It’s Been a While…

Just noticed that all my efforts have been on all the other social media areas and my poor little blog has been sitting here all alone for a while. That’s not really a good thing. So I’ll put my finger to the keyboard and update it.

The holiday season had me running around and taking care of a lot of projects on Panacea. She’s loving, but demanding at times. I’m putting her through the paces and she’s doing exactly what I love her to do and that’s sail…

Maintenance and preservation seems to be the name of the game. I’m going to catch you up on all of that in the next post. This one is just a short overview.

I do have a link to share with you. I ran across these guys in the WordPress connections. Checked ’em out and love ’em a lot. They are in Nicaragua and making a difference in peoples lives, one child at a time.

They sell stuff and when you pay, they give notebooks to the children in that country. So you give, you receive. They receive and they give. I love the business plan. I’m working on a way to implement it here in the USA. They have lit my candle and I’m getting out my notebook and taking notes.

You can find them on face book by searching: Life Out of the Box. Their website is: Check ’em out and enjoy their blog.

Today is a busy day for me, but I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I’m still alive and well and moving forward from this thing called “Now.” Pat, Maggie and I are loving life and enjoying the ride we have created.

I’ll be back soon, so check in a little later. I’ll have some great photos for you.

Capt. Paul
s/v Panacea