Our Sailing Season in 2014 is Amazing!

Panacea taking a break on the hook
Panacea taking a break on the hook

Man 0 man… Our sailing season is rocking here in Florida. I’m sorry it’s so cold up north, but it’s like shaking the dust out of  a dirty carpet. All that dust is settling here. Snowbirds are flying south. Spring break is in full swing and any one that has enough money for a ticket is calling and looking for a place to stay. It also seems like there are a bunch of sailors that need a fix and are now here.

A good friend of mine John Coriell is aboard pulling the ropes and making sure you are all comfy and safe aboard Panacea. For those of you who have met John, you know he’s a nice guy and is very attentive to our guests.

1st Mate John Coriell
1st Mate John Coriell

He has replaced Alex on deck as first mate. No one can really replace Alex, he is defiantly a one of a kind, but he is Capt. Alex now and doing runs on a Jet Boat. I taught him all the best lines to use and he keeps ’em entertained. He still puts in some hours now and then with varnish and such, but he’s a pretty busy guy now and moving fast. It’s hard to tie him down to Panacea much.

So call early. I’d love to get you out on the water. 888-582-9046. Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is what you want to do when you get here.

In any case, I’m out the door. Time to swab the decks and get back on the sea…

See you on the dock…

Capt. Paul
s/v Panacea

Sailing in Fort Myers BeachSailing on the Gulf of MexicoSailing in Fort Myers

Sailin' & Hangin'
Sailin’ & Hangin’