it’s like painting the Golden Gate Bridge in SF. Start at one end and when you’re done, go back to the biggining and start again. Actually it’s not the bad. She has just enough wood on deck to keep her looking classic, but not too much to have to dedicate you life to it. I’m so glad I didn’t get that Vagabond 47 I was in love with. She had a ton of wood.

So there you have it. I want you to consider your dates and give me a call so I can get you on the books.

There are several boats going out for New Years Eve this year, so you need to make your reservations early. A nigh sail and anchor off the pier for midnight fireworks along with food, drink and party favors. We are proud to only take 6 persons out, so get those reservations in early.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is as wonderful as always and sailing on the Gulf of Mexico is a treat. Be sure and go to FantaSeaSailing.com and read the Very Special Special on the front page. It’s the best deal in town and you will enjoy your time on Panacea.

Wow, your own private yacht, with crew for you and your friends for only $379.00 including 2 staterooms for the night. I think I want to do this one.

Remember: Coming Soon! – Half Day AdventuresSunset Celebration Sails & Full Moon Voyages. Call now for information.


I’ll see you on the dock…

Capt. Paul
FantaSea Sailing
Sailing the Sun Coast of Florida to the Keys

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