A New Year, New Varnish & Good Friends

Sailing on the Gulf of Mexico
Good Friends on Steve's Bow

Well we’ve got the Holidays behind us and the New Year has started. I’ve always seen the holidays as sweet and sour. Just my take. I love family, friends, giving, receiving, playing, visiting, traveling and a good party. It’s what my life is everyday, but during the holidays, it becomes even more intense. So when it’s over… Whew! I have to rest up a bit, and yet, I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in the world.

Sailing in Fort Myers Beach
All Sanded Nice & Pretty

Alex, my 1st mate, had the pleasure of striping down the toe rail this holiday season and spent 3 days putting on new varnish. While the heat gun was doing it’s job and the scraper in hand, he poked a hole in the toe rail. Bad boy… BUT a good find. Even though I don’t like to think that wood will rot out, it does and that’s a bummer. But it’s also good to find a water intrusion that I couldn’t find before and with varnished wood that is rotted out, it’s hard to see. So good boy Alex. Thanks.

After finding the hole and peeking into the cavern below, it was obvious it had to be sealed, patched and repaired. Now Alex had a piece of teak that was laying around his boat and was just the right size to plug up the toe rail. So he cut out the bad wood and on the inside put a layer of Git Rot and then some 2 part epoxy to seal up the leak.

After the 2 part was put in, he pushed in the “plug” and the 2 part oozed around the patch. After the drying, he sanding everything down and put on 3 coats of varnish to start with and it’s now ready for 3 more to completely seal the toe rail… Again.

Sailing in Ft Myers
Poked His Thumb in Here. Good Find.

Southern Florida has a way of eating varnish and it we keep up on it, it’s a 2 or 3 times a year project. I’m just glad that I didn’t get the Vagabond 47 that I was looking at or that’s all we’d be doing is varnishing. Kind of like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. Start at one end, paint and repeat… Forever.

We are making our list this week to continue the resurrection of Panacea. She is very seaworthy, but needs constant care and TLC. She’s a beautiful boat and she has put in her service and deserves every bit of loving that we can give her. She gives it back 10 fold. Kind of like how we all treat each other. It’s all energy you know.

So the projects will continue. The sailing will continue. The magic will continue. The music will continue. Life is GREAT here in SW Florida. Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is still the best way to relax and enjoy views that you just can’t get anywhere else. We are also looking forward to several overnight charters sailing on the Gulf of Mexico.

FantaSea Sailing is in full swing and this is the year that we are growing. Call us and let us put you at the helm of Panacea or just sit and relax as the gentle waters of the Gulf slid beneath our keel. Dolphins, sea turtles and other marine and wild life are waiting for you now.

Cutting for the Plug

Now it’s your turn. Call and make a reservation. We are getting emails and dates are being booked. The season will pass quickly, as it always does and I want you to get the dates that you want to have. Many of you travel far to get here and are only here for a short time, so try to plan ahead so we can get you out on the water.

Boat Rentals in Fort Myers Beach
Nice Work Alex. Thanks

As for you locals, I’ll keep your boat, Panacea in tip top shape and ready to take your visitors out for a sail. We sail with 2 to 6 persons at a time, so no crowds. Just you and a few friends or family. The most affordable way to have a boat here in Fort Myers Beach.

Got to run… Gary and Willie area here from Minnesota. Lots of things to see and do. Thanks for all your support over the years and I’ll continue to be here for you.

Be sure and check in and write a note below. Just click on the comments link and tell me how your winter is going and how your boats doing too.

Thanks. It gives me a chance to interact with you on this blog.

By the way, the full moon is coming. Book early. It’s a great sail.

Remember: Half Day AdventuresSunset Celebration Sails, & Full Moon Voyages. Call now for information.

I’ll see you on the dock…

Capt. Paul West – s/v Panacea

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