Getting Ready for a GREAT Sailing Season here in Ft. Myers Beach

Ft. Myers Sailing
Capt. Paul
s/v Panacea

Well August and September are slipping away. August is already gone and September is about half way there. The sailing comes to a screeching halt in September. Sure a few wonderful people fall into my lap and for that I’m truly thankful, but for the most part, I get a lot of overanalyzing done. I change everything and put it all back together and start fresh.

It’s a time for rebirth and contemplation. A time for research and of course a time for maintenance. Panacea is getting ready for the season. Alex is varnishing. The hull is getting ready to be waxed. My diver Mike is down every 3 weeks trimming the weeds that grow on the bottom. My sails were just redone. I’m trying to sew hatch covers and the cushions are going to be redone too.

Along with that, is all the general checking hoses, clamps, fluid changes, through hull checks, wiring chasing and connection checks. Installing new fans, led lights cleaning and repairing wood and upgrading some appliances.

Sailboat Ft. Myers Beach
Another great sunset on the Gulf of Mexico

All this is put on a list and then put in order of importance. And as I go through the list and cross a few things off, I find new things to put on the list. That’s the way it goes…

And then, BANG! Something pops up the goes to the top of the list and everything comes to a halt as we do what needs to be done, then we re-prioritize the list and start the process over.

Every now and then, we go sailing and put our feet up and take a breath. So when you are sailing with me and I look like I’m enjoying this even more than you are, well I guess I am. It’s my vacation too. That’s why I look so happy to be on the water and so excited that everything is running so smooth. I love my life! I love my work! I love my play!

You have probably noticed that the website has been updated lately. It’s under a slow reconstruction. Nothing major, but new and different information. I’ve added some ads from people that have some good stuff out there. Be sure and visit their sites and enjoy their wares. There’s some relevant Google ads on the bottom of the front page. I’ll see how those work out and try to keep them unobtrusive.

Sailboat rentals Ft. Myers Beach
Looking aft on Panacea. Lot’s of room to move.

Coupons? Yep. I have coupons. I’ve had to raise my prices this year, on the half day sail, but if you check the new “Need a Coupon” link on the front page, you can save some money now and then, so check ’em out and check ’em often to see if there is a coupon you can use on your next sail. I will be rotating a few of them, so snag and print the ones that you can use.

There is a big project coming up that I’m working on. I think all you sailors and sailing enthusiasts will enjoy. It’s in the drawing stages but looks like it will be up and running by the first of the year. I’m excited about it and it’s hard not to say too much, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Also… Dang, can’t say anything about that either.

So keep checking back to keep up on my crazy ideas and projects. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands right now. I may come to my senses and drop everything and get back to the simple life as listed above.

Sailing Fort Myers Beach
Some say, “hot & humid…” We say, “Tropical.”

I’ve become an  ORGANizer for Life Link of Florida. Something to do in my spare time. Yea. I’m traveling around, doing health fairs, festivals driver training’s and whatever they want me to do to get out there and get the word out that we ALL need to be organ donors.

I have a friend that needs a transplant. I got involved in being one of his support team caregivers. I’ve learned so much, but most of all I learned that there are more people out there needing organs than there are donors. This is just not right. I mean, what are you going to do with those ol’ parts when you don’t need ’em anymore.

This is also compounded with the fact that most organ donors, when they pass, do not qualify to donate their organs for one reason or another. Which widens that gap in the recipient and donors equation.

So are you an organ donor? If not, we need to talk. It’s easy to get the information. It’s a personal decision. All I can suggest is get educated, understand that when you are done with your organs, you can save 8 lives and impact hundreds of people by becoming a donor. Be a hero! You really don’t need to take ’em with you. Give life instead.

Ft. Myers boat rentals
Capt Paul & Bro. Dan, just after the squall. Ahhh… Cool.

Go to Read the information. Ask questions. Make an informed decision and then pick your state and register. It’s easy. It’s important. You will save lives and you never know when you or a friend or loved one my need a part to stay alive. Thanks in advance.

If you are a donor, go up and check the registry. I some cases, a few years ago, the DMV didn’t talk well with the registry and some people were not transfered to the new system, so it’s important to check and make sure all you wishes and information is correct. It just takes a few minutes. If yo don’t find your record, just re-register and that’s that. You can then go up at anytime and make changes, change your mind or update your profile.

Everyone should be a donor. You guys are the best!

Sailing Fort Myers Beach
s/v Panacea – 43′ Center Cockpit, blue water ketch

So thanks for checking in. We are still your number one choice for sailing in Fort Myers Beach and sailing on the Gulf of Mexico. Our Half Day Sails and Short Sails are very popular right now and I’d love to get our knees at the same helm together. Also our weather may mellow out and our Sunset Sails should be available again in October sometime.

Please, no matter what you do. Have a great time. Love each other. Be thankful for every moment and share your life with friends and family. I’m happy to be here.

See you on the Dock…

Capt. Paul
s/v Panacea

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