Just a Great Way to Wake Up

Good Morning Happy Thanksgiving!

I just woke up and having a cup of Ganodurma and checked the mail. Today is, once again another surprise from those guys from “Playing for Change.” Take the time to listen to this installment of the song Stand By Me.

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So no big long hype here this morning, just a gift of music and a wish, a hope a dream that we all, no matter where we are, take a few minuets and STOP and LISTEN to our hearts, FEEL and CAPTURE that wonder of THANKFULNESS. I know it’s the “Official” Thanksgiving Day, but maybe try it a couple times a week to start and then who knows you might like the feeling and do it everyday.

Thanks in advance for sailing with FantaSea Sailing – Your premier sailing experience in Fort Myers Beach aboard Panacea.

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I’m looking forward to sailing with you again and again…
See You on the Dock…

Capt. Paul West
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Entering Another Decade of the Journey – Woot!


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So kicking back today, catching up on my duties and life in general. I love these kind of days, kind of busy, kind of not, running, but pauses, just a day of doing “stuff.

Love these markers

A great dinner, Pat’s a wiz in the galley. Turkey burgers with turkey bacon. Good food for a good days work. Maggie the sea dog is running in the back yard. I’m sitting at my desk just spewing thoughts out on cyber paper.

Lots of things to do. The metal on the boat needs polishing, wood needs a couple of coats of varnish to keep it in good condition. I’m really not trying to restore her to her 1980 luster, but maintaining her in good solid shape. Hmmm, kind of like what I’m doing with myself.

Across from Cabbage Key
Tucked in cozy for a couple of nights.

Pat & I just spent 3 days out on the hook by Useppa and Cabbage Key. A nice anchorage, right off the intracostal and we get to watch dolphins, manatees and boats move up and down the waterway. We read, laughed, planned and played. We really enjoyed the time together and would like you to consider taking that trip with us. We’d love to share that special time of relaxation with our friends and clients. Call for details.

Last Saturday I turned 60 and that was in one way another day, and in another way a beginning of another decade of life. I’m feeling pretty good, the rum was nice and the belly dancer at my surprise party was great. A bunch of friends came and we howled at the moon and brought in another decade of my life in style. I’m really thankful for them all and hope for many, many more parties with these folks.

Panaceais humming right along. She’s pretty forgiving in a way of a boat. She puts up with some bad connections and my way of doing things.

Resting on the hook
She's a great Island for us.

She reminds me of when things need to be done in plenty of time to take care of her. I work hard trying to out guess the priority list and most of the time, I’m right. She’s a lady though and surprises me off and on. That’s what a love affair is all about I guess.

The sailing season is upon us here in Fort Myers Beach. In case you don’t know, I sold my last charter business to a guy from Ohio. It was a great transaction. I got a couple of bucks and he got one hell of a charter business, turn key, ready to go. Part of the contract was a 2 year non-compete for the “short sails,” the half day and sunset charters. It’s been a long 2 years.

Sure, I bought another boat and have been dumping money, time and sweat into Panacea for these 2 years. She’s stronger and healthier than she’s been in a long time. I love the charter business. I do have to say that Capt. Dan, the man that bought Star of Orion and Magic Wind Adventure Sailing has done an amazing job of maintaining, promoting and securing his place here in Fort Myers Beach. I’m pretty proud of him and thankful that I can call him my friend.

Magic Wind Adventure Sailing
Star of Orion

Capt. Dan is a wonderful sailor and his wife Dianne is special. We want to publicly thank them for taking great care of Magic Wind Adventure Sailing and I know between the two of us, we will be able to give you the best sailing experiences you can expect here in the Fort Myers Beach area.

Some of you know that I have been laying low, doing just overnight charters and setting up the marketing for FantaSea Sailing during the non-compete time of the contract. It’s been the time that I needed to get to know a great boat and put her in a position that I’m proud to offer Sunset Sails Celebration and Half Day Sailing Adventures again.

