Back on the Keyboard Again

It has been a while since I’ve put my fingers on the keys. Lot’s of things going on working on Panacea, taking people out for sailing adventures and playing a lot. So it’s time to catch everyone up and then make the commitment to keep this place up to date.

I’ve been working hard over the past couple of months on marketing FantaSea Sailing and it’s starting to pay off. The phone is ringing and I’m getting repeat business as well as new friends that want to take Panacea on a variety of multi-day charters. I’ve booked a couple of trips to the Dry Tortugas and a trip going north to Charlotte Harbor area for a few days.

Because the season is starting to hop, Alex and I are re-prioritizing our “To Do” lists and checking them twice. We always have a lot of work to do, but somethings just have to be shot to the top of the list. One of the ongoing projects is always putting coats of varnish on Panacea’s external wood. Thank God there’s only enough to make her look pretty but prep, application and drying time all take at least a day and a half so we are always looking for that window.

We had a spreader light break loose the other day and we brought her back into port with a tractor light dangling from the spreader. It didn’t break off, so now it’s just deciding what type of light top replace it with. There are better options and as things like this loose their life on Panacea, we try to upgrade them to keep things working smoothly.

Non-skid paint is onboard. Once again it’s prep, application and drying time to get this one done. We’ll be doing it in sections as we fit in the Half Day Adventures and Sunset Celebration Sails. It’s going to give the deck much more holding power under your wet little feet. I’ll feel better about it too.

So projects continue as we also have our daily maintenance going on. Cleaning, polishing, wiring, checking, inspecting, replacing systems as we continue to make your stay aboard safe and comfy. We are so lucky that we love what we do.

Once again, I want you to know that I appreciate all of you. Get on the phone and come on down here and visit. We’ll get in a sail or two. No matter if it’s a short sail of 2.5 hours, a 4 hour Half Day Adventure, or a 2.5 hour Sunset Celebration or a multi-day custom charter to the Florida Keys, I appreciate you. We’ll have a ball and spend some real quality time aboard the cruising vessel Panacea.

All of us here at FantaSea Sailing are ready for your visit.

Remember:  You call as a client, board as a friend and leave as family.

I’ll see you on the dock…

Capt. Paul

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