Ahhh… It’s Starting to Happen!

We are so lucky to be settling down and creating a solid product that solving a problem that we all have.  That is that haunting voice in our heads when we are shooting a photo out of the window of a moving car or over a cliff or over the edge of a boat to get that sunset shot…  I hear my brain saying, “Well now… This is a really stupid way to hold my phone. I hope I don’t drop it.”  My fingers grip tighter and most of the time the pic suffers for it. Blurry, crooked or out of frame.

Now that CellRap has been on the market since December 2014, we are starting to get feedback from our loyal customers. They are sharing their stories and showing us a lot of ways to use our own product.

A video on “Grips” is being produced and should be on the site, http://www.CellRap.com, in a week or two.  It’s amazing to see all the ways people are protecting their digital lifestyle and having more fun and getting better pics at the same time. How cool is all of this? It is VERY COOL.

Keep an eye on the website as we develop it and make new changes. There will be a new deal or two offered soon too. We will help you make “breaking the glass on your cell phone” a thing of the past.

Also if you sign up for out newsletter at the site, you will be directed to a special store page where you can save 25% on up to three CellRaps. Just a way to say thanks and also a way for us to keep you updated as to our progress on this CellRap project.

Thanks again for keeping an eye on us. We are growing. Painfully sometimes, but we are growing.

Paul & Pat

“Slap a seatbelt on the smart phone”

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