So Much to Do, So Little Time

I can’t believe that I can start a project list, then put it in a general priority, then by the time the next day rolls around, I’ve added new stuff and the priorities have changed.  I know, I’m whining, but sometimes I wish projects would just be nice, clean and tidy as well as have 3 steps that just fall into place. But it is not the way with boats.

Ice shot
Ice Burg choking the fridge brain.

So the fridge is running a bit more that normal. After looking everyplace else, I go to slide the drip pan out from under the freezer. It’s always in the last place you look. Here is a photo of the ice burg that collected there. The problem was the ice wrapped around the thermostat sensor the brain of the fridge was saying, “This place is cold enough, I think I’ll shut down.” Then 30 seconds later, it was saying, “Nope, I need to keep running.” On and off. On and off… Take out the ice burg and problem solved.

Port-light Replacement
Knock out the old, cut to new size, shape and replace.

Now Panacea has been very forgiving lately. I’ve concentrated on maintaining and not fixing anything. I don’t want to fix a thing, I want to just take care of it before it happens being in the bilge with 6 foot seas telling me what a wimp I am. Maintain, not fix! Let me say that again… “Maintain, not fix.”

New Port-light
Clean it up and there you have it.

For example, I’m putting in new port lights. You know, those little port holes around the cabin of a boat. I have 21 of them on Panacea. Three different sizes. So I’m working on the first 10.  I have 5 in stock and as of this point I have 3 in place. The first one took me 5 days as I had to keep running up to the hardware store to buy stuff to fix the mistakes that I was making. The second one took me 5 hours. Now that’s a vast improvement. The third one took me 5 hours too. I made all new mistakes and had to fix them and also deal with some wood rot in the forward cabin.

Old Hose
Lots of old crispy hose… Gone!

I’m going in for number four in the next day or two. I have a new plan. It should only take about 2.5 hours. Keep you fingers crossed.

60 feet of new AC hose went into the bilge to run the two AC units aboard. As you can see, they were really needed.

New Hose
Replaced with nice new hose.

I’m so glad I love working on boats. If I didn’t, I’d run for the boarder and get out of Dodge. This weeks projects are to fix a bad hose in the back storage locker as well as install the old stern ladder. I’ve also got just some general stuff like an oil change, check clamps throughout and then clean strainers as well as stop a leak in the aft cabin on the starboard side. I’ve been chasing this one for a while. I think it’s coming from the toe rail and around a port light, so re-beding may be the answer. More goop.

A continuation of this blog…

Bad Hose
33 year old hose fed behind the aft wall and buried.

Now it’s May 27th 2013. Alex and I fixed the bad drain hose to the aft locker. Done. Wow, was that hose bad or what. this is what a 33 year old hose that has been put behind a wall with all the cabinetry in place looks like. It was installed and then the interior was placed and installed. I think they said, “oh what the heck, that hose will never have to be changed in the life of this boat…” Wrong. So how it’s changed and a nice clear running hose is in place.  Alex had to put in an 8 inch inspection plate to get to it, but we didn’t have to tear out a wall.

At the same time, Alex installed the old swim ladder. Cal my welder had to make new plates and weld them up with new backing plates. All is in place and everything is great. A permanent swim ladder again.

New Drain Hose
The old drain hose is now new and clean… Whew!

The oil has been changed. New hose clamps on the PSS shaft seal. The bilge has been cleaned. A few new wire connections have been improved. I even had a new depth gauge  put in. It’s a Raymarine ST-40. Numbers that can actually be read from the helm. What a concept. Oh yea and a new propane regulator. The old one was getting a bit crusty so remember, “Maintain, don’t fix.”

I had Chris of Ocean Rigging come over and climb both masts and inspect the rigging. She has a good clean bill of health. He did point out a couple things for me to save up for in the future, but all is well.

Hey, I’ve got to get this published and then catch you up about our May sailing trip with some other boats from C dock. So I’m out a here.

Remember: Call early if you want to go sailing in Fort Myers Beach. We are still taking out charters and enjoying the sea life. Sailing on the Gulf of Mexico is one of the best sailing grounds in the nation.

See you at the Dock…

Capt. Paul West
s/v Panacea

Capt. Paul & Maggie
Capt. Paul & Maggie…