Just Sippin’ Into Summer…

Well on this last 2 week sail to the Florida Keys, Pat decided to whip up a cocktail and get refreshed.

Into the galley she went and came up with a nice looking concoction in her glass. She kicked back and had a smile on her face and said, “Wow! This is great.” Well that caught my attention so I took a sip. Yep, she was right.

Let me take a moment and explain that Pat has a savory pallet. She’s not a “sweet” drink kind of person at all and so it was no surprise that her new boat drink was refreshing, but not sweet. It was, well… A really nice drink. So Patty’s Punch was born.  Here it is for you to enjoy this summer. (Don’t worry, no garlic in this one.)

She never measures a thing when she puts anything together, so this is the best that I can do for you and you can make adjustments where needed for your taste.

2 ounces of Hornitos Tequila.
3 ounces of Natural lemonade. (It was easy on the sugar with minimal ingredients, like lemon, water and sugar. How nice is that.)
2 ounces of sparkling pomegranate juice.

Pat relaxing on Panacea on the way to the Keys.

Just pour the ingredients over ice, add a wedge of lime (squeezed) and stir lightly. Enjoy.

Of course it helps to put your feet up enjoy the sea breeze and watch the dolphins swim beside the boat as the wind moves you along and pushes clear blue water under you keel.

It was so good I had to share it.

So when you decide you want to kick back and enjoy a moment, maybe when your toes are in the sand somewhere or when you are traveling by boat to a special island or anchorage or if you are just sitting in the back yard, kick on some island music, take a sip and know that in your heart and mind, you are right where you want to be at that moment.

Capt. Paul
s/v Panacea
Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.56.18 AM
Sponsor: CellGrasp.com

P.S. Try this recipe out. Leave your comments and suggestions below. I know you’ve got some ideas. What do you think?
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