Back in Florida – A Great Road Trip

Capt. Paul
Capt. Paul


Good Morning from Fort Myers Beach, Florida…

I just really wanted to get up here and let you know that Pat and I arrived safely with Stella, the truck and all of Dan & Melisa’s stuff on Friday evening.  I should have put this up earlier, but it just didn’t happen.  Since we’ve been back it’s been busy and we are getting caught up on everything.

Emails, mail, questions, Panacea, Garlic, Magic…  I’ve made a list and now I’m prioritizing it so that I can get it all done.  It’s just a step by step process.

On the Panacea side, Alex has put on 6 coats of varnish to help save the hand rails and hatch trims.  Next is the toe rail and then the cockpit wood.  He has fixed the hinge on the back lazarette.  Also my clever little seahorse rebuilt my bow thruster control box. It had gotten stepped on a few times and broke the face plate. Alex had some left over plexi from a hatch on his boat and now it’s darn close to bullet proof. Thanks Alex.

Garlic is plugging along. Pat’s new website is under construction and will be launching in a few weeks. You will be able to order your Garlic wonders easily and safely online. In fact the link is being put up on Pat’s current site today.

Magic is happening all over the World. I’m performing regularly and keeping my chops up working the streets and docks of Fort Myers Beach. I’ll keep you updated.

Pat and I have been growing Spiritually in leaps and bounds lately. Things are changing fast and we are organizing to keep up with all the blessings that the Universe is tossing our way.  This also includes our role as a support group for Brother Dan Palmer and Melisa.

Brother Dan is my best friend.  He fell to end stage liver disease 3 years ago. He was resurrected and put back together. He has been on a liver transplant list for 2.5 years in the state of California. His chances of getting to the top of the list there are slim and he was told to look at other options. Florida is that option for the moment. He’s a musician/singer/songwritter and sailor. He loves Florida. He has a much better chance of a transplant here, so here he comes.

We will welcome him here in the area. His transplant center is in Tampa. He will be in St. Pete for a while and then weigh all his living options. I’m sure everyone here in FMB will grow to love him as much as we do. Welcome home Brother…

So all is well. Things are changing. Life is changing. Horizons are expanding in ways we didn’t even know were going to. We continue to be grateful and thankful for life itself. Which reminds me, if you are not an organ donor you can check out the website and get signed up. It’s easy and you can save 8 lives and impact hundreds when you don’t need your parts anymore. Just go to:… Make a difference, be a hero.

So thanks for stopping by… Share this blog with your friends that like sailing with the links at the top of the page next to my photo and I’ll get back to posing photos and sailing information in my next post. Be sure and put on your check list when you come to Florida to go sailing in Fort Myers Beach. Panacea is ready and has been sailing on the Gulf of Mexico for the past 2.5 years. It’s an amazing experience. Call 888-582-9046 for information & reservations.

This summer we are doing Half Day Adventures & the “Short Sail.” It seems like, as usual, the Sunset Celebration Sail is cancelled more times than not. So try to think about sailing during the earlier part of the day.
See you on the dock…


Capt. Paul
s/v Panacea