Just a Quick Note…

It’s time to update this blog. I’ve been sailing in Fort Myers Beach for over a decade now and it seems to be getting better and better. I also know that keeping my blog fresh and interesting is important. Ooops.

So I’m going to sit down in the next couple of days and get you all caught up on just how nice it is to be sailing on the Gulf of Mexico.

Pat and I have had some changes this year and it’s about time for me to put my fingers to the keyboard and let you in on all the changes.

So in the next couple of days, I’ll do just that. I want to thank everyone for their support and when this goes this long without an update, it’s up to you to rattle my cage and drop me a not and ask what the heck is going on. Deal? Deal.

I’ll catch you here in a couple of days. Thanks for your continued support and we will continue to be your #1 sailing experience in Fort Myers Beach aboard the amazing sailing vessel Panacea.

Capt. Paul
s/v Panacea
FantaSea Sailing

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2 thoughts on “Just a Quick Note…

  1. This was my first sailing experience in the Gulf and I loved it. The boat was fantastic and I can’t wait to go back next year. Thanks for a great time!

    1. Terry: Everyday is an amazing day on Panacea. As always though, some are better than others. Thanks for sailing with me. I’m thinking that you need to do it again. Panacea is getting some nice upgrades in the next couple of months and the next time you see her, she’ll be prettier and have some new bells and whistles. As my wife says, “I think I’ve met the other woman and boy is she high maintenance.” She just get what she wants and deserves as every lady should.

      See you next time…

      Capt. Paul
      s/v Panacea

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