The Lost Blogs… Saved.

The following Blog posts were taken from the web site hosted blog page. I am eliminating that page and wanted to keep them in the archives, so out of place they are, but saved. Capt. Paul

Back at Home, Back on the Water

Operating a successful sailing charter business in Fort Myers Beach is a dream come true. Sailing in Fort Myers Beach is one of the most relaxing events you can add to your vacation plans. Even if you are a full time resident of Florida, sailing on the Gulf of Mexico is a way to de-stress your life and enjoy some time together. I really do love what I do. I’m proud of my vessel Panacea and keep her ready to go to the many exotic destinations we have here in Southwest Florida.


My wife Pat and I take the time to have business meetings several times a week. We try to involve Maggie our “sea dog” and pick special places where we can talk, plan and be grateful for the amazing customers, clients, friends and family that we surround ourselves with. It’s just the way we do business.

As you can see in this photo, we are discussing the budget plans for the next quarter, marketing materials, Internet specials, how to handle the drop in the US dollar and our 401k… Well maybe we are just having a glass of wine and feeling the sun on our faces as it drops into the sea. Yea, that’s probably it. We’re tired of discussing all the weird stuff in the world and are pointing our energies and thoughts to the positive.

Gratitude and Thankfulness is what we are focusing on. We appreciate what we have and no matter what level that is on, at any given time, we are grateful for it all, embrace it and share it in anyway we can.

I just lost a friend last week and was just notified that another one may not make it very much longer. I’m not dwelling on the loss’s, but celebrating what they were in my life for and being thankful for what I have in my life “now” as well as reflecting on what this journey is all about. Thanks my friends for nudging me and waking me up now and then.

I have some great friends that are now official “Snowbirds.” They have escaped the snow and ice of Minnesota and are spending 6 months in sunny Florida this year. The term Snowbird is hard for them to swallow, so the term is “Extended Vacation” for the time being. It’s wonderful to have them here and we sure enjoy sharing time with them.


On that same note, they picked up a place on the beach and shot a picture of Panacea sailing by the other day. It’s a GREAT shot of Panacea sailing north along the coast of Estero Island, through the trees in their sandy front yard. I love their place andPanacea looks great sailing by. Thanks Guys.

I also want you to know that for all those texting addicts out there, I have a system now that you can receive information and discounts, that vary off and on, right on your phone. Just text the word, SAIL to 77948. Bring the text to the boat and receive your discount when you pay for your sail. It’s also a great way for me to shoot you specials and updated information that you may need. I don’t send things to your phone, you have to send the text to receive the information, so do it now and then to see what’s up.

I also have, in place, a way for you to buy your tickets directly online, print them at home and bring them to the boat for your sail. It’s through Brown Paper Tickets and you will see the link on the website when you click on the “Daily Schedule” link.

ALSO you can check out our new “Reservation Availability Calendar.” It has, pretty close to, real time updates of what tickets are available for the day of your sail, black out times, special events, etc. So it can be as easy as this:

1. Pick a day you want to sail.
2. Check the Reservation Availability Calendar for the number of tickets available. (We are proud to sail with only 6 persons.)
3. Go to the Daily Schedule page. Look for your desired package, click, buy and print your tickets.

NOTE: You may also call the number, 888-582-9046 and talk with me directly to make reservations and check for up to the minute availability. I always take reservations over the phone.

Well I’m going to go clean some metal this afternoon. It’s a beautiful day here in Fort Myers Beach and I’m going to take advantage of it.

Remember: Half Day AdventuresSunset Celebration Sails, Dolphin Watch Experience & Full Moon Voyages. Call now for information.

Custom Overnight Charters, Dolphin Experience and The Short Sail are all considered custom and you have to call on the phone, 888-582-9046, to make those reservations. Reservations for ALL sails can be taken over the phone, anytime you want to call.

I’ll see you on the dock…

Capt. Paul West
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It’s SO Good to Be Home & At Sea


It’s so good to be home. The road trip was uneventful which is a real success when you think about it. Not that we didn’t have events, but everything worked on the car, no problems with people, traffic, cops, etc…

We traveled from MN to KS to visit Pat’s Brothers and family. It was a great night dinner, and breakfast the next morning we get up then off again. This time to Myrtle Beach to visit Brad, Stacie and the kids. We stayed 4 days and enjoyed our time together.

Then off to Florida. A nice 11 hour trip where we changed the


world and fixed it all up. We’re so smart when it comes to creating a world for the two of us. It’s perfect. Now the hard part… Getting the rest of the World to go along with us. I’ll work on that next.


As soon as we got to town, I had a couple of charters that needed some time on the water. Good for me too, I was really ready to get Panacea out of the slip and run some water under her keel. The first charter was a couple from Germany with their three kids. It was a nice 4 hour sail on the Gulf of Mexico with good wind and a puffy cloud day. What more could we ask for.


It was a good day to blow out the cobwebs from this ‘ol brain of mine. Forgetting to flip switches and learning how to run the auto pilot again were just a couple of the things. I thought the CD player was on the fritz, but my mate Alex went and fixed it… I asked him what was wrong and he said I didn’t have the “Stereo” switch turned on, on the panel… He’s such a master of things.

I run an ad on Alex Dorsey’s website, He’s a good friend and we enjoy the same love for sailing. He’s sailing the world and it’s a great blog that if you are interested in what it’s like out there, alone, on a boat, you should read it. In fact read it from the beginning. You’ll get caught up on the project and be amazed a the wealth of information you’ll pick up. But be prepared for a long read. He’s been out there for years, and blogging since the beginning.

Also pick up his CD’s. Great stuff there and you are supporting a sailor that just wants to share his life and be free. Once you read the blogs, you’ll understand.


So I get a call from Luso and Claudia. Friends of Alex’s and have been in Florida building a boat for 10 years and needed a shot in the arm to help them realize what they were doing.


They’ve been building a 47′ Schooner. It was an empty shell when they bought her and they are trying to get her finished before they leave to travel to South America. He’s from Brazil and she’s from Columbia. They are an amazing couple.

Now that they got out on the water again, they realize that a boat is never finished and they need to just get out there and sail. So December, they move her to a new anchorage and run her up for sea trials and off they go. Best of luck my friends. Stay in touch and thanks for coming into our lives.

We have a few days of weather coming up at the moment, so I’m going to take care of some projects that need to be done and continue to move into our little place here on the beach. Time to relax a bit, shake off the road dust and get that long awaited sand between our toes.


2012 is going to be a bumper season down here, so get those reservations in soon. People are fed up with all the politics, and other crap being heaped onto us and are just saying ____ __ and getting out to have some fun. So plan early.

We are expecting to get busy and want to show you the best that Fort Myers Beach has to offer. Sailing on the Gulf of Mexico is one of the best deals you can do down here for that “Special” entertainment you are looking for. Let us be your guides.

As we’ve always said, “You call as a client, board as a friend and leave as family.” We stick to that statement and show you the best time you’ll have here on the beach. That’s what’s kept me charter sailing here for the past 6 years.

Pick up the phone and let me tell you how we can enhance your vacation at an affordable price. Be sure and check out the “Text” offer on the “Home Page.” It may save you a couple of bucks.

We look forward to your visit. Be safe on your travels…

Remember: Half Day AdventuresSunset Celebration SailsDolphin Watch Experience & Full Moon Voyages. Call now for information.

I’ll see you on the dock…
Capt. Paul West
FantaSea Sailing “Sailing the Sun Coast of Florida to the Keys

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888-582-9046 Toll Free

Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce N.A.C.O. National Association of Charterboat Operators
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The Last Leg on Tuesday

Every time Pat and I travel, by car, around this wonderful country of ours, we enjoy the diverse beautiful land, people, towns and nature that we see. It puts things in perspective for us and gets our juices flowing on different projects in our lives. We become more thankful and grateful for the people in our lives and we embrace the energy and the power that makes it all happen. It’s a pretty cool thing.


But as we get closer to our home, it’s like leading a horse to the barn. We get excited and trot a bit faster and just can’t wait to get our toes in the sand and a rum something in our hands. Panacea is sitting and waiting for us to take the lines off the dock and get some water passing under her keel and we are ready to let her take us to the best cruising waters in SW Florida.

It’s good to see the kids here in Myrtle beach too. Brad and Stacie are doing fine and the grandkids are getting bigger. Riana is just hitting 13 and Mallory is at 8 now. Where does the time go. That’s why we enjoy every precious moment of our lives. We just don’t want anything to slip away.


My daughter, Nadine just had a birthday today too. She’s a special lady and way too many miles are between us right now. I talked to her and all is well.

So all in all things are going just fine. Life is treating us well and we are very happy. Lot’s of changes coming up soon, so I’ll keep you posted.

I want to remind all of you to look at the “Internet Only Specials” every once and a while. There may be a sailing deal that you may want to take advantage of. Be sure and jump on it if you see it, because the plan is to change, add and subtract them off and on so you can have the sailing experience you are planning on.

I just want to thank everyone for sailing with us at FantaSea Sailing. We truly do love what we do. Let us share it with you like we have for the past 6 years here in Fort Myers Beach. If you’ve sailed with me in the past, you know what I’m talking about.

Remember: Half Day AdventuresSunset Celebration Sails & Full Moon Voyages. Call now for information.

I’ll see you on the dock…

FantaSea Sailing “Sailing the Sun Coast of Florida to the Keys

623-203-2698 Nationwide Direct
888-582-9046 Toll Free

Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce N.A.C.O. National Association of Charterboat Operators
Sailing in Fort Myers Beach • Sailing on the Gulf of Mexico • Sailing in Florida