I have developed a few new packages that I’m offering and would like to have you check out. You can do that at the website: FantaSeaSailing.com. An Online Daily Calendar is available and our Daily Schedule will introduce you to our offerings. Jump up and look around. We look forward to having you back and enjoying our sailing life with us again in the future.

A View From the Helm

I know I have sailors that keep an eye on these posts, for that I’m thankful. I know that I have new sailors that want to experience the dream. I know that I have casual sailors that want to eat shrimp cocktails and sip wine while floating on the Gulf of Mexico enjoying a sunset. That’s why I wanted to start the interactive Blog spot.

WordPress is going to give me a place that I can start dialogs and get instant feedback… The good and the bad, it needs to be discussed here. So don’t hesitate to drop a line and let me put input into situations and learn from the needs and desires of people that sail with me.

So leave comments and feedback… Click on the “Comments” link below.

Enjoying sailing Panacea - FantaSeaSailing.com
Life's too short to miss these moments!

Give me a call. I want you to sail with me again. And if it’s your first time sailing in Fort Myers Beach, let me show you what an amazing time you can have on the spacious decks of the cruising vessel Panacea. She’s ready and waiting for you and your friends and family.

When you board, we have tropical music, cool water and fresh fruit and nuts. We welcome you aboard and are looking forward to our time at sea.

Our Motto: You call as a client… You board as friends… and you leave as family. It’s the experience you deserve.

We have made it easy to research your sailing dates and you are able to buy online…

1. Choose the date you want to sail.
2. Look at the Availability Calendar on the website for your date.
3. Choose a Daily Scheduled Charter for you date.
4. Click on the “Brown Paper Tickets”  link to buy and print your tickets.
5. Bring your tickets to the boat with you the day of your charter.

You can also make reservations by calling 888-582-9046 and I’ll take them over the phone.

We sail daily from Salty Sam’s Marina – 2500 Main Street – Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931 – Slip C-30

Thanks in advance for sailing with FantaSea Sailing – Your premier sailing experience in Fort Myers Beach aboard Panacea.

Sunset Sail CelebrationHalf Day Sailing AdventuresDolphin ExperienceFull Moon VoyagesCustom Multi-Day ChartersWeddings

I’m looking forward to sailing with you again and again…
See You on the Dock…

Capt. Paul West
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Welcome To a New Space to Write Stuff

Hey there… I’m exploring the options I have for an interactive blog. I want to write more and want to interact with my readers on the same page. The blog set up I have right now doesn’t really have a way to do that, so I’m looking at WordPress.

It seems to have a good place to write and a way to express myself in my own style. So let’s see how it works.

There is a link after each post that will give you the chance to interact with comments that we can all get involved with. So let’s see what we can do and what kind of trouble I can get into here.

Sailing up to the Anchorage at Ft. Jefferson

So a photo… Not sure how to do that, so give me a minute to see if I can get something up. Well that wasn’t to hard. Now I have to figure out how to do all the magical stuff to make it pretty.

I think it will take some time, but it will get there.

As you can see in this photo, we had a wonderful trip across the Gulf of Mexico and pulled into the Dry Tortugas at the perfect time of mid day.

We could see the reefs and sandbars. All was good and we enjoyed a safe wonderful anchorage for a few days.

So I’ll continue to learn about WordPress and contine to post my ramblings up here. I’m hoping to get more into talking about the charter business here in Fort Myers Beach. Sailing in Fort Myers Beach and Sailing on the Gulf of Mexico.

I’m hoping you as readers will get more involved and use the comments section to give my your thoughts and ideas. It sure helps to stay connected in this world of Cyber Communication.

Check out the “Internet Only Special” at the website. It’s a pretty cool overnight trip and we’re having fun with it as well as our guests.

Remember: Half Day AdventuresSunset Celebration Sails, Dolphin Watch ExperienceFull Moon Voyages. Call now for information.

More to come soon and thanks for the comments about this new format.

I’ll see you on the dock…

Capt. Paul
s/v Panacea

